There are many fan-made champion skins for
League of Legends, but apart from those, there are also some skins made for Summoner’s Rift
and the other maps too, like winter skins before the official new one was released. Hello guys it’s Remus here and in this video
we are taking a look at 5 of my favorite ones in no particular order. You can try most of them yourself from,
they shouldn’t be bannable since you are not getting an advantage by using them. The RP giveaway is still up, so like the video,
comment below, be subscribed, give me your soul and join using the gleam link! First, the Night Rift! A really nice looking map, showing how the
rift would look like if there were day and night cycles in League like there are in Dota
2 or Warcraft, I like this one, it’s a very relaxing map and may be easier to the eye
and best played on at night. You can download it and use it yourself but
be cautions because I’m not sure if you can or cannot safely use them at this time. Before we continue, a short message from Haste. Haste is a program made to reduce your lag
in League of Legends and Overwatch, for now it’s only available on the NA servers, even
if I’m from EU, but I’ve tried it there and seen it working for other people as well,
you can sign up for free using my reflink to help me out and give it a shot. Piltover Rift is at number 4, and even if
this one was just a concept, it was never made into a full map skin, I think this one
is my favorite, we only have a glimpse of how the map would look like and a few structures,
but I think it would be really awesome as a complete map. It would be great if riot did more full map
skins for SR, and maybe leave them there permanently and you could choose one or they cycle from
one game to another, and you would have an option to turn them off. Imagine a full void-map, or a noxus one, or
bilgewater like we had the one for ARAM, but kept permanent for SR and you get a random
one each game, I would like that, not only those small event little changes on maps. Next we have the fallen rift, the download
link was broken so I couldn’t check it out myself so we are taking a look at their video,
but I like the design, there are 2 sides of the map, one red, the other blue, the structes
and background are as well modified, and the map creates a really interesting feeling,
maybe similar to the original dota map, one side evil the other good, though the whole
map looks pretty evil, so maybe it’s actually bad vs evil. At number 2 there is the Mystic rift, a really
colorful and nicely contrasted map, the thing I like the most about this one is the lightning
of the map, even if the textures look a bit odd to the eye, it’s a nice concept, similar
to the night map but with more lights and color contrast around it. And finally, the last one for this video,
a newer one, shadow isles rift, adding a more green tone to it, making it look a bit spooky,
and really giving a shadow-isles like feeling to the map. Reminds me a bit of the old halloween map
from many years ago, even if that was more orange oriented, I would like to see another
halloween official map from Riot this year! And that’s it for fan-made summoner’s rift
maps, let me know which one is your favorite from those, or if you like another one that
I didn’t show in this video more, you can try them as well using wooxy, they claim you
can’t get banned and it makes sense since it gives you no advantage, but use at your
own risk, check out haste, join the giveaway, give me your soul and thanks for watching, and
I’ll see you soon, bye bye!

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