True Damage Ekko Special Interactions
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True Damage Ekko Special Interactions

oh man no she’s gonna hunt me down [Music] hey iCarly you ready for this you look like you got your mind right we should collide the a.m. kidiot song certified all killed what can I get some tickets metals not really my fame but you do you Keon avoid something special she ain’t drowning me out Senna really changed up her style not gonna lie bigger what’s that ticking gasps Sona I can use an upgrade [Music] yasuo made all of the classics I got a big crates to pass him move aside colleague pounder in the sort of game now that’s too bad gonna make a dope album yeah I wanted a reason for comeback now you got one pentakill only needed one kill to beat you [Music] you need time to hone your talent girl I can help with that the music was cool but your nose can use some work sorry Yasuo gotta beat the best to be the best I got no time for funerals you washed up get off my level you played yourself yo who got next sit down ah yelling right now shouldn’t have worked my way hey I’m the greatest of all time I told you I’m too clean what I turn is waste of words nah don’t get no chuckles for me got better watch out for my comeback in the back run it back been a minute since I took il The Prodigy is here let me get ears and let your fish disappear call me a scholar gifting a little cool don’t need dollars to make a miracle story of my life I got no rivals they all died I put my rival don’t worry you got the young and gifted on your side oh yeah start it up oh love rev it up don’t pray for me prefer my enemies that calls the name the crowds acclaim didn’t act the same I change the game my streets wearing no joke wait think I got beats this dope time is of the essence my rhymes teach lessons beyond adolescence my styles wild free my bars are divine decree my paws praise gave me mine I got no one inspired my mama raised me right I rather be myself and please anyone else tagging is an art and every piece I make I live the piece of my heart I wasn’t born a golden child but my music bout to change lifestyles to all their haters who bet against me now keep heading that don’t fan me I invent to create new horizons shopping the mines from iron and diamond mistakes come up ain’t no question I rather take risk and lose my expression most don’t get second chances I make the most out of my circumstances [Music] you


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