Your Cat Has Acne

So all these little black heads in here, you can see. Cat acne. Yes, you heard that correctly. Cats with acne. It gets better. It does. Cat acne is kind of just what you’d think. It’s usually on the chin. They’ll get some black heads under there. They’ll get even some little pustules. or what we call buruncules which are ingrown hairs. What causes cat acne? We don’t know for sure. When I was a kid we used to say, “Oh it’s because they’re eating out of plastic bowls.” And then the oils get stuck on there and then they get it on their chin and then they get the acne from it. But sometimes if you change to a ceramic bowl or a stainless steel bowl and they still have the acne. Sometimes it’s an allergic response. But it’s pretty easy to take care of, for the most part. Most times it’s not very serious. You see these little blackheads under there. And if it’s really bad If there’s big sores that’s the time to go to the vet. It might need antibiotics. It might need anti-inflammatory’s. Treating at home, pretty easy thing to do. Most times you just want to keep that area clean. You clean it once a day with something as simple as a baby wipe — get the hypoallergenic baby wipes — you can most of the time get rid of almost all of the acne. Can dogs get feline acne as well? No, because they are dogs. They would get canine acne. She almost laughed. Almost laughed. One of these times she’s — I’mma have her ruin a take by laughing. That is my goal. Dogs don’t usually get the same kind of reaction. They can get lip fold dermatitis but we don’t see the same kind of acne in dogs. It can happen to the smushy face dogs so those you’ll have to keep their folds clean. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe. And if you have more questions leave them below and I will answer them in a future video. Maybe your question will be on there. Soft sticks. Ow. I got her to laugh actually. You did. Yay. Thank you. Well, I’m done.

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