Wound Care: Skin Tears – Promo
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Wound Care: Skin Tears – Promo

(rock music)
(children yelling playfully) – Goal! (people cheering) – Hi, Dad. All ready for the game? – Whoa. What happened to your arm, Granddad? – Oh, I must’ve knocked it on something. – Let’s get you inside, Dad, and get that looked at. – Okay, John, we’ll have
this dressed in no time and you’ll be ready for Luke’s game. – Oh, great. – Gently roll the skin flap into place. Just rolling, not pushing. When we’re putting the dressing on, we need to make sure that it is in the
direction of the skin tear. That’s great. – John’s wound is almost healed,
and it’s going really well. – Oh, that’s great, Dad. Thanks, Chandra. – Good luck in the grand final. – Thank you. – Let’s go, Dad. – Okay. See you later, Chandra. – Have fun, bye. – [Granddad] Okay, bye.
– [Daughter] Thanks, bye. (paper tearing)

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