Tragic Details That Have Come Out About The Alaskan Bush People
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Tragic Details That Have Come Out About The Alaskan Bush People

They’ve supposedly lived off the land in one
of the roughest environments found in the U.S. But that’s nothing compared to the sheer number
of personal setbacks and health scares this wild clan of reality TV has endured. These are the tragic details that have come
out about the Alaskan Bush People. In April 2017, Ami was diagnosed with advanced
lung cancer, an ordeal that she described to People magazine as “so dark.” “I think what’s going on now is the most difficult
thing we’ve ever gone through because of who it’s happening to, because it’s Mom, and because
of what it is.” But after receiving radiation and chemotherapy
treatments, the matriarch learned in January 2018 that she was cancer-free, a miraculous
feat given that she only had a reported “three percent chance” of surviving the disease. Ami’s happiness was short-lived, however,
once rumors started circulating that she had made up the diagnosis. One person tweeted, in part, Another said, The backlash eventually became so intense
that Ami’s doctor released a statement confirming her medical records, telling People in March
2019, in part, In October 2018, representatives for Discovery
confirmed to Country Living that an upper respiratory infection landed patriarch Billy
Brown in the hospital. The reality star’s son, Bear Brown, also confirmed
the news in a since-deleted Instagram post, writing that his dad was “in really bad shape.” To make things worse, Ami Brown was either
battling cancer or still recovering from her cancer battle at the time of the incident. It’s likely Billy struggled to support Ami
as he dealt with his infection. Regarding her diagnosis, he told People, Luckily for Billy, he was able to overcome
the infection. In the midst of Ami’s battle with cancer,
she lost her mother in November 2018. The death was especially difficult for Ami
because at the time of the 85-year-old’s passing, the two were reportedly estranged from one
another. A supposed insider told Radar Online, It’s not clear what led to the pair’s estrangement,
but Ami’s brother told Radar Online that everything went downhill after Ami left the family’s
Texas home at age 15 to marry Billy, who was 11 years her senior. Matt Brown reportedly entered a rehab facility
three times in the span of three years, starting in spring 2016. He told People, Despite Matt’s best efforts, he ended up returning
to rehab in September 2018, a stint that supposedly lasted 30 days. Two months after his alleged departure, Matt
reportedly went back to rehab again in January 2019. An insider told Radar Online, Matt Brown has had his fair share of troubles
throughout the years, including a brush with death in May 2017. According to TMZ, he had decided to store
a mason jar with gunpowder and cannon fuse in his home refrigerator. The mason jar ended up exploding, subsequently
blowing the fridge door off. In the explosion, Matt suffered a serious
head injury that landed him in intensive care, and according to People, doctors had to use
nine staples to close his scalp. Matt later said the concoction was supposed
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  • lone wolf

    If u believe these people. Your crazy,😆 This show is fake as hell. They are rich. They don't live in the wilderness..They are lying, scamming degenerates. They and discovery channel are lying to u. Wake up folks! It's television.. U can't believe everything u see on tv. No wonder our country is in such a state. Half the people are just plain stupid and delusional. Lol I guess the tooth fairy is real also 😆. And please stop saying God bless u, to these morons. There Fake! Fake! Fake!

  • Beantown Kid

    living on the mountain now? all of them wearing costumes? tons of jewelry? amy looks like a 20's flapper, none have proper winter clothes. i live in the rockies and i can tell you its all fake. its just a reality show illusion

  • Heinz Ruedi

    Why do they call themselves Alaskan? They’ve never been Alaskan, but we’re kicked out of Alaska for Income tax evasion and for receiving the Alaska Permanent Dividend Fund illegally. They are criminals and spend time in Alaska jails! Look it up, to convince yourself.

  • Margarita AVILA

    I love the unity of this family!! Working together all the time. Trying to make money with the deliveries on the boat. The beautiful scenery of Alaska made me plan a trip to see it in person.

  • Sue Harmon

    Ok, behind on shows some. But baby horse ? And you never seen a horse before? Give me a break kiddo. Call an animal by what it is. Baby horse. Ypu know damn well what it's called. Y'll aren't that sheltered. Y'll live like all of us. There are a lot of people who has lost their homes by hurricane. Why not help them out with a place to live. Help those who's lives been displaced

  • Rigel Moon

    Can't understand the lack of intelligence regarding the fans of this show….it's moronic, the cast are creepy, and worst of all it's fecking boring….I remember the only episode I've watched was when Christmas Rain Tree went to the dentist when she was 8 or 9…and, I felt so sorry for what her family was gonna put her through in future episodes….if there were any…leave it up to the producers to sell this garbage to the intellectually challenged of the U.S.  I'll stick with the Smithsonian and Science channels where real quality shows are.

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