Well, That Was Bloody | My Acne Scar Surgery (DermaPen)

– This is a video I’ve been
waiting to do for years. You guys, possibly, have been following me for the two three years
that we were tracking me going through Accutane, changing
my diet, trying all these different medications and
stuff to get rid of my acne. Got rid of it finally. Now we’re finally going
to deal with the scars that are left over. So this morning I tool a clip of me under an overhead lighting. That way, you can see the
scars and their full effect. That’s when they’re the worst,
is when you have the light right over your head. So this is exactly what my face was looking like before this. And this video was recorded
yesterday, so you will not be able to see the after, like,
of my skin looking smoother. But you’re gonna see my
face all bloodied up. We’re here in Avalon Laser in La Hoya. And we’re about to go in there. We’re gonna talk to Dr. Tirgari. He’s gonna walk you guys through it. Then you guys can see me taking the actual surgical procedure. I’m excited. Let’s get started. (pleasant music) – I’m Doctor Reza Tirgari. I’m the medical director and the founder of Avalon Laser. We’re a medical spa with
offices in downtown San Diego, and in Carlsbad, and
we specialize in making people look better. And I understand that our
good friend, Brian, is gonna have some questions
for me, which I’m gonna be happy to answer for
you guys today as well. Dermapen is a micro-needling device. It’s the first of its
kind, it’s one of the best of its kind, and it
basically works by using a micro-needle system where
there’s about, array of needles which go into the skin at about 3000 RPM. Basically, you have a
series of titanium needles that enter the skin at
pre-determined depths. We can adjust this on the
fly during the treatment. So, for a large, meatier
area, for example, on the body or on the cheek, if
we’re treating the face, we can go deeper and we can target much deeper scars this way. For narrower skin areas,
such as on the nose, we can adjust the needle depth so it
doesn’t necessarily go as far, so we can get the exact same results on different body areas,
and magnify the results as much as possible. We’re applying a combination
of different anesthetics. Some are gonna be much
more rapid acting, and some are gonna be much more longer acting. This is a proprietary cream
that is developed for us, for us only. And what it tends to do
is give people the best of both worlds. – Okay, so now we’ve been
sitting here for about 15 minutes with the numbing cream on
my face, and I can feel it. Like, my whole face, it
kinda feels like, you know, when you take pre-workout
(mumbles) Alanine, and you start feeling your delts and your
biceps and skin start crawling, a little bit, like
(clicks) little pin pricks. That’s what I’m feeling on my face. So I’m pretty sure it’s super numb. If I had the ability to
right now, I’d slap my face, test it out; but I,
probably shouldn’t touch it. My lips are super, super numb. We just took all the
numbing cream off my face, and now I believe we are
ready to get started. I’m nervous, but pretty excited. (Dermapen whirs) – [Nurse] You’ll feel a
vibration a little bit. – Back in the days, when many
practitioners were working out the best treatments, what
we had to do was choose between downtime versus results. Part of the issues with
lasers is that in order to get to the depth necessary to
cause that controlled injury, there is also a risk of
causing complications or increasing downtime, or
increasing the risk of sun damage. Now, let me start with the sun damage. In southern California,
where the sun is pretty much ubiquitous, when you are out
in the sun, there is always a risk after laser treatments
that any exposure to the sun can cause additional skin harm. The skin is very, very vulnerable
after laser treatments. And because that process
of recovery can be impeded by UV radiation, there’s
always a risk that after any laser treatment, any exposure
to sun, which is very difficult to avoid in
southern California, can cause complications such as burns,
such as scarring, such as hyperpigmentation, which
is very common, especially in people of color. Dermapen avoids many of those things. Instead of doing one
aggressive laser treatment, and trying to get to the
depth necessary to cause the skin changes that will
cause the skin to remodel and repair itself, and fix
the scars, Dermapen breaks it down into bite-sized chunks. So by doing it at a pre-determined
interval; most commonly one month apart, the Dermapen
system allows us to go and treat the scar in
smaller bite-sized chunks, which will A, reduce the
complications, and B, reduce the downtime. So people can go about
their normal activities, and not take a full week
or two off, away from their normal activities
that would be required with, for example, laser treatment. – [Nurse] You doing okay? – Yeah. Okay. It hurts a little bit,
but it’s not that bad. It kinda feels like if you’re
skin was getting pinched by like, a shaver. Like, if you’re using a beard shaver. – Many people who get
the Dermapen treatments tend to be younger,
active, healthy people, who may have had acne younger
in life, and understandably, they wanna go back to
their normal activities, including working out. One other advantage of
Dermapen compared to many laser treatments, is because
the treatments are in smaller, bite-sized chunks,
and because the degree of inflammation is much
more controlled and precise, you don’t have the prolonged
inflammation and swelling that occurs with laser
treatments, following which, any kind of sweating
or activity can really irritate the skin. After Dermapen treatments, we
find that people can go back to activities such as working
out, swimming, running, within a matter of only a few days. In some cases, I would even
recommend only, maybe two days, if they’re doing a Dermapen
treatment, as opposed to a laser, which may have
them out of commission for even a week or two afterwards. Sweating can oftentimes irritate the skin. Even with the best controlled
protection, it’s very difficult to avoid the skin
from enduring the effects of sweat and, of course,
redness and inflammation, which can compound the
inflammation that we’re trying to induce that causes healing. For the reasons that we talked
about, Dermapen, we found, is much better tolerated,
especially in younger, athletic people, who wanna get rid of
acne scars safely, effectively, with a minimum downtime. How are you doing with that? – This one’s a little bit
more painful, but still good. – All this inflammation is
causing the skin to now repair, and renew, and tighten,
and fix those scars. It’s important to note
that the degree of scars is what’s going to determine
the number of treatments that are required. The more aggressively
somebody has scarred, the more number of treatments it’s gonna take. That’s gonna vary from person to person. But looking at Brian right
now, it looks like he just got, a little extra time in the tanning bed. For all intents and purposes. – My face is super hot, which
is making me really hot, which is making my armpits sweat. Which is sweet. (laughs) So when you guys get this
treatment done, you’re not crying. It’s just your eyes watering. That’s what you gotta
tell everyone. (laughs) – In this case, I think,
after a couple of days, Brian could, pretty
much, be back at the gym doing pretty much any exercise. Importantly, you wanna
avoid steam rooms and saunas and all those things which
can also cause additional inflammation, that can actually
do more harm than good. – It was this morning. – What was it? What did you choose? – I hit chest and triceps, man. – That’s what I would do. – I forced a little
overhead movement in there, and it didn’t hurt too bad, man. It wasn’t bad. – Well, Brian is gonna
be a fantastic patient. We love having him here,
and I think we’re gonna really have a good time treating him, and seeing his results. I think you’re gonna find
over time, with a series of treatments, which may
vary from person to person, the Dermapen treatment is
gonna give fantastic results. And I’m really excited to
see how things go for Brian. – All right, we just
got out of the surgery. This is what my face is looking like. You can see, it’s almost
like a tan line of exactly where she went to and
where she did not go to. It’s crazy; looks like I
have raccoon eyes, like I’ve been out in the sun for too long. But that’s what it’s looking like. I feel so weird. My whole face is numb, like I
just got out of the dentist, but like, they missed my mouth
entirely and just spread it all over my face. It felt like, just weird
as hell getting that, because I’ve never gotten
any sort of cosmetic surgery or anything like that. So it was just weird to be in an office. I feel like I was in Doctor
90210, but I feel great. Like, I feel like this
is gonna be good for me. It wasn’t too bad. It was a little bit painful,
you know, I wanna update you guys on the pain. For the most part, because
of the numbing, it was mostly just vibration and
then just like a little bit of like, I feel like, a
beard trimmer, you know? If you’re using a beard trimmer. It kinda nipped you a little bit. That’s kinda what it felt
like, over, and over, and over, and over. But there were certain parts
on my face where she didn’t quite hit the numbing,
like right around the back of my chin here. And when she hit those
spots with the needles, because it wasn’t numb, I
kind feel what it truly was supposed to feel like without any numbing. It is pretty painful, man. It’s pretty much exactly like
getting a tattoo on your face. That was amazing. So here’s what I’m
looking like afterwards. I got a big old tomato face. I can’t show you guys what I
look like multiple days yet afterwards, but we’ll do
multiple, multiple episodes on this, so make sure you keep in tune. But now I’m just gonna
follow myself along for the next couple hours and explain
to you how I’m feeling and what’s going on today. So before I get to the
car, LP has Pokemon Go out, and he says there’s a Pokemon over there. So we’re gonna go get the
Pokemon for him before we go home. – I really don’t know what it is. I don’t know if it’s a
Pokemon, or what it is. – Is it that box right there? – It’s that box right there. (laughs) – This is so random. I love this. So LP, LP just got his item,
I guess he got a module. I don’t really know how any
of this stuff works yet. But it’s funny how many
people probably have stopped at this electric box in
front of this restaurant down in San Diego. All right, let’s go home. I do need to eat really bad. But first, I’m gonna
SnapChat a bunch of funny tomato face snap chats, so
that’s gonna be really funny seeing all the replies. All right, 2:17 (mumbles), Taz,
both of them just texted me. But what I’m going (mumbles)… What I’m doing right now is I’m making a little bit of lunch. So what I have is a half
spaghetti squash, cut right in half, and I cooked this for
seven minutes in the microwave, and if you never seen
spaghetti squash before, basically once you cook
it, you can just use a fork and kinda slap it down like
this, and what happens… I’m only doing it with
one hand, so it’s hard. But what happens is you
get kind of like noodles, and they’re super low in
calories, high in fiber, so it’s a dope way to
get like, a low calorie, high volume meal in. And that is gonna be the
spaghetti noodle base, and then this is gonna
be like, the dish itself. So what I got here is a
bunch of spinach on top. I got textured vegetable or soy protein. So I have a half cup of that. If you guys haven’t looked
into that yet, you should look into that. It’s dope, high protein. Then I got an onion that I cut in half. I have a yellow bell pepper,
and I have some mushrooms, and this is going to be mixed
with a little tomato sauce and then all of it’s
gonna go in this bowl, so let’s see what it looks like right now. And that is what we are looking like. Got the little yellow noodles
right there, with the red… This actually looks really aesthetic. It looks like a chunky
Italian sauce or whatever. So what I’m doing is I’m putting on a little nutritional flakes. I use these kind of
like my Parmesan cheese. Like a little topping. But what nutritional yeast
does, is it adds B12, protein, and fiber. It is a super food, if
you wanna use that term. But yeah, so here’s my lunch. I’m super stoked about it. Here’s my current situation. I’ve got this big ass fan, I’ve
got this cute little girl’s mini fan right here. Both pointing at me while
I’m editing this video, so I don’t sweat. This is what I’m looking like
about three hours afterwards. I’ve been editing the video
since right after I got home. My face is still, it stings in a way. It feels like a sun burn. It feels like a bad sunburn
that’s just kinda like has that heat thing going on with it. And after I turn the fan off
I’m starting to already sweat again, but that’s what we’re looking like. Anyways, my friends, I was
so amped to bring you guys on this journey with me. I was so amped to just get it
done, because you guys know, it’s been a very long time coming. Been going through this whole
series of dealing with acne, getting it cleared up,
and then all the semantics of actually like, finding
out how to get the surgery scheduled, and videotaped and everything. And now it’s finally done. We’re gone through the first treatment. I’m going through three treatments. I will be updating you
guys with each treatment, so make sure you subscribe
so you can see the updates with how my face looks,
the before, the afters with the acne scar surgery,
and just general tips and other things that come
along with the surgery and other acne videos
that I come out with. But, that brings us to
the end of this video. A huge, huge, huge thank
you to Doctor Tirgari for allowing me to bring the
camera in, and actually taking the time out of his day
to make sure he was there for the procedure, so he
could give you all that extra information and talk to you guys. I hope there was a lot of
questions answered for you. I hope you kinda have a
better, more clear idea of what the Dermapen is, and
whether or not it’s the right thing for you. Make sure that you guys follow
me on SnapChat; BrianTurner. Make sure you follow me on
Instagram; ThickSolidTight. Make sure you hit the thumbs
up button on this video. Make sure you leave a comment. Let me know what you thought below. And subscribe if you’re
not subscribed already. (mumbles) CT! – Lift heavy, or die mirin. (rap music)

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