When to Apply Essential Oils: To Get Rid of Acne
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When to Apply Essential Oils: To Get Rid of Acne

(chiming music) – Hey, I’m Andrea Butje
from Aromahead Institute. Welcome to my YouTube channel. Today I want to show you how
to make a great blend for acne. And we’re gonna make it in
a base of aloe vera gel, because aloe is so soothing to the skin. And I’m gonna make it in
this little two ounce bottle, that has a disc top, so you
can get just a little bit out at a time just to dab right
on the spot where the acne is. So, I could pour the aloe
right from this into here, but it’s kind of a small
opening, so I’m gonna take one extra step and just
pour the aloe into a beaker. And then I’ll pour from
the beaker into the bottle. So I’m gonna fill it pretty
much most of the way here, and just leave a tiny bit of
room for the essential oils. And I love this blend, it’s so healing. It has patchouli, lavender,
tea tree, and lemon. All great oils for acne. And we’re gonna start with
the patchouli, 10 drops. And I love this too because
it’s such a soothing aroma, and it’s often used to
reduce anxiety, and stress which can be related
to your skin and acne. And it also soothes skin
irritation, and it’s a nice antimicrobial, so,
antibacterial, it’s perfect. So we’re gonna put 10 drops
in, right into the aloe. And, patchouli comes
out a little bit slower. It’s a little thicker, but
it’s a beautiful color, so let’s see if you can see
the color as it’s coming out. And, that’s three, four. It adds such a nice aroma to this blend. See if I can talk and
count at the same time. I think that’s seven. Eight, nine, and 10. Okay, great. Essential oils don’t usually come out that slow, but the thicker ones do. And even if you’re not,
if you’re thinking, oh, I’m not really a fan of patchouli, check out patchouli
essential oil, the real oil. It’s different than what
a lot of people think of when they think of patchouli
and, you know, the perfume. Okay, and then we’re gonna
put in 10 drops of lavender. And of course lavender’s one
of the most skin healing oils I know, and great for
acne, great for irritation, also very soothing and
emotionally grounding. So we’re gonna put 10
drops of lavender in. That will come out quicker. Ten, okay. And then we’re gonna use tea tree. Tea tree is a classic
when it comes to dealing with any sort of acne, skin irritation. It’s going to really reduce any infection, and it’s going to be very
healing for the skin. So, we’ll add 10 drops of that. And the aroma works really well, too. The tea tree and the patchouli are really balancing for each other. And then we’re gonna put
in six drops of lemon. Lemon is a great astringent,
it’s great for the infection aspect, and it brings a really bright aroma to these other oils. So we’ll put in six drops of lemon. There we go, six. Great. So now you’ve got your blend. And the oil’s gonna
sit at the top, and so. That’s actually really nice. You can see the essential
oil right at the top there. So I’m just gonna mix that up. And there you go. And it’s dispersing throughout,
but you will have to give it a shake right
before you use it each time. And I would make it fresh every few weeks. Any water based products, which aloe is, I like to make fresh every few weeks. So then you can flip it up,
and then you can just get a tiny bit out on your
finger and put it right on the spot where the acne is. You don’t need to spread it all over. Just use it as a spot treatment. And let me know how it goes, okay? All right, see you soon. Bye.


  • Certified Aromatherapist

    Love it! I always suggest Carrot Seed EO for acne for my clients. Any recipes that include carrot?

  • Balanced Vitality

    Would the lemon cause problems if going into the sun after application, or is the dilution low enough that it wouldn't be an issue?

  • Sabina Bunić

    Awesome. I will make it for my nephew and see if it works for him. Young age and lots of acne….If it works I may be the best aunt in the world.

  • Neha Sharma

    What is this aloe in that big container? Is that aloe vera gel? Can we get 100% pure alovera get from the market?

  • Pino Pin

    How can i make smaller amounts of this blend, maybe 2oz is more then necessary for me, in order to keep it fresh. thank you

  • sherridan reed

    Hey! Wonderful video! I would like to make this for my teenage daughter,. Tell me about the overall fragrance in this blend. Sounds like it can be a perfume too! I know Patchouli can be intrusive. Some of us has more acne on the face and will need to rub it in all over. Is the fragrance overpowering? Thx!😀

  • lois Lois Loves

    Hi Andrea, love your posts a lot <3 Can you tell me where you get that huge bottle of aloe? Thank you soo much for sharing your knowledge, I'm loving eo's.

  • amie a

    If this is a spot treatment I take it that it wouldn't be effective for wide spread cystic acne? If used as a spot treatment and get it near your eyes or in your eye what do you rinse your eye out with?

  • Emily Dean

    Do you think extracting aloe from my aloe plant would work the same as a base? I didn't know if purchasing aloe maybe meant there were other oils mixed in to dilute it. Thanks!

  • KR C

    Hello! I'd like to know if it's ok to use a ready made aloe vera gel, like this one here:
    I don't want to use the fresh aloe from the plant as it won't last days. Thanks a lot.

  • KR C

    Hi. Thanks for sharing. This might help me as I suffer from acne breakouts regularly. Could I omit patchouli, as I don't have it for the moment?
    I'd like to ask you also , can I use lemon essential oil to treat dark spots from acne? Thanks and great videos as always.

  • Abhilasha Kumari

    I see many people keep on speaking about Fopobiacne Secrets (just search
    it on google). But I'm not sure if it's good. Have you ever tried this
    popular acne remedy?

  • AussieWitchCerberus Bindweed

    Personally, I wouldn't use the lemon oil especially if using this during day time as lemon oil can be phototoxic and should be avoided being exposed to UV light. Instead, I would use Sandalwood oil. If you haven't got patchouli oil, I would use Frankincense oil.

  • Leslie sanelli

    Since aloe vera gel is water based shouldn't a preservative be used? I know I wouldn't go through even 1 oz of this in a week or two.

  • Victoria Ivanova

    Can I replace aloe gel with lavender or rose water and use it like face toner? Thank you very much!

  • Julisa Escoto

    Hi Andrea, thank you so much for this video! Can blends in general, or this one in specific, be kept in refrigerators? Thanks!!! Have a wonderful day!

  • Mirella Haro

    I found your video searching how to use essential oils to help acne, and I immediately fall in love with you. You seem like a very nice and calm person. Tks for your tips, I will sure try this spot treatment.

  • Czarinah Beatrice Bartolome

    Can i use aloe vera soothing gel? And i dont have tea tree oil and lemon but i have patchouli lavender and eucalyptus can i use eucalyptus instead of tea tree oil or lemon?

  • pooja vyas

    hello dear I am using jojoba oil with frankincense oil for my acne and scars from past 3 weeks but I have seen more Breakouts what should I do should I wait to see the results or should I discontinue

  • Chandy T

    I am super excited to enroll in your online classes this winter! I would like to know if you would recommend using aloe Vera liquid 1X instead of the gel?

  • Gemma G.Y.H.

    Whoah! I'm so excited to try. But can I use a product containing aloe vera gel instead of pure aloe vera gel? I have a benton aloe propolis soothing gel. Can I use it?

  • Jesus flower child

    What if your acne is all over? Not saying mine is but could you use it all over your face? and I'm assuming that you need to wash your face first…

  • sona khan

    Can i mix tea tree and lavender essential oil with grapeseed carrier oil…? And with essential oil is good to go out in morning …i have acne prone skin… Plz suggest me

  • Kirsty Macfarlane

    Hi Andrea hope you are well. Will this work on spots on the side and back of my thighs and buttocks, and can I use almond oil instead of aloe? Any tips for itchy skin? especially the arms and legs. I had a major reaction to something on my chest and had to get steroid cream, which cleared it up. The nurse also gave me a body wash and body lotion which I've been alternating with my home made body wash, which is a lavender blend at the moment, love being able to change the fragrance each time I make it and palmers raw shea butter lotion. Unfortunately the stuff I've been prescribed has broke my thighs and bum out in spots. Something I haven't had since using my own body wash. Fingers crossed this blend will clear them up 💞💞💞💞

  • Meghan DeForest

    Loved the video! I myself only need to treat spots here and there. However, my little brother suffers from terrible all over face acne and has been for years. Proactive, doctors, you name it. Nothing has worked. I am a believer in essential oils and want so badly to come up with a blend for the all over face. Would the blend of these same essential oils presented in this video work with a different carrier for the entire face?

  • Little Lulu

    do you have a facial oil recipe without patchouli for rosacea and combo mature skin?…btw I've made this and I love it so does our tenant…lol

  • Ewelina Hohenfels

    Good evening, thank you for sharing this recipe, I don’t have Patchouli EO, can I use Palmarosa in its place? How many drops?


    Good information and most importantly I loved the way you smiled through out the video :-), I have a very oily skin. Could you please advise me some more essential oils for antiaging and for oily skin please. Thank you.

  • Garima Rastogi rastogi

    Hi Andrea, I love you for sharing your knowledge with us…. I want to try this blend is it safe to use in daytime as it has Lemon EO. I would be greatful if you could suggest something for blemishes/pigmentation glowing skin and dark skin tone on underarms and thighs

  • nm reza

    Thank you Andrea so so much. i love you i see every thing you do. Your video very clear i understand beacuse you talk slowly and you write very clear. Eny one can understand and learn you are a gooood pearson very kind. Thank you for your peaciant and evry good thing.
    Can we use almond oil as carrier 💕

  • elitesquadron

    Hi Andrea, I found this other recipe for acne. 50ml rose hydrosol + 12 drops of thyme essential oil. Do you recommend this? Or do you have any other recipes using thyme. I would love to know. Thanks.

  • Donelle Swinney

    Is there a scrub for pre cancerous cells on the face? I really hate the thought of the harsh chemicals they will be applying to my face in a few months. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

  • sistiya wirapasti

    Thank you for your sharing. Is it this blending oil can use for dermatitis atopic disease? I have problem dermatitis atopic with my skin. And then if i don't have aloe gel, can i substituted with coconut oil or other oil?

  • Harris Hammett

    When you put it on the affected areas do you let it sit there & dry? Or do you rinse it off. & if your whole face is full with pimples is it okay then to use it as a mask?

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