Your Good Skin: What Is Healthy Skin? | Walgreens
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Your Good Skin: What Is Healthy Skin? | Walgreens

Hi, I’m dr. Elliot Bradley your good skin scientific adviser, and I’m here to talk about healthy looking skin But healthy looking skin We are focusing on the top layers of skin the epidermis Which is constantly renewed and easily unbalanced if your skin is healthy looking and working optimally Skin cells are constantly renewing forming a strong barrier to the outside world This results in skin that is well-balanced, and we call this balance homeostasis However, if your skin is imbalanced it can be easily damaged by external factors such as sun lights pollution and even harsh cleansing These factors cause skin barrier damage and oxidation Which causes your skin to become even more imbalanced and the cycle repeats over and over again this lack of balance results in dryness oiliness lack of radiance Uneven skin tone and uneven texture to help prevent this happening the skins imbalance needs to be targeted The orchid skin products are proven to improve the healthy appearance of your skin, let’s take a look at some of the ingredients We use green tea. It’s a really powerful antioxidant and a really powerful soother. We’ve got Japanese We’ll eat earth which contains moisturizers that will rebuild and boost in moisture levels Rules have spin ganene, which reduces skin oiliness help to control skin shine We have karma ingredients such as visible or the key active component from chamomile, which helps the calm and soothe skin And then we have bitumen seed which also makes the skin appear brighter. I am dr. Ali Bradley supporting the yoghurt skin community if you have any questions about healthy looking skin click on the link below Go on

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