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Your Time In The Sun – NSW Government

This is the Sun. This is you.
Hello you. You celebrate your time here,
with each trip around the Sun. Hip, hip, hooray! In your life you want to achieve a lot of things. You have a lot to do, people to meet,
and great places to see. You need a lot of trips
around the Sun to be…. all you hope to be. Unfortunately, the Sun
doesn’t necessarily agree. Light from the Sun contains
Ultraviolet Radiation (UV). Too much UV, can damage
the DNA in your skin. If it’s damaged too much,
that’s how Melanoma begins. What’s worse is Melanoma
can get under your skin. If it gets into your bloodstream
it can spread. To your bones, your lungs,
your heart or your head. And that, can mean your time in the Sun,
is over, before you’re done. Your time in the Sun.
Don’t cut it short. This Summer protect your skin from UV.


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