Worst Client Ever – Fay Bloopers – Extended Edition

Kirsty: Put the bling on, rose gold bling on and blue stones. Kirsty: Hello! It’ll look beautiful.
Fay: I know. Kirsty: Honest, I think it’ll just look lush.
Fay: But if it doesn’t, you’d have to sort it, not my problem. Fay: Not me. Fay: Adam’s the man. Kirsty: He’s the man.
Fay: He’s the man. Kirsty: I got the words out. Fay: You look good though, don’t you for forty. Fit and forty.
Kirsty: Fit and forty. Kirsty: When Fay came in…let me tell them this..when Fay came in, she was looking on Instagram for like inspo and stuff and I thought, well, she says, “I thought…I’d have a look at what you’ve been up to, what you, you know, put on Instagram” because obviously, she doesn’t have social media, so she just googles Kirsty: …and then pulls it up, don’t you? You don’t have the application on your phone do ya?
Fay: No! Kirsty: So, she had a bit of a Google and she showed me this picture you weren’t very happy about, were you? Fay: No, I wasn’t
Kirsty: You were like, “who is this that’s had these nails because they are like a Fay nail?” Adam: Show them.
Kirsty: Yeah! Fay: So, tell them what I said.
Kirsty: These are the nails that she’s talking about. Fay: Mm-hmm! Kirsty: That we did on Cheryl. Fay: And then tell them exactly what I said. I was like, well, if it’s Cheryl then that’s fine. Kirsty: Did say because…she said, “it’s Cheryl, she can have them.” Fay: Absolutely!
Kirsty: It was fine. So, she likes it. Fay: I love them. Cheryl, love them. Kirsty: Anybody else, you know, so we have got a video for these as well for these coming out, so yeah. Fay: Beautiful!
Kirsty: Because she was like, “Yeah, I was just going off rose gold but… Kirsty: …you’ve already done it on somebody else.” Fay: Pretty impressed, were you?
Fay: I don’t know. Kirsty: So, we’re gonna start…I’ve got hair extensions and I don’t half give Fay: Whatever.
Kirsty: ya a bit of an itchy. Fay: Tell your followers what you really have.Don’t lie. Kirsty: I’ve not got nits
Fay: Little Meakin nits. Fay: You can however buy them
Kirsty: Feels nice though. Fay: You can however buy them by the link down below.
Kirsty: The nits? Kirsty: I’ve not got nits. Fay: You might have though.
Kirsty: You know what? Fay: What if the wasp…
Kirsty: My extensions do give me… Fay: Oh no! What if the wasps have hatched little babies on there? Fay: They were chasing you.
Kirsty: It did chase me, it did hit me. Fay: On your head.
Kirsty: It right ricocheted off my head. Kirsty: That’s why I was screaming so loud.
Fay: It’s all the wasp dust Adam:Can you pull that chair in a bit.
Fay: Can you put some…well, come on then Ad sort it out. Kirsty: Because she thinks she’s the queen.
Fay: Can you put some… Kirsty: We are going to do a ballerina-shaped nail because Fay loves it and not just because it looks beautiful. Tell them the reason why you like a ballerina shape. Fay: Because they’re more robust when I use them as tools. Kirsty: No! Not supposed to say that. They are Jewels not Tools Kirsty: You’re not supposed to use them as tools. Honest to God, this girl.
Fay: Your face! Kirsty: I need you to bring this cushion further forward.
Fay: You need to stop being extra. Fay: Can we just tell everybody as well, what happened to this beautiful little nail this this morning? Fay: There was a knat trying to get through to your car as I was trying to * this morning.
Kirsty: A little tiny knat not even a wasp? Fay: No, a tiny little knat, so I kept batting it out but it kept going Kept coming back in. I caught it on me. Like, on the…the window was down. Fay: Like on the door.
Kirsty: The frame…the door frame of the car Fay: It literally…straight off. Kirsty: She walked in going, “Oh my God! You won’t believe what I’ve done.” Kirsty: I’m making a brew thinking…
Fay: I did. Kirsty: …she’s just knocked her nail off.
Fay: Knocked her nail off yeah! As Kirsty’s thought she was just doing a fill. Kirsty: I was like, where is it? “I mean it’s in the the car” she says. I say, “well, you better go and get it.” Fay: I came back in with it and Fay got her way and it’s a new nail day. People would have been very disappointed. Adam: Yeah, I think so too.
Fay: They absolutely would have. Adam: If it would have just being a Fay fill.
Fay: No, they absolutely would have. Fay: Now, I’m talking like people in like real life,
Adam: Oh God! Fay: Not people watching the videos. Like people in real life would have been like…
Adam: Do you mean people get excited? Fay: Yeah.
Adam: Really? Fay: Absolutely!
Kirsty: Your colleagues do, don’t they? Fay: Yeah! It’s like a big day. People come into the office just so they can see what new set of nails I have. Honest, it’s just crazy. It’s crazy. My little nails are famous in their own rights. Kirsty Meakin famous. I don’t take none of the credit. I’m just like, I just wear them. Kirsty: And just look so pretty. Kirsty: And be doing like that.
Fay: They all comment, “let me see your nails.” Fay: Then they’d be like, “oh, you need to go round and show such-and-such”. I’ve gotta get on with me job Kirsty: You’ve gotta get on with your the job and you’re like, “alright then…
Fay: Yeah! Kirsty: “…I’ll go and show them.” So, yesterday at football, Rosa, one of the girls, decided to headbutt me in the chin Kirsty: …with the back of her head.
Adam: Well, it’s hard to miss. Kirsty: And I was like…like me chin isn’t big enough. Kirsty: Thanks, Adam.
Fay: I was just gonna say that it might have done it a favour. Kirsty: It’s made it even bigger
Adam: No, it looks a bit smaller actually. must have dented it Kirsty: Dented it in. I was like that, “Not my chin. It was already big enough. I was like, “Dad, me chin’s swelling” and he was like, “oh, shut up!” Yeah! Adam: “Are you med or what? Way you are shouting so much, it’s so much irreteringering” Kirsty: So, I think they’re saying, “why are we shouting so much, it’s so irritating.
Adam: Said, “are you mad?” Kirsty: Yeah!
Adam: Are you made? Kirsty: Or are you mad and why were you shouting.
Adam: Why are you shouting so much? It’s very irritating. Fay: Is this now?
Adam: Mm! Fay: This isn’t now.
Adam: Just a comment, yeah. Kirsty: Not now
Fay: Not now. Adam: Not now. This isn’t it live is it? Adam: You’ve already said this why are you doing it again.
Kirsty: I don’t know, just in case you ask me again. Kirsty: Just in case I hadn’t _ Kirsty: Just in case you went, what are you doing, Kirsty?
Adam: Do you reckon we can make her actually turn red? Adam: I think between the two of us could be very… Kirsty: Yeah!
Fay: Absolutely! Kirsty: Yeah, absolutely. You are right.
Fay: You could get steam out the ears, smoke out the nose, horns growing. Fay: Do you want little horns here? Kirsty: Do you want nice nails?
Fay: I’ll get nice nails, so it don’t make no difference. Kirsty: Do you want nice nails done by me? Fay: Well, you didn’t say that the first time round.
Kirsty: You didn’t _ say that Fay: Wait, let me dab you on you chin.
Adam: What colour? Blue one? Kirsty: On my chin?
Adam: Which one, blue or…? Kirsty: Rose Gold Adam: Is it blue or rose gold? Fay: Let me comb the hairs
Kirsty: Rose gold. Kirsty: What was that? What was it?
Fay: On my god it’s on your head. Kirsty: No!
Fay: It isn’t duck. Kirsty: Oh my God! Fay!
Fay: It was a blue bottle though not a wasp. Kirsty: Oh my God!
Fay: There’s no wasps in, Adam’s literally, he literally catches the wasp. Kirsty: Terminated him. Fay: He literally, girls. Girls and boys out there, he literally caught this wasp in a towel, right! No fear. He caught it, me and Kirsty like, “Kill it!” He’s like, “I never try to kill them” as he releases it outside and the wasp flies away, Fay: …we were like, “It’ll be back and it’ll be knocking on that door.”
Kirsty: It will, with his mates. Fay: Yeah! With his little wasp posse
Kirsty: It will. Adam: Wasp party.
Kirsty: Yeah! Fay: You know how sometimes if someone’s is having an affair and you have a… what kind of phone do they have like _ phone? Adam: A burner phone. Kirsty: A burner phone.
Fay: A burner phone. Kirsty: Yeah!
Fay: Yeah, she’s got a burner phone. Not literally, just, you know like when you can have like mail redirected, my messages just got redirected to the burner phone. Kirsty: Redirected. Fay: It’s wonky there, babe. Kirsty: It’s wonky-donky.
Fay: Look at the thumb. Kirsty: Looks straight to me. Fay: I was gonna say you’re gonna have to do it like that. I told you. It weren’t straight, were it? No, I knew it weren’t. Kirsty: They don’t look wonky to me then.
Fay: No, you didn’t because you’ve got bozz-eye. Kirsty: Right! So, I’m gonna wipe over with gel polish. No, not. I’m gonna wipe over…what have you just done? Stop messing with your nails! Oh my God! She’s that client that just keeps messing. Fay: You’ve literally got one speckle of glitter on the end of your… Fay: You know, thought I was gonna say chin.
Kirsty: On my chin. On my chin! Kirsty: Will you just stop picking on my chin. It giving me a complex. I’ve already got one. Fay: It’s on your nose. Adam, just have a look. Fay: I believe she’s got the tiniest speckle of glitter in somewhere..
Adam: On there Fay: She has, hasn’t she?
Adam: Yeah. Fay: Each one’s…
Adam: On the underside. Fay: Each one speckle of glitter. You thought I was gonna say chin, don’t you? Kirsty: Get me off.
Fay: You shouldn’t assume. Fay: You can get it off.
Kirsty: Have I? Fay: It’s on your chin. Kirsty: Do you know what, _ People have let me have glitter on my face throughout the entire videos… Fay: You’ve got a bit on your cheek an all.
Kirsty: Do you know what, if you always tell me, Kirsty: And you know, the viewers tell me, but the model and Adam? No, they don’t tell me. Shut up!…
Adam: I can’t see you Kirsty: And you just let me go on with it but no.
Fay: It’s all I see, your chin though. Kirsty: The viewers tell me, thank you.
Adam: No, look at this camera and that camera, not the front camera. Fay: He’s try to make sure you don’t get your massive swede in the picture. Fay: You should superimpose like a cartoon wasp on her shoulder.
Kirsty: Honest to God, it was my hair but I thought it was a wasp on my arm. Fay: Stop tickling your feet on mine. And you’ve always got your feet up every time we do nails. she’s got her feet on me. I have them on my knee, I’ve got them around my toes. Kirsty: Around your neck.
Fay: Your toes are on my… Fay: I got them around my waist, around my neck. Kirsty: It’s there, Adam. Adam: I can’t remember where I seen them. Fay: Adam, that cup of tea was absolutely lovely.
Adam: You made it. Fay: Exactly! It’s your turn. Kirsty: (singing)
Adam: what do you mean? You didn’t make me cup of coffee. Fay: Actually, I didn’t, which I am eternally apologetic… Adam: Good!
Fay: …for. Fay: I didn’t do it on purpose.
Adam: I know. Fay: Oh, I could murder a brew Ad
Kirsty: I could murder a brew Fay: I’m spitting feathers, I am.
Kirsty: Feathers. Lots of them Kirsty: Feather.
Fay: A feather duster Adam: I need to get out of this room.
Kirsty: I’m spitting a feather _ Kirsty: Adam! “I need to get out of this room.”
Fay: Bouabda, don’t be like that. Fay: Oh, he shut the door.
Kirsty: Bouabda has left the building. Fay: Oh, yeah, he is.
Kirsty: Not quite, just the room. Fay: Oh, he is banging about in the kitchen. He’s angry. Fay: He’s fuming, he’s raging.
Kirsty: He’s frustrated with us. Kirsty: Can you? Kirsty: Come back in the room, Adam, smack her one.
Fay: I can nibble this off Kirsty: I know.
Fay: Couldn’t you? Kirsty: Yeah! Fay: You nibble it off then. Fay: You would have as well.
Kirsty: Yeah. Fay: You _. You made me jump.
Kirsty: Yeah. No! Kirsty: That’s a wasp.
Fay: It isn’t. Kirsty: It is.
Fay: Adam! Adam: What? Fay: Adam! We’ve got a wasp!
Adam: Alright! Fay: I mean… Kirsty: Thank you for the concern. He’s just gone back in the kitchen. Fay: You get clanking the pots but we’ve got a wasp attack in here. Kirsty: Pardon me.
Fay: Unbelievable! Fay: Boring! You know why, its the first thing you did, that’s why and then you go into a flow and then we get this sort of hand. What would you do with doing this? Do them on a dummy. Adam: We are aren’t we. Fay: Just the talking one. Talking. Did you two just high five? Shocking. Kirsty: It does need reversed
Fay: I feel violated. Fay: People would be desperate to have their nails done by you. Kirsty: No, not everybody can be as unfortunate as me.

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