What is behind Eczema? – Insights in to Disease with Dr. Henry Wright
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What is behind Eczema? – Insights in to Disease with Dr. Henry Wright

Hello I’m Dr. Henry Wright. I’d like to discuss. Eczema. I think I was asked to describe Severe eczema there’s no difference severe or not severe it’s eczema and it’s an autoimmune disorder and it’s rooted in fear? What kind of fear. I mean I, I’ve documented I think well over 4000 types of fear anxieties and stresses that impact the human physiology and psychology and spirituality over these many years. So, What connection is there between fear and auto immune when the body is attacking the body. Well, one of the things that I taught recently is that auto immune disorders are an allergy. A type of allergy in which the immune system attacks body parts and begins to eat them or causes inflammation and breakdown of function. One of the statistics that I run across is the connection between and in our own experience the connection between rejection of a parent and a child. I dealt recently with an individual that were in their early 80s that were struggling with eczema all their life and had never defeated it. And they were in their early eighties and I asked them Tell me about your childhood. You may not remember your early childhood because most children are born don’t remember the day by day play by play from birth until later. Many of us don’t remember things that we were One year old two years old three years old sometimes. Maybe it starts filtering at four late threes fours. We may retain some of it into adult life as an impression. But. We do know our history from talking to people sometimes and I’ve known for many. For a long time then eczema. Primarily has its origin in after birth. Seeded at the roots of it. In which a child. That is birthed. Is not nurtured or cared for or loved or breast fed. Or cuddled talked to snuggled. All the things that comfort that a newborn coming is a world that these big big giants are talking to them and they’re agh and they know I understand because they haven’t been old enough to understand but they have feelings. Those feelings they don’t understand may not be them. And it’s shocking even for adults to think sometimes when I get around them that their thoughts may not even be their own but they may have been trained in a way of thinking and the law of sin by another kingdom. And this is an area the church is woefully ignorant of, is the work of Satan in his kingdom even against the church let alone the unsaved. We have this feeling that somehow we’re safe in our theologies. While we suffer. With the same diseases as the world and we have no idea why. But that’s another subject. But severe eczema begins in childhood its root. Of not being nurtured. And then comes these feelings of what’s wrong with me. Even your children have feelings they don’t understand but it affects them. Child psychologist try to help them understand so they can come be at peace with the things they don’t understand. God does not want you to cohabit with the things you know understand. He wants you to understand the source of your feelings and your emotions and your thoughts. Then you can understand the source of it. And then he can help you, the Father through the word and through the application of the holy spirit to know you’re not your feelings. That’s a shocking statement. I’m not. But it’s so real. Well your feelings can be you too. Which are you and which should not be you is a whole different subject but is intrinsic in this understanding. of Excema. We have in our. Conferences that we do a picture of young child. The parents brought the child to me in a conference. Face just red with Blistering bleeding excema. Tormenting. And I won’t go into the whole story. But I knew the child had been not nurtured and I wondered which parent hadn’t nurtured the child. So I just asked why not? It’s my business which of you parents has not nurtured this child from birth. I want to know now. The mother said me. I love it. When the Holy Spirit comes and brings conviction, me. I said Why have you rejected it was a boy. Why have you rejected your son. Because I wanted a girl. When I found I had a boy I wouldn’t bond with him. I wouldn’t nurse him. I wouldn’t hold him. Wouldn’t talk to Him. I just wanted nothing to do with him. There is a Christian couple. So being a Christian sometimes does not make us immune to wrong thinking. I said well I said there’s a spirit of infirmity that is attached itself to the child because of your rejection of the child and lack of nurturing. Now the child will develop autoimmune disorders. He has one already that’s subjected by fear because he doesn’t feel wanted. He doesn’t understand those feelings but that thing that’s in him is already manifesting in his body. And the pathway leads back home to you mom. I don’t want to accuse you. But what am I supposed to tell you a lie and the truth. Well she I said you need to take time on your husband talk about and I’ll see you later, that’s what I said. Well don’t you need to pray for our child. No I can’t pray for your child untill you get right with God about your child. Come on now. We’re not going to do any shortcuts here
and so they came back and she was broken. The mother was convicted I mean she was so precious. And she repented to God for rejecting her child and she went to the child. We have pictures of this before and after anbody want’s to see this come to a conference I show it when I teach in Disease profiles. She immediately began to take this child, And the first thing she did. This child didn’t understand even understand english yet she had hardly except mommy and daddy. She told the child I repent to you for rejecting you. She held the child. Close she kissed the child. Told the child how much she loved her son. And within six months. Nobody prayed for this child. I don’t know the parents may have I’m
not sure. But we have pictures before and we have pictures, after six months apart this child with this bloody mess on his face covered. To a child that has impeccable beautiful skin being held by its mommy. What a picture of God’s powerful work. You know. A lot of our when I did a study on skin conditions and that includes psoriasis that includes my there are so many of them skin rashes and and all that goes around. I came back to one conclusion over the years though case histories and study of science. That the majority of skin conditions. Are the result of rejection. Of that human by another human usually beginning in childhood. I guess it’s time for us to reconsider. Who we are in the scope of life. And how our children are possibly at risk because of our own lack of understanding our own ignorance don’t mean to accuse a person here. But this is how you begin to grow up is how you begin to learn. This is how you begin to learn the ways of God. God created us perfect until something came along in-perfect to change our spirituality and our personalities and our bodies have been conforming to this death image ever since. That’s why the medical profession is so huge. Trying to help us in our sinning ways. Did I really say that. Yes I did because I wanted to because I can prove from scripture. Most disease, not all of it is caused by separation from God and His Word I can prov it in the Bible. So if that is the case then we oughta to come back to basics. Can eczema be prevented. Oh absolutely start loving and nurturing your children get that unloving spirit out of yourself. Get out of that self-hatred. Get out of that stuff. I don’t care what your parents did or didn’t do with you. He came and got you. And he saved you. And He made you a son and a daughter. Because he loves you. Goofy. So stop acting so goofy embrace. Love. Embrace the affection that God has in his creation for each other. Eczema is something that can be defeated. I’ve seen it time and time again as long as you understand. And are not ignorant of satans devices. If you have enjoyed this presentation give it a thumbs up. Ring the bell. Subscribe or leave us a comment.


  • Susan Droger

    Your life work is a gift of God to this world.l am studying your the more excellent way book.Thankyou Dr Wright thankyou.

  • Claire fitzpatrick

    I'm in a real mess. I want to serve God but I'm so sick in my body. I live in the u.k. Is there a way for me to get help and be healed in Jesus name.

  • AngeloandVeronica

    I am so thankful for this! I am living proof that eczema can be overcome. And it has come about through this ministry! Dr. Wright, please never stop speaking THE TRUTH. I was rejected early on in my childhood by my alcoholic father and diagnosed with eczema at 4 years old. I'm almost 50 years old and I am finally overcoming this "fear" disease once and for all, with no meds, no supplements and no crazy diets!! I am overcoming because of the LOVE of my TRUE Father in heaven! Which can only be accessed through Jesus Christ!! Amen!!!

  • Renewing All Things

    My daughter is 2 and has had eczema since she was born. My husband and I have always been in love with her and can't think of any ways we have rejected her. She is our first child so we both would do anything for her and love her like crazy. I breastfed her for 2 years. She slept next to us for 1.5 years. Since birth we have loved, hugged, talked, cuddled, and prayed for her every day. I totally understand thoughts/sin/separation from God, self, and others manifest in the body and can be passed down. My husband and I understand and have done the be in health principles and have worked really hard on our own thinking/relationships/blocks/repentance and are fully dedicated to following scripture and taking thoughts captive. We just want to see our daughter healed of food allergies and eczema. Any other ideas of areas to explore if she has not had a spirit of rejection before? Thank you so much! Blessings!

  • Kefir Karen

    I totally believe this…. but…. I know loving , nurturing, amazing parents with children who have some eczema. Could there be another cause?

  • Kristi Delgado

    Dr Wright, you’re a precious man. God bless you for your ministry and passion for the deliverance and healing of His people. 💗

  • Jamie Betesh

    Peace from the Father and Hello from Israel, Dr. Wright. I pray that you are as encouraged today as you have encouraged us.
    23 years ago, my beautiful unsaved daughter was born and a few days or week’s (?) later, I went to change her overnight diaper to discover a rash beyond rashes. I immediately thought it was a curse(?) I received medication from her doctor and it disappeared. Two years later, after taking her to the beach, she screamed in her child seat, “Mommy!!! My vagina!” I pulled over and found that she had been bit by a jellyfish “there.”
    Background: my mom (deceased from alcohol addiction at age 34) knew many men. Before my salvation, I too, had the same affliction. My question is, “Is there a familiar demon in my bloodline, and do you believe my daughter is affected?”

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