well what’s up guys welcome back to
today’s video where we are testing yet another south Korean beauty product this
is a sheet mask straight from Seoul South Korea guys and it is so cool it’s
actually called a dual balancing the sheet mask that means it has a two parts
it has a upper t-zone part made to get rid of that excess oil and sebum
build-up in a lower au shape that is going to drench and hydrate the lower
half of your face so if you’re ready to check out this
dual balancing a sheet mask straight from Seoul South Korea keep on watching
alright guys so this is the dual balancing tu mask by D mask this comes
straight from Seoul South Korea and as you can see the t-zone top here
regulates excess sebum and reduces oil while the bottom u part here drenches
the skin with a deep hydration improving skin elasticity this just sounds like an
amazing combination I really don’t know why no one has thought of this before
the two parts of your face are completely different your forehead is
not like your chin so this just seems like the perfect a dream combination I
can’t wait to get inside before we put this on you want to make sure you’re
applying every sheet mask to freshly cleansed skin so I was going to give my
face a quick wash I’ll meet you right back here alright guys just give my face
a quick wash I neither they hit a red bowl to bring me back to light let’s dig
right into this D mask dual balancing mask let’s open it up together see
what’s inside apply it see if my skin is rejuvenated
and refreshed I’m so excited I love new products here we go woo she’s you see oh god that package is
tough so each one does come individually packed let’s pull out the top t-zone
piece let’s unfold it and see what she looks like
here we go Oh Oh she fits like a hand-made glove
did someone make this for me okay already I’m telling you this is a
thousand times better than a regular sheet mask because this top half is not
slipping off of my face already that’s a great sign it’s super juicy too lots of
great serum in there all right now on to the bottom half Oh someone with a lot
easier than the top one hello friend well this one is soaking wet this one is
made for hydration and you can already tell it’s a totally different formula
I’m just going to go ahead and apply it straight boom there we go Santa Claus I
feel like Santa now this one feels really tight and like really sticky too
often times sheet masks just slip right off my face I don’t want to talk very
much because I’m afraid it will slip all right guys I’m just going to go ahead
and leave this on my skin for 15 minutes I’ll meet you back here we’ll peel them
off together and we will reveal my youthful flawless no fine lines no
wrinkles and no sunspots I just know that when I peel these masks off I’m
going to have beautiful angelic can you see this this is oh it does not taste
good don’t eat it all right 15 minutes I’ll meet you right back here alright
guys so it has been about 10 minutes no I don’t like to leave my sheet masks on
much longer than 10 minutes because as soon as the mask starts to dry out it
actually starts to pull the moisture back out of your skin into the mask
itself let’s go ahead and reveal the results of this dual balancing sheet
mask is straight from Seoul South Korea here we go oh it’s coming off together
this is a big reveal oh you can see already so much hydration there’s so
much extra serum here my skin is so shiny you guys whoo oh there is so much
extra serum left on my skin guys so we just want to go ahead and Pat this in or
rub it in as for the hydration of this mask I definitely give it a ten out of
ten it was soaking wet and that fear would definitely transfer
it over to my skin it has left a great shine I really love that the t-zone
portion of this mask contained a charcoal this is really going to help to
control oil and reduce shine now if you’ve tried this dual balancing mask
before or know of any other really cool masks that I should try in future videos
make sure you let me know in the comments down below as well I’ll have
everything linked in the description box all of these products all of my favorite
skincare products so you guys don’t miss a single one and of course like always
guys I love sitting down and chatting with you about today’s beauty and
skincare products from all over the world today with South Korea again
tomorrow who knows where we could be if you need more of me in between now and
next video you can always keep up with me on Instagram snapchat and Twitter
until the next video guys it’s you then

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