Woman’s Pimple Turns out to Be Cancer
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Woman’s Pimple Turns out to Be Cancer

The following program contains graphic images that may be disturbing. Parents are advised that these images may not be suitable for young children. Our next guest thought just she just had and irritating pimple on her nose until it turned out to be something much, much worse. Take a look at her story. (giddy music) The summer of 2016, great summer, was playing volleyball, working as a model, hanging out with friends, traveling, and then August I noticed this small little lesion almost pimple-like, right on the side of my nose. It started bleeding and then it scabbed and then it would go away. I didn’t think anything of it and then it came back. There was something in my gut that said you need to go get it checked out. I asked the dermatologist if he would do a biopsy on it. (mobile ringing)
I got a phone call and he said to me, you have cancer. (dramatic music) I had a basal cell carcinoma. I was like, what is going on, is this for real. I went in for Mohs surgery with my dermatologist. I thought this was gonna be a quick fix, go in, have a few stitches, but it wasn’t. It got to a certain point where he said, “This is way worse than I had imagined and I have to refer you out to a surgeon.” He gave me a mirror and I had a hole in my face. We found Dr. Kian Karimi. He got me in that next day and said, “We’ll take it slow. We’ll take a conservative approach.” For about two weeks, I was in and out of the doctor’s getting layer by layer cut out. It was very deep. It was growing longer and wider. The first time I saw my face, I took off the bandage and almost passed out. (dramatic music)
Normal face, not so normal face. When you see your face like that, I thought, they’re never gonna get this cancer out, they’re never gonna be able to fix this, I’m going to be disfigured. I was terrified. Kaylen’s plastic surgeon Dr. Kian Karimi is joining us today and doc I know nasal reconstruction can be really, really difficult, challenging. This looks like it was a really complex case. Like you said, nasal reconstruction is always very challenging but this was the most complex case I’d ever encountered. People don’t realize the nose is more just what you can see. It’s the internal structure that supports it, the lining that serves the function so when you undertake these cases, a lot more to it than meets the eye.

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