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What Causes Mass Shootings? | The Daily Show

Mass shootings. Over the past few years, they have become
as regular in America as Star Wars movies, and just like Star Wars movies, people have starting paying
less and less attention. But this weekend,
something happened. NEWSMAN:
The nation mourns the victims of two shooting massacres
just 13 hours apart. The massacres in El Paso,
Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, happened in startling proximity for a country already
too familiar with gun violence. 29 people were killed
in the two shooting rampages just 13 hours apart. Yes. In the span of two days–
13 hours, in fact– 84 people were shot, and currently,
31 people have been killed in two deadly mass shootings. And, like,
even though most of America has gotten used to dealing
with mass shootings, having them happen back-to-back has forced people
to take notice. In fact,
this weekend’s tragedies garnered so much attention that
President Trump couldn’t respond with his usual “sad” tweet. Instead, he had to come out
and give a formal address to the nation this morning where
he condemned white supremacy and domestic terrorism. Unfortunately,
he also offered condolences to the people of Toledo,
which is not one of the cities that had a mass shooting. So that was basically
the mass shooting equivalent of saying
the wrong person’s name in bad. But these two tragedies
didn’t happen in a vacuum. They’re part of a rise in
mass shootings in recent years. And now news anchors,
pundits, politicians alike, they’re all trying to figure out
the root cause of what has become
a national epidemic. And they’ve been pinning
the blame on a lot of different things, starting with the Internet. TV REPORTER: And on the
controversial website 8chan, extremists seem
to have found a home. At least three mass shootings
this year alone have been announced
on the site. The dark corners
of the Internet where these people breed hate
and-and division… The perils of the Internet
and social media cannot be ignored
and they will not be ignored. We must recognize that
the Internet has provided a dangerous avenue
to radicalize disturbed minds and perform demented acts. Yes, many people,
including the president, are saying that
the Internet is to blame for radicalizing
these domestic terrorists, because giving them a community
and a platform is helping them
share their ideas. It’s the same way the Internet
has given a platform to people who eat
laundry detergent, right. Yeah, back in the day, you could
only share your feelings with the people
at poison control. Now you have a community. So now some people are saying we need to tighten regulation
of the Internet. And I’ll be honest with you,
I’m all for it, yeah, especially after I got
catfished last week. I thought I was talking
to a lonely middle-aged man who needed
my social security number, turns out it was some beautiful
woman who wanted to date me. What the hell? (laughter) I get what these people
are saying, though, the Internet is a powerful tool
that can be used to radicalize wannabe
mass shooters, you know. Maybe that’s why we don’t have a mass shooting epidemic
in Africa. Our Internet is shit
and the power keeps cutting. Yeah. Right now, there’s some
guy in Nigeria who’s like, (with Nigerian accent):
“I want to be radicalized “but this Wi-Fi is so slow. “You are so lucky
this video is buffering, eh? “You are so lucky. “I’ll just have to stick
to sending e-mails. Dear sir,
I have lots of money…” (laughter) (normal voice:
Now, while some people argue that this epidemic is being
caused by the Internet, another argument is that
it’s something more precise. Because everyone uses
the Internet in America, but most of these shooters
are young white men. And what do young white men
all have in common? Video games. The idea these video games
dehumanize individuals to, uh, have a game of shooting
individuals and others, I’ve always felt
that is a problem for, uh, future generations
and others. TV REPORTER: First shooter games
would desensitize folks -to the violence.
-TV REPORTER 2: When you see it through a screen and you don’t
relate to it in person, uh, it-it makes it seem
like it’s more accessible. What’s changed in this country? We’ve always had guns,
we’ve always had evil, but what’s changed where we see
this rash of shooting? And I, I see a,
a video game industry that teaches young people
to kill. Okay.
On the surface, that sounds like
a pretty good argument. America has always had guns, America has always had evil, but mass shootings
have only taken off over the past, what, 20 years? And what has been new
in the past 20 years? Violent video games. Although, by that logic, anything that’s been invented
in the last 20 years could have contributed
to mass shootings, like Crocs were invented
over the last 20 years. (laughter) And I know
they inspire anger in me. Here’s another thing,
here’s another thing, though, if video games are responsible
for shootings, how do you explain countries
like South Korea or Japan? They play the same games at
a higher rate than the U.S. but neither of these countries
have a mass shooting epidemic. The worst thing Japan
is dealing with right now is a karaoke epidemic. The only thing getting murdered
there is Mariah Carey songs. So some people blame
the Internet, and others say it’s video games. But for many,
if the president wants to find the real cause
of what’s happening, he should go and look
in the bathroom mirror. TV REPORTER: The 21-year-old
white male said the attack was in response to the Hispanic
invasion of Texas, adding that his ideology
pre-dates President Trump, and that blaming the president would be the equivalency
of fake news. This is language
the president has used since his campaign began. A lot of people are taking issue with the explosive rhetoric
he has used, rhetoric that mirrors the screed written
by the El Paso murderer. TV REPORTER: Just three months
ago, this scene at a rally in Panama City Beach, Florida. President Trump
at first laughing when a supporter in the crowd
suggested shooting immigrants. But how do you stop
these people? You can’t.
There’s… (laughs) That’s only in the Panhandle
you can get away with that statement. Yeah, it might have been a joke
at that rally, but clearly
there are people out there who could take the president’s
words seriously. Now, I know it’s crazy to take
Trump’s words seriously but some people do. In fact, as we’ve learned, the mass shooter in El Paso
left behind a manifesto that included the same phrases
Trump uses every day: fake news,
immigrant invasions. Like, the only reason you know
that it wasn’t written by Trump is because
the grammar was correct. And here’s the thing,
here’s the thing, although there is a chance Donald Trump has emboldened
racist mass shooters, we also cannot say
that he’s the overall cause, because there were
racist mass shooters before Donald Trump. It’s the same way you can’t
blame stuffed-crust pizzas for the obesity epidemic
in America. You can admit that adding
a pizza to the edge of a pizza is not gonna help people
lose weight, but it’s not the cause. So some people blame
the Internet, some say it’s video games, others blame President Trump. But the thing
we’re hearing the most after these mass shootings, is that the real cause
is all in the head. Mental health
is a large contributor to any type of violence
or shooting violence. -There are so many different
factors, you don’t know. -Yeah. I mean, maybe a child’s
born with, you know, some mental illness. This was a sick person. The person in Dayton
was a sick person. No politician
is to blame for that. You cannot be
a white supremacist and be normal in the head. These are sick people. Now, again, this argument
sounds completely logical. If someone kills a group
of random strangers, they must be mentally ill, but that’s not necessarily true. In fact,
a majority of mass shooters have no history
of mental illness, which is a scary thought,
because it means most mass shooters are killing
because they want to, not because something
“went wrong” in their brain. So… what causes
mass shootings? Is it the Internet?
Is it video games? Is it Trump?
Is it mental illness? You know, what’s sad
and frustrating about America is that after
every mass shooting, lawmakers want to identify
the one thing that causes all mass shootings, and if they can’t agree
on what that thing is, nothing gets done. But the truth is, when it comes
to any individual shooting, the cause could be any one
of those factors, if not more. But there’s one thing that every
mass shooting has in common: whatever motivated it has to be combined with a gun.


  • Samah Sparkfly

    Yes it's all of the above + restrict gun ownership . why so hard ?? One thing though I disagree about shooters not having mental illness, they must be either : 1. A narc
    2.A psychopath
    3. A sociopath

  • Jan Christoffersen

    I mean, mental health is probably a factor in some of these cases, they can't be sure in every case unless somehow every one of them had a psych eval not that long before.
    Personally, I think it's a combination of political and religious extremism, especially with that message from the one in the video. Several white Christian groups have a very dedicated following, and like many religious groups, they are connected and supporters of some politics and politicians. If both of those are hateful towards someone or something, how can you then avoid creating extremists when the same kind of hate is said over and over?? They start believing and might actually do something. When it's kids though, I think it's mental health, it has happened very few times outside the US too, so it's hard to pinpoint something in culture there. It's also guesswork and even if these two things represents the majority of shootings, you can't just fix mental health or prevent people from being near semi-hate groups. But you could restrict guns, as that's the one thing they have in common you can change and it will have some effect. Maybe the proposed restrictions won't work, but how can you argue against an attempt at giving people, kids especially, a better chance of surviving these things?? Only an NRA shill/bot would do that and should be called out on it.

  • Deem Streams

    For all those white racist that say us Mexicans are invading don't forget all those indians you're ancestors killed. You are the invaders. You are not natural to these lands you came and Invaded you did not let nature take its natural course. Don't forget my word white people will become a minority in 10 years, white people have max 2 or 3 kids while Mexicans are having 5 or 6 you make the math.

  • Krasus Dumat

    Sure as long as the government doesn't push laws to punish the 99 percent of gun owners who don't commit crimes I'm down for a discussion. Trevor I wish you would take a page from Stewart and actually get out of your echo chamber. Maybe go on Ben Shapiro's show in his discussion interviews where he lets you express what you actually think not what the suits tell you to sell.

  • honest diplomat

    Intelligence Agencies and Police can trace and prevent Terror threats. But such Mass shootings, when they say "it's all in the head" as the reason nobody can find out who is going to be the best Mass shooter and where it is going to happen.

  • Rutdvaj Rawal

    The only problem is people and creators like pewdiepie.. I know he does a lot of charity but it doesn't mean u normalize white supremacy thoughts.. 100 million subs for a guy who thinks whites are a supreme race.. Saying n word is just fine.. Killing all Jews is funny.. I mean don't you think before you post or upload anything.. Kudos to the charity he does but you always have people who want to get influenced by only the bad things from you.. And for instance if only 1% of 100 million get influenced in the wrong manner that would be large.. Teen in USA fine his racist memes funny and feel free to use it.. I have only one thing to say.. Haven't you oppressed enough that you still wanna boast on that? Take the good out of everything.. Not the bad.. (A former 9 year old who witnessed racism in t series vs pew just because he was Indian)

  • Brian Jones

    Reagan repealed the MHSA, many meantal health facilities were shut down nationwide due to lack of federal funding, because of this decision.

  • boom ksaa

    For me it is bullying in school.
    when i was in high school i would always get bullied when all the students leave i tell the teacher and in the next class he would call out my bully in front of everybody making my bully really angry and making him bully me even more to the point of breaking my arm, stepping on my head and bashing my head on the ground and threaten to kill me you will say parents? they literally didn't give 2 shits about me matter of fact my father even told me i was the biggest mistake he made i hated this cycle of going to school and being treated that way and then coming back home to my abusive parents and the thought of school shooting came to my mind i just wanted to prove everyone wrong i wanted to get revenge, luckily my grades were good i moved to college expecting the same treatment but i found friends there i saw life in a new light i thought it was so boring and dark every single day after i moved out of my parents house i really enjoyed living, everyday was so peaceful no one is pushing me around or hitting me or even threatening me, and i'm so glad i never shot my school i would have wasted my whole life behind bars.

  • Babios

    A person that is willing to take the life of an innocent human being is just crazy. A normal person even if it is a fanatic would never do that. Guns should be banned all over the country.

  • Ruka Borges

    I think the term Mass Shooting is self explanatory, Mass meaning many and Shooting meaning to shoot some one. So for sure a gun was involved. Your don't ear about mass stabbing… so Use your brain and your grammar and figure it out…


    U can blame the internet or video games. But I think the words coming out of the president's mouth is more likely a partial cause. Access to guns is definitely a key factor. But if the media wasn't constantly glamorizing it, I bet there wouldn't be so many.

  • FacepalmDaily

    Here's the thing, though: It takes a gun to make a mass shooter, but not a mass murderer. The gun is a symptom, not the disease and as any doctor will tell you, you can't make someone well without treating the disease.

    And you're looking in the wrong place. Taking away "assault weapons" as your graphic suggests, won't treat the disease OR the symptom. Statistics are very clear that handguns are used more than TWICE AS OFTEN in mass shootings than rifles. So handguns don't only make up the bulk of all homicides and suicides in this country, they also make up the bulk of mass shooters.

    DISCLAIMER: I'm not a republican or a cold-dead-hands gun nut. Let's keep things civil here.

  • Göktuğ Kaya

    Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas Shooter had 23 guns in his hotel room and another 19 in his house and thousands of ammo. So as a lawyer from Turkey, I kindly ask whether anybody can enlighten me why do US laws allow a normal citizen to purchase that many rifles including assault rifles? The answer cannot be "self defense" or "2nd amendment". I am really curious as to the REAL reason. Sorry for the language.

  • GamingWithChipmunks NutzIncluded

    black crime: black people are violent.
    white crime: those dam video games, it's mental health, the sky is blue, something was in the air, it was sunday the worst day of the week, he was high on something, etc.

  • HenryManson

    sure it must be the internets faults, because before it was invented the human race was sooo peaceful in the millenias before 1983!……

  • David Kaser

    The cheap and easy school shooting solution !!!
    USE ONLINE SCHOOLS, no shooter, no building needed, Lower taxes, less teachers needed, no driving your children back and forth to school every day, No support staff needed, and less government involvement. ITS A WIN WIN FOR THE PEOPLE

  • ur iset-topDale Hobbs

    Mass shootings have always been about mental health issue , not gun control. When mental health patients who are dangerous without proper medications are thrown back into society deemed to be safe. They usually quit taking the medication that control their dangerous impulses. Why why are the not made to come down to a clinic so professionals can insure they do not cheek or refuse to take these essential medicines. I personal have to get allergy shots at a clinic and wait 30 minutes after. Children who may have psychological problems take years before someone finally admits they need help.

  • aeeesd

    Toxic masculinity is the cause of mass shootings. 99%> of shootings are by males. The internet amplifies such said toxic masculinity and America is the biggest hub for social media, gaming and the internet in general.

  • KikomochiMendoza

    That last line is so apt. Politicians can dodge the core cause of mass shooting all they like but whatever formula they use to use in determining mass shooting, guns are always a constant.
    Sometimes you have to ask if the second amendment is so important to sacrifice the fifth "no person shall be deprived of life …"

  • Bob Steenson

    This "comedian" is a Anti-american red-coat English spy trying to encourage stupid Americans into disarm themselves

    = 1776 (2.0) Psyop Style 🙄

  • R4ym1n

    No mention of the CDC report showing that americans use guns DEFENSIVELY 2-3 MILLION times every year 🤔 ??? Looks you Trevor and the lying biased media are the part of the problem clown

  • Cerioz Gaming

    Facebook moms get angry when they read that video games don’t cause violence. It’s actually bullying, Abuse parents, And traumatizing events.

  • Siong Choo

    Maybe… It's some of the life and species being systematically wiped out from Earth came back as human beings trying to demonstrate and paint us a picture of our way of life as human takings instead of human beings

  • kam

    Yes, there is something you can do. STOP FUCKING TERRORIZING THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD with your wars!!!!!!!!! Somehow you are the only fucking country that has constant mass shooting. Stop maybe feeding kids pills since childhood. AA fuck it go ahead wipe yourselves out, the world will not miss you and possibly have a sigh of relief.

  • Fantaghiro

    Trevor always emphasizes that it's mostly WHITE males who do this but then doesn't mention European countries (you know, where there are lots of white people) but takes Japan or South Korea as counter-examples. Who are, as Americans say, "people of colour" (though nobody else thinks like this). European countries are more similar to America, as in facing similar challenges like e.g. immigrants. (Japan and South Korea hardly take any immigrants). We have guns here too, we have video games, we have people who don't like immigrants etc.etc. Yet no culture of mass shootings. Maybe American politicians should think about that.


    people dying every day every week in cities with the strictest gun laws.. you fucks cant even control them. i will die defending my second , you willing to die trying to take it.

  • HeSoSimple

    You talk about video games like it a bad thing its because we shine light on mass shooting increasing Knowledge of it on thing I know is young people want attention and ur making it look like the only way to get attention now it by shooting or killing when is the last time u talked about the good a gun could do like protect ur self,army or maybe hunting or (sicknesses)

  • Don't Worry

    More people have been shot dead in Chicago this year (8 months) than all mass shootings in the last 10 years combined. Response?

  • Rose Blite

    What about shootings in the same weekend in Chicago? More than 48 people shot with 7 killed. 17 in 3 shooting (over 4 = Mass shooting), 15 in 2 of them. So 5 Mass Shootings of 32 people, with another 10 that may have been 1-3 people shot at one time.
    Funny that no one heard about it on Media "News", doesn't follow their narrative. Also, Chicago is Democrat, an under heavily Gun Restrictions.
    Missing some facts there Trevor.

  • ardvarkkkkk1

    That's about a stupid question. The media has the biggest roll in keeping the shootings going. They encourage it by glorifying the shitbags that do it. It makes for good news. If the shootings stop, what are they going to do?


    There's literally nothing that keeps people off the street than video games. I rather let out my stress and anger at violent videogames than with actual people (and mostly because I'm not a psycho).

  • Artem Morozov

    Trevor clearly named a point at the last ten seconds of this (Its like saying whoever presses the gas pedal makes the car accelarate 😂)

  • Mark s

    Take one of your gun free zones,,,, CHICAGO THIS memorial day there were 54 shootings (one day),,,,,,You know how many in my city were killed,,,,0 because we are NOT a gun free,,,,, zone!

  • Karen Sanders

    It's a mixture of many things. I'm afraid every time I go out in public or when loved ones go out. America is doomed. Next they will take internet from people, they've ready begun. We are modern 1st world slaves and no one cares because they're comfortable being in their bubbles. Fuck this place.

  • Virgo26 VICE

    The Creators of Call of Duty made it so as to speak against war, and after I played the Modern Warfare series, I can say its really working, and their intentions can be felt even more than seen

  • Byron Price

    It’s strange that no one wants to talk about how most of these mass shooters were on ANTIDEPRESSANTS, but lets blame video games instead

  • Tyler S.

    what I dont understand is why do all the shooters use an AR 15 lolol like why??? all AR's. Out of all the guns sold??? like I dunno Id assume by now some one would have tried and uzi or maybe a MP5 or even perhaps a large machine gun, and rgp or even grenades….nope…. Most of those states sell those gun or type of munitions. I just dont know why they always choose the AR…I mean do know why, but they know that I know there agendas gettin a little tired on the gun of choice being an AR…………

  • Rameez Shakeel

    like japan and Korea don't have mental illness
    its the seeds of racism Americans have sown in their soil
    which are becoming trees now

  • /var/www/pepe

    Ever consider that it's you, the people see smoke and blood but you see paper, SMH, you never created psychopaths but you did give them an instant cashout, they can drive a car through a croud and become a household name because of you, it's no secret that people want to be recognized, and you have enabled psychopaths to become celebraties in less than an hour.
    It's fine to cover mass shootings but just don't give anny attention to the shooter , don't even say their name.

  • Joe Guzman

    Right after ww2 the communist found out winning a war agenst the USA wasn't possible ,so they come out Whit a plan , first take over the movie industry to introduce violence and pornography into sosiety ,(people want to do what they see in movies)to destroy the family unity ,and take over the school system (remember it's all about changing the next generation ) today it's easier than ever to get a divorce (children end up Whit a single mom and are easier target) today we have lots of young people whiteout hope never had a father or a mom at home (because she has to work)and no direction depressed and watching vilant video games and movies and probably on medication .

  • Jaylockz 85

    Mexicans invaded Texas???? Hold the fuck up. First of all before Texas became a state it was a country and before it was a country it was territory from Mexico. More like the people who were from the US back then invaded mexican territory which are:Texas, New Mexico, California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and parts of Oklahoma, Kansas and Wyoming

  • Mike Howell

    Carry guns Americans. The root cause is mass shootings happen where people can't carry guns. Mmmmm. So where mass shootings happen where people are unarmed. What's changed is kids don't get there ass's beat remember cowboys and indians. When we adults were young. Violent. But it's called poor parenting. Tech kids respect. Kids don't get a asswhip'n. Parents are worthless. Because there kids don't get discipline. And no one can discipline them. Because it's abuse. Makes no sense off subject but listen if a animal is sick and suffering. Put them to sleep it in humane to let them suffer if a person is sick and dieing make them suffer as long as possible. The human race is stupid that's the problem

  • Idontgive 2fucks

    Video games has nothing to do with shit . It's these self entitled mfrs who think that they're superior over anyone else and can't handle the fact that they have been lied to their hole life an now finding out that they ain't shit !!

  • Brainy

    If someone wants to kill, as you say is the case with mass shooters, not having a gun won't stop him. He'll use a knife, or a truck, or a bomb, or whatever he can. Saying the problem is guns is, well, rather ignorant.

  • Collin Searles

    Which is also similar to Obama’s rhetoric on immigration. Sad to think that people can take other people’s word completely out of context.

  • Electric Joe

    Only and all white people play video games? How interesting, cause literally all my friends that joined my Minecraft server yesterday are black, middle eastern, and Asian… guess since I’m white and I play video games means I’m going to kill someone. Can someone get MattPatt to talk about this instead? We all know he’s the only one that can talk about it reasonably

  • Don Kapsalon

    If I sold guns in my country, and there would be 2 mass shootings in a year, I would stop selling guns. but that is exactly the reason I am not rich.

  • Bean Gang

    Why is it that no one talks about the fact that most likely the shooters had piece of shit parents that didn’t teach them to care about people. Why do they just want to blame it on all violent video games, movies and guns like that is the only factor? It’s just like If you teach a pitbull to be a piece of shit and fight other dogs then that’s what it is but if you train it well to be a good dog then that is what you will get. I know there’s always exceptions but 9 times out of 10 I think this is how it works. Please tell me if you disagree.

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