We Tried A Breakouts & Acne Prone Skin Facial: How to Minimize Large Pores & Get Clear Skin
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We Tried A Breakouts & Acne Prone Skin Facial: How to Minimize Large Pores & Get Clear Skin


  • gandi s

    Thanks for the great video. At the facials there are a lot of led lights and high frequencies. Wanna know more about those procedures. Can they make a diffference and ect. Love you girls

  • Megan Heveran

    New subscriber, I love your videos they are so helpful and educational. I’d love to watch an empties video by you guys to see what you actually finish throughout your skin care routine every 2 months or so. I’d also love to see videos of you guys going to the store and picking out your skincare routine or PR unboxing videos!!!!!!!!

  • Tatjana Soundso

    I'd reaaally like to know if you've ever used some sort of "pore vacuum" tool?? I think these are super interesting but I'm also super hesitant to buy one…

  • Nono Nono

    Please I want to ask u …I went to the doctor from days and he told me to use cetaphil monetizing lotion …should I use it in the night or the morning? ?

  • rainbowjellyphish

    Could you do a video focusing on dimethicone free products for dry skin? A lot of the products used for glass skin/10-step Korean skincare has dimethicone and I know a lot of people (like me) get breakouts from it!

  • Yovita AW

    when you said the pain of the extraction was like 2/10 i was like wtf i always cry and ask to pause multiple times cuz i couldn't handle the pain eventho i only had few whiteheads n blackheads, not even big acne lolol and the most painful part is the top of the upper lip for me 😭

  • AlwaysRemarkable Brooks

    So are you saying it's okay to pop the pimples? Yet we must squeeze every bit of toxins out. Hmmm!!! Interesting.

  • Nishat Tasnim

    Please give me the feed bck supper fast!!!!
    I have question if we use Neutrogena gel after cleanging our face do need to apply toner.
    Or my question can be like this way " is Neutrogena gel works like a toner or not?"

  • Dysebelle Askalani

    I don't get it… as i know it is not advisable to pop out the pimple, white heads, blackheads or acne but why does in the part of facial session its ok to extract it?

  • maerhe18

    Can you do a video about acne skin care with keloidal or those box scar tendencies? And how to heal/smoothen them correctly

  • flowergril444

    i like this but still think the way they extract is too harmful even more if you suffer from pigmentation

  • Leandra

    Please advise people to make sure whoever people go to that they make sure to ask if their tools are sterile not just cleaned with soap and water. You can get an infection. 🙁 Honestly if they don’t have an autoclave, I’ll probably just leave. 🤢

  • Carly Knight

    You should make a best oil free products video!! That would be so awesome specially for those of us with lash extensions 💗🙏🏻

  • Anna Raihana

    Do a review about i'm from vitamin tree water gel moisturizer please! I am sooo curious why nobody raves about it eventhough the ingredients are really good💕

  • sasha kitayama

    Is there any specific instructions for post facial treatment? Like … nt using any skincare or makeup?

  • Ελενη Παναγοπουλου

    Being a new subscriber I would like to ask you if you could do a video on hyaluronic acid and how many times we should use moisturizers of such kind. Thanks for everything!

  • Nishtha Sharma

    Hi, love your videos on Acne and the related cures. Can you review the body shop line? I only have access to those. Please!

  • Kameko

    Yay! Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve been looking for a good esthetician in the NYC area for some time.
    I used to get facials about once every six months in my home state. My esthetician was amazing and helped clear my hormonal acne. My first facial she took over an hour to extract my acne, and helped me select a great skincare line. It was expensive, but it was so worth it. Now most of my acne scars are gone and I get minimal breakouts.

  • Kendra Abbott

    This is completely not baised but curology has completely helped my acne/white heads or those stubborn skin colored bumps that will never surface. I literally have 0 now, highly recommend

  • Molly

    Love the idea of this new content. But can I politely request that you either don’t use those graphic pimple videos or add a warning before you do? While on skincare treatment videos we expect some extractions, the gross pimple-popping ones can be really nauseating and aren’t for everyone.

  • Ola Biskup

    Could you do a video about products for oily, acne prone skin that has been dried out by acne treatments and i.e. hormonal therapy? I thought I had it all figured out and now it's all over the place again.

  • The M

    I'm 15 and have clear skin besides on my nose, which gets oily and has scarring or dark spots. My current routine just consists of a face wash and moisturizer.It may sound weird but I feel like the less I do, the better my skin is. For example i usually just rinse my forehead with water but lately I've started using the face wash I use for the rest of my face. After doing this for a couple of days I started developing these small bumps across my forehead. Since then I have stopped washing that area and my skin is clear again. I am interested in skin care and have other products such as serums and toners that I would like to start using but I am hesitant. What should i do? Also if i should start staying them to see the results should i jump straight into using all the other products, or should I introduce them slowly?

  • Amaka Nnalue

    Hello lovelies,
    I love what you are really doing. You inspire me always. I am from Nigeria and I always refer my friends and colleagues to subscribe to ur channel whenever they ask me to help them with any skin problem. I am also a beginner in this journey to a flawless skin.please which products can i start off with because am battling with hyper pigmentation,PIH, rashes and uneven facial skin tone. Thank you so much as I anticipate for your response

  • I mean Ok

    I feel like this was the only thing missing from your channel. I hate to compare channels but mixed makeup and a couple other channels do this thing where they try out different facials and I’d love to see you guys do that too give us all that info before we try it out for ourselves.

  • Candy Coco Kemp

    Supple Skin Co Dew Drops 🙌 The most life changing all in one serum for acne prone skin. Ps love love your vids girls 😍

  • Matthew Streacker

    Yall should make a video that specifically targets how to manage ph depending on your skin type. This means possible routines you could cover for someone who wants balanced ph with oily skin, combination, or dry skin.

    I have Combination skin that doesn’t seem to lean one way or the other as it is very oily in the tzone, and dry on the edges which is seeming to get better as I moisturize. I mainly would like to know how to maintain my facial ph so it isnt as irritated or dry from having the wrong ph.

    Thank you so much for all of your info! I’m only about a week in on using new products and my face is already brighter and clearer! I just need to fix my skin texture and adjust my products here and there so my ph isn’t as off as it seems to be after i do my routine

  • heyitsrosie

    I really loved the animation in this haha I've got a few facials when I had major breakouts but my extractions were mostly on the forehead but oh God the few ones in the chin hurt like hell!

  • Rowana Mohamed

    Can you guys do a video on diy extraction for at home facials? I see all of these little skincare extraction tools, but i have no idea how to use them properly!!

  • Lucas Pedroso

    I have an oily t zone, normal u zone, and dry patches around my mouth! What products should I use? Especially what moisturizer?

  • Rosa R

    I have tried 2 serums and they both kind of help with hyperpigmentation and blemishes but they break me out . They were Kiehl’s and the ordinary.is there any other serum you would recommend?

  • itsray yy

    I just want to share my experience,because i have worse breakours worse than her n its getting better now.A lot of doctors say dont pop your pimple or blackheads just dont POP because it makes your pore bigger n u will get pimple again n again n again

  • toma datchi

    I think PMD device would really help to clear white/black heads and decongest the skin pores
    And daily aha bha peels are so good

  • Joke Van Den Broeck

    hey girls! everyone says that you shouldnt pic pimpels but she did that sort of hahah, so should you let it do regulary or is it okay if you dont do so? Your tips and videos are really learning me a lot and helping me out! thank you so much

  • Jill Therese

    Oooh I love this. I used to be petrified of getting facials when I had acne, so this is so good to see/learn about! <3

  • Jenny Lee

    Felicia:”I started to scab but not in a scaby way.”
    Me: nods because Felicia is a skin care expert and I shouldn’t question her

  • Thien-Kim Quach

    I think the reason why the 10 step skincare routine is popular is because it kind of replicates facials for the regular people and on a daily use. The extraction part is next level though 😵

  • LaMarge

    Yo wth I love both of you. I wish I had a friend to do skincare with me or really anything in general. I love watching you guys cause you guys have so much info and you guys seem so nice. Much love <3

  • Helena x

    how are we not allowed to pop pimples, but they do it at facials? i dont understand the logic, also doesn't popping the acne harm your skin?

  • Helena x

    may i ask why can tea tree oil be used on acne prone skin, when the skin is oily its self? won't tea tree oil clog the pores?

  • mdpeach

    What products did she put on your face before you left? Also, what products did she recommend for your normal regimen?

  • Lintang Cahyaningsih

    This kind of natural-based aesthetic centers with similar treatments are basically everywhere and quite cheap in Indonesia 😬😬😬

  • HaPe Daegling

    Hello there, I want to know if Fopobiacne Secrets, will really work for me? I see lots of people keep on talking about this popular natural acne remedy.

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