TRY THIS TRICK to hydrate your skin!  GRWM FAST!! Dry SKIN FIX!! Winter SKINCARE Routine!
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TRY THIS TRICK to hydrate your skin! GRWM FAST!! Dry SKIN FIX!! Winter SKINCARE Routine!

So today i have for you a super super quick get ready, with me my Main thing that i want you to get from this get ready with me is a simple trick that i’ve just recently incorporated To, help with, my dry skin due to my retin-a and my Skincare it’s something that i have incorporated in my morning and my night routine and i’m absolutely loving it I thought i’d take you, along with, me while i put myself together After a trip to the gym though if you’re interested in a quick quick get ready with, me then just keep on watching Ok, so i just got home from the gym, and i’m clearly a Mess i am super sweaty but i don’t have, time today to wash my hair do all that so what i actually, do and hopefully this doesn’t gross anybody out but i Go, in with my Trusty hair dryer and i dry? All the sweat ladies i try all the sweat and then if my hair, and the dry shampoo Which today it doesn’t really because, not super, oily then i’ll, do that so i let my hair continue to dry If i’m crazy sweaty because i go to orange teri and if any of you have ever been torch theory then You know you do a little Sweating i’m gonna have a couple tricks that i’ve incorporated Recently, for my kind of dry retin-a skin so let’s get into it pure hyaluronic Acid now i have this there’s lots of brands that are wonderful ironic acid i’ll list, some down below That are both drugstore and high-end so you have Some choices i just happen to have access to just plain old medium weight higher logic Acid this is the key right now i am doing this both morning. And night now i’ve just incorporated this before my Whole routine at night and i do it just after i wash or just after i wash and clear ista then i do this The trick with, hyaluronic acid you guys is if you, want to Put it on wet skin So the reason, why i dried before and i just didn’t put straight on? It’s in the morning i dry, my skin and i check it for flakes, and that kind of stuff and that’s how I determine whether or not i’m going to use my clery stuff i have some flakes That’s when i would go in with my clear you said i did it today and so i read wet My, face and then i basically take i put a nice dropper full with the higher, line i guess it on and that will Bind to that water? Hyaluronic, acid can Absorb like a thousand times its weight in water it draws water in and when you’re doing this What you’re doing is you’re really helping with trans epidermal water loss or tools keep that water in keep your skin supple keep your face Hydrated, and plump give it a drink of water if i just put the higher ilanic acid straight on my Face it would be okay but It wouldn’t do anything in there what it’ll do if you put it on damp to wet skin Because i’m going to go on with my obagi System so the next thing i’m going to put on is my. Clear then i’m gonna put on my x4 I’m going to move on to my moisturizer and sunscreen Okay, guys so that was my quick get ready with me i hope you enjoyed it and mostly i hope what you get from it is a higher ilanic acid i’m going to link down, below, some really great options, and Some from the drugstore and high end so you have, some choices See about incorporating hyaluronic acid into your skincare routine First after you cleanse before you move on with Your skincare routine to kind of help yourself with, that trans epidermal water loss And see if it really changes the dryness of your skin and helps you to Tolerate, your skin care better i hope this was helpful i hope that if you’re, new You’ll subscribe and i really really wish you guys a wonderful wonderful week


  • Dawn's Life, over 40

    Hi gorgeous! You could never be gross!! Yes! Orange Theory leaves me a sweaty mess. I love HA, but I can only use it mixed with other ingredients. I can’t use Pure. I tried Timeless Pure HA, and I included it in my disappointing products😳. Even on wet skin it makes me look parched. I’ve even tried drinking tons of water first to make sure I’m not dehydrated. If I use it mixed with other ingredients I have really great luck with it. I can’t figure it out. I wanted it to work. Thoughts?

  • Suzi Schwabe

    Thanks for the tip. Going to try it tonight. I usually use my BHA/AHA first and use hyaluronic last before moisturizer and oil. Thanks again!!

  • KathysBeautyCareChats

    Hellooooo my gorgeous!!! Lol!!!! Dry that sweat! I'm impressed yourebsweating that bad!! Yessss girl! Ok do you think I could use hyaluronic acid if I do it on wet skin??? It's dried me out in the past! Your eyes!!!! Beautiful!!! Let me know what you think about hyaluronic acid for me!! Love you you sweet gorgeous!! Xoxoxo!!!

  • Ranalynn’s Lifestyle & Beauty

    Good evening 🌆 girlfriend…no you don’t gross us out. Excellent tips for us. Your skin is so flawless girl. Your hair is also very healthy…stay fabulous…hugs and lots of Aloha 🌺

  • All That Beauty With Lori

    I actually have had my face wet and added some of my Matrixial 3000 on, and loved it felt it absorbed nice and at times I even added after I sprayed with my rose water, and did it right away. Loved this and totally would get the Hyloronic acid love that stuff!! Have a good week, love and blessings xoxo <3

  • Allison Chase

    OMG thank you!
    It's been crazy cold here in Montreal for the past few weeks. My skin is so red, dry and irritated. I need all of your magic tricks! lol
    Can I wet my face using toner before applying the Hyaluronic acid? Or is it better to just use water?

  • 50 is the new fabulous

    Gosh you're stunning even without a scrap of makeup! You're sweating? Where?? This was such excellent info, as always. I had no idea you could use hyaluronic acid as a stand-alone product – I've only ever seen it as an ingredient. This is really eye-opening to me. xxLisa

  • AnneP makeupandmore

    Hi Penn, wow this is such a great tip!! I just started using this 2 times a day but haven't seen big results. I'll apply it over a damp face, that makes so much sense! Thanks so much for sharing!!! Happy new year!

  • barbarac102

    They say to put water on your face on the Neutrogena directions. I was impressed but something caused my r.eye to run & my r.nostril. I want to try a dropper type or spray. I never had dry skin, but living in the desert was a huge mistake.

  • Laurie Latimer

    Great tips and recommendations Penn! I need to incorporate a full on HA into my skin care routine. TFS & Happy New Year! 🎉👍🏻🔥💖😉

  • FiftyPlusBeauty

    I also use Retin-a and I use the HA before the Retin-a. Great tip to apply it on wet skin. I am finding that using the Obagi Exfoderm in the AM helps with the peels too! XXOO 🎉🎉🎉

  • Deana Hendrickson

    Penn, I am wanting to buy the clearista from you. However I also need some help;
    I want a good hylauronic acid that isn’t high end. Feel like I don’t have to pay the high end price anymore after watching u. Is it about the same to use a less expensive hylauronic acid.
    Also, I need a better vitamin c. I have been using a lot of image products but I don’t think it’s enough; it’s in a tub not a bottle or something air can’t get into it everytime I use it. Can u recommend? For both of those?
    Then is clearista the only moisturizer I need?
    Also, niacinamide, when to use and what’s the best to buy?
    When to use all these things? And are all these the key things to be using?
    What about your favorite cleansers? And exfoliaters?
    I don’t have acne. I am 52. I have food skin. Have taken care of it.
    I use revision tinited moisturizer with high spf. Is that good or is there a spf with ingredients I need and then don’t do the revision?
    I really need help. U and a couple others on YouTube have told me more then my clinic where I pay a lot and do all my facial things there.
    Also, I learned a lot from u on dermal rolling. I have been doing it too much!
    I want to purchase the stamp or pen and do it once a month. Which one?
    I need to know the basic most enhancing products to use such as hylauronic acid and so forth and when and what order to use.
    I am very confused and need help. And I love that u can say spend more on this but u can spend less on this because it’s not going to make a difference to spend more. Please help. And if u can email me or I even talk to u when I order the clearista that would be helpful. I use a retinol right now but feel I should get a script. What do u think? If u message me back I will purchase from you. Please help. Deana

  • Deana Hendrickson

    Thank u Penn for going above and beyond for me! I sent u one more short message. But wanted to thank u for taking time and helping me. Meant a ton!!! U r awesome!

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