WORST Foundation for Dry Skin?! | Testing Covergirl TruBlend Foundation

Hey guys, it’s Sher! And today I’m testing a foundation. This is the Covergirl TruBlend Liquid Makeup. I think that it’s been out for a really long
time…. I just have not tried it yet, so I wanted
to try it on camera for the first time and if this gives you any indication of what my
review is going to be, I am no longer wearing it right now. I’m not wearing it anymore, I went ahead and
took it off. Here’s a hint: It was a disaster. On my skin. So if you want to be entertained by that and
watch my test/review of this foundation, then let’s get into that. Prepare yourselves. This is the Covergirl TruBlend Liquid Makeup. It’s in the shade L1 Ivory. So far, the shade is a really good match I
think. This foundation is so…interesting in texture,
I guess. Like, I don’t really know how to describe
it, but it’s so foamy, I’ve never used a foundation before that is this foam-like in consistency,
I don’t know how else to describe it. It’s very light, and just, yeah, overall foamy. Okay, now let’s try the brush. This is not good. Um, wow. Okay, so. It has caked on to every dry area of my skin
on this side of my face with the brush, like it does not look good, hang on. This is a mess. There’s not as noticeable cracking on the
side that I used the beauty blender on, it’s still there but like, it’s just not as bad. It’s like, flaking, like, wow. Now that I’ve had a minute to look at it,
wow. I want to take this off right now. It looks that bad in person, I’m sure it looks
even worse on camera because the camera picks up small detailed imperfections on your skin
anyway so I shudder to think how bad it looks on camera if it looks this bad in real life. Yeah, like I said, it’s definitely not as
bad on the side of my face that I used the beauty blender with, but it is cracking BAD
on this side of my face. Which sucks because I kind of like the finish,
it’s just very confusing because it almost looks like it could be a little bit dewy on
my skin but at the same time, it’s also so dry, like, the texture of it is so dry. I just like, I did not expect…I did not
expect this, and it’s like, it’s gathering in really weird places on this side of my
face, like, but it doesn’t want to pick up on certain other places on my face, like right
here, right around my nose, no product will stick to that. For something that is called “TruBlend”, this
is literally the worst foundation I’ve tried in a long time blending-wise, like it will
not blend out at all. And like I said, it just, like, it won’t stick
to certain areas of my face, I know that sounds really weird but there are certain areas of
my face with no product on it. Huh. Okay. I am going to go take this off and apply some
of my usual foundation that doesn’t do this to my face. Okay, I’ll be back. I’m back, without any of the Covergirl foundation
on anymore, obviously, I took all of that off and re-did my makeup with the same foundation
I’ve been using for like, almost a year now. The Loreal Infallible Pro-Glow, I have yet
to find one that I like more than that one. Oh and if you want to watch me try that out
for the first time, I will link it somewhere right up here. That might be the last foundation I’ve even
tried, um, yeah I think that this is the first foundation I’ve tried since finding the Pro-Glow
and the difference between them is astounding. Obviously, my thoughts are already…I’ve
already given my thoughts on this but I would not recommend this for dry skin. In my opinion, it tends to cling to all of
my dry patches, even more so than usual foundations do because as someone with skin on the drier
side, I’m used to most foundations doing that at least a little bit, but with this one,
with the Covergirl TruBlend, yeah, it was um, it’s a no from me. It was just way too much, like, flakiness
and um, patchiness, I…yeah. I’ll just say that for a foundation with the
word “blend” in it, in my opinion, it does not live up to its name. So I guess that’s it. If you want to watch me test out that Loreal
Paris Infallible Pro-Glow foundation, it is a much more successful experience and like
I said, I will link that in the description box below and put it somewhere right here
for you to click on. I will also link my full makeup playlist,
which just has all of the videos I’ve done so far on makeup, down in the description
box too if you want to watch any more of those. Do you guys have any suggestions for any foundations
that I should try next that you know about that is better for dry skin? If you do, then leave them down in the comments
below because I would definitely be willing to try out some more foundations that don’t…do
what this one did! If you want to see me try out more foundations
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like Instagram or Facebook. I’m sorry that this was a review fail, well
not a review fail, but I’m sorry that this foundation was such a fail for me to try on
camera, I had no idea, but I hope that it was at least entertaining a little bit, maybe
it made you laugh..Sure made me laugh. Thanks so much for watching and I will see
you in my next video. Bye!

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