• ohhiya lee

    i understand, i was 14 when i was diagnosed with the worst stage of melanoma. My 15 year old cousin and i had the same mole we called it our twin moles. well she went to a dr. and he said to get that tested, and it was cancer, and i got tested and i had cancer. but mine was worse cause it had spread, and it spread in to my blood stream. i was diagnosed 2 weeks late with i was diagnosed 2 weeks later with lukemia

  • snow

    haha i wish that mom was MY mom my mom wont even take me to the doctor and I have been begging her for a week now cuz one of my moles have changed yet she hasn’t even budged today she might cuz I had it checked out bu my school nurse and she said I should get it checkedout just in case cuz she is not sure if it is bad or not and I told my dad about what the school nurse said and he said that hes gonna tell my mom to take me to my doctor soon so I hope its not cancer

  • PastelPentagram1130

    I have a worrisome mole on my chest as well as a dry and crusty mole on my ear that I’m worried is advanced skin cancer. And I also have a worrisome mole on my shoulder but I’m less worried about that… I litterally this Im gonna die

  • ou1z

    Im so scared right now, i dont know what to do i have this little bump on my stomach and its like purple and red. And when i touch it, it hurts.

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