Virgin Hair Care Tips for Unprocessed Full Cuticle Human Hair

Hi friend, – I trust many suppliers they tell you
that the hair never tangles and doesn’t shed and even that you don’t need
to do any hair care and you can still be fresh but to be honest it is impossible
you can see this is my own hair you can see it is dry because I haven’t washed
my hair for about five days and my hair even gets tangled. So today we are here to talk about how to do the hair care and for this hair care it is only for Virgin hair because if the hair is virgin hair then no matter how you do
the hair care it still never break but our hair is full cuticle virgin hair so if
you wash the hair and do the hair care often then you will get better and
better alike my hair so firstly we need to choose the right tool first here is a comb it is a Y2 comb and this is a brush if you want to make your hair
last longer than choose this one the Y2 comb because the brush will
hurt the hair and also mess up the texture when we comb the hair we need to comb the bottom first and then from the middle to the bottom
before that please make sure the bottom is open and then from the top to the
bottom and for the curly hair please don’t use any comb just use the hair
conditioner spray some hair conditioner and then comb the hair.. and then grab the hair from the bottom to the top and for the Body Wave when you wash the hair make
sure the water is not over 45 degrees celcius and when you wash.. after you wash the hair you should dry the hair-end first because if here
is heavy it will straighten the texture also and for here is for full cuticle virgin
hair so is better to wash our hair for about two to three times a week and
with warm water is better and after washing the hair you can use the other hair
conditioner on your hair and then wash again you can do this two to three times
a week and after after that you just need to dry them as normal and if
if your hair is dry you just need to do a deep hair conditioner for
once a week then you would get fresh so we hope your hair last longer but you
need to take good care of the hair too if you take good care of the hair that
hair will be good to you too. Thank you

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