Things Not To Say To Someone With Acne
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Things Not To Say To Someone With Acne

“You should drink more water.”
“Is it contagious?” “Hi, do you have a sexual infection on your
face?” “Oh, I want to pop that.” “My skin is bad at the moment too.”
Really? You guys say you’ve got spots. Check this
out. The worst thing for me personally is it’s
on the side. When this shot was taken I just closed the
curtains, avoided any reflective surfaces. I was self conscious, not even make up would
cover it up. So that one black head that you have is in
every single pore on my forehead. What do you think? Okay wow.
“Oh I just want to pop them?” So do I.
All my friends, “I would love to pick your spot.” What kind of weird fetish do you
have? “Actually, you know what, let me just help
you with that.” No! You’ve had that?
Yeah. They eye certain spots! They eye certain spots!
Peripheral vision. Look away please. It’s not your…don’t even. You’re triggering
me. And you can just see them like…and then
they look away. They love those videos on social media.
I watch the videos on You Tube. Do you?
I adore them. People love it. I find it disgusting.
It’s not like you’d go up to someone and be like, “Oh I really want to wash your hair,
it’s really greasy.” I like the different variants as well. With
the black head, it takes a while of like teasing it and then it goes.
Do you not think I’m capable enough to pick my own spots? I don’t need someone to do it
for me. And then you get the mirror ones that splat.
There’s all different types. “I made the decision not to pop this this
morning, so you can’t not pop it now”. Which is your favourite?
Oh, that’s a tough choice. “Have you tried toothpaste?”
Oh. Toothpaste is not going fix acne, come on.
Have you actually tried it though? I have.
It’s like somebody being like, “Yeah, I put ketchup on a scab.”
I would just like to know where you got your dermatological degree from for you to be telling
me all this information. Bloggers.
They don’t realise that if you’ve got acne you would of tried everything.
It got to the point where, I like, Googled ‘How To Clear Acne’, like secret tricks or
whatever. All the old wives tales, everything.
Asked your mother. So I’d just be laying in bed, with like, lemon
and honey on my face and I’m like… Yeah all of ,like, the natural ways to do
it. I’m going to put my hands up here. Like, Haemorrhoid
cream. This one time I read in a magazine that if
you squirt perfume on your spots they’ll disappear. What’s that?
It’s like cream for your bottom, but apparently… What?!
Did that not burn your face? No, I just smelt so nice.
Nappy rash cream. Kind of a good one actually. I’d get like banana skin and just put it on
my face at night and just be like… Don’t try it guys.
Don’t try this at home. Great for the love life.
Could you imagine? “Eurgh, don’t pick it.”
I do not pick it. How can you leave it on your face?
Is it actually possible not to pick a bulging white head?
I’m itching my head, people think I’m picking it. I’ve got an itch.
And they’re like, “No, no,no, don’t pick your spots”.
People will be like “You have a spot?”, “Okay, thank you, thank you for acknowledging
that.” “Okay, pick it?” So I used to sit here like this, being like,”Don’t
move my hands, don’t move my hands.” Yeah it’s that thing where you try and, like,
sit on your hands. Even now my dad will hear me picking from
another room and be like, “Stop picking!” Run in and be like…
And trust me if you have something on there, you kind of want to touch it more.
They’ll be like this close. I’m like, “Can you move away please?”, and they’re looking
around. I’m like, “Can you see something on my face?”, “You have a spot”, “I
know I have a spot. I have acne!” If I have 20 spots on my face and I’m only
picking 1, What you need to do is be like, “Yeah I
know I have a spot”, and quickly be like “pow” and pop it in their face.
No I love a burger, leave me alone. “Wait a minute, are you sure, like with
your face. Are you sure you should be doing this?”
One burger’s going to be fine. “You shouldn’t eat dairy, you shouldn’t
drink fizzy drinks.” If my mum is telling me to stop eating sweets
or to stop eating junk food, like fair enough, she’s my mum but you’re not.
Yeah. Yeah,yeah yeah. When I cut out alcohol that was big change.
People just kind of assume that like, I deep fry my breakfast, my lunch and my dinner.
Every time I’d go out on the raz, I’d wake up, “On the raz”, and just be like covered.
Oh, it’s the worst. Yeah. If you were to literally have a burger every
single day then it would have a real impact on your…
I don’t think it’s your face you’d have to worry about, I think it’s your heart.
Pizza face. So they’d be like, “Your skin looks like
a pizza when you pull the cheese off.” I’ve had “dot-to-dot face”. That’s really
hurt me. Classic “dot-to-dot on your face”.
Yeah, no. “dot-to-dot” is a bit of a classic. “You’re disgusting. You need to get a face
transplant.” “Go and learn to photoshop your ugly face,
you spotty bitch.” “Why don’t you cover it up?”
I do. I try.
I find that really rude. I have actually used make up, when they’re
been bad, on 1 or 2 spots I maybe cover them up.
Oh, everyone has. As a guy, if your wear make up, if you wore
foundation, most schools, even on the street, just generally, people will just slaughter
you. Like I’m putting on like the wrong skin
tone, trying to cover it up, no blending. Yeah like no blending.
People can be just so judgemental because all they see online now is just perfection.
If you don’t like me because actually underneath some of my slap I’ve got a few spots, like
really? Like, why cover it up? I don’t need to cover
it up. “It’s not affecting you, it’s affecting me, so goodbye.”


  • Tracy Aung

    "what kind of weird fetish do u have?" 😂😂😂😭😭😭😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀💀 I'm deceased

    the guy in dark blue sweatshirt is hilarious 😂

  • Ryptoll

    I used to have really bad acne, but now I only get some 3-5 spots per day, which is really mild for me, so I'm not really complaining about it, knowing how much worse it used to be. However, that previous constant, years long outbreak actually scarred my skin pretty bad. Especially popping large blackheads left me with permanent dents. And then I also got ingrown hairs from my beard which also scarred pretty bad in a very similar looking way. So I've got dents and bumps all over my face, but especially jawline and cheeks. I'll never be able to get clear skin, I think. So, as I can't even hide it with makeup cause the skin is so very textured, I don't cover it at all and I'm not too self-conscious about it showing. I used to be, but now I rarely ever think about it. It's just my face. I'm very feminine however, so I do wear makeup… just not on my acne or its scars. Like I wear eyeliners and lipstick, but no concealer or foundation. The comments I hate getting the most is unsolicited advice.

  • May May

    Ugh when ever i wash my face it makes my acne 10 times worse. Washing just doesnt work for everyone. I use lemon juice to control mine.

  • Vintage Roses

    As someone who has struggled with acne for a WHILE, this video really made my day 🙂 honestly, most of the topics in this video were so true.. most of those comments come from people who’ve never had to worry about acne in their life..

  • Bethany Prahst

    All the things I’ve heard
    Random ass person: “Oh I have a perfect thing for you”
    Me: “does it have benzoyl Peroxide like 90% of things on the market?”
    Random ass person: “idk probably”
    Me: “well I’m allergic and I’m in actual hell when it’s on my face”

    Random ass person: “oh honey shouldn’t you be in class? Aren’t you a junior?”
    Me: “hon no I’m not skipping class I’m 21 and I’ve had acne since I was 8”

    Random ass person: “you know popping doesn’t make it better?”
    Me: “it does yes but it stops that infection happening at the moment”

    Random ass person: “oh you shouldn’t eat so much chocolate it’ll give you acne”
    Me: “Well Susan I did an experiment where I did that for 2 months and it didn’t do shit”

  • Charlotte Burnside

    It’s gotta be 80% genetics right? I am maybe the least healthy eater who basically never washed my face in HS spent tons of time outside sweating and never had a zit unless for some strange reason I decided to actually wash my face and throw off everything. Like “ooh, one of my step-sisters got a new face wash, I’m gonna try it” and literally have a full face breakout the next day. Full year just fine, wash once and it’s pimple city. (I finally found one that doesn’t break me out, I’m now 35, that took a while)

  • angelisoncrack

    How y’all gonna do a video about having acne when ain’t nobody in the video has acne??? I am confusion.

  • Kokkino

    If someone tried to reach out to pop something on my face, let me tell you; you'd either get bitten or I'll probably snarl at you. You'll think I'm a wolf in a human costume and run away, screaming.

  • Janina Dillow

    My mom and dad's faces' are covered in scars from their acne and now my brother's face is covered in acne, yet he doesn't pick it. He went to a dermatologist and is trying to cure it. No one says anything to him. He is going to high school. So far, he has not gotten bullied to my knowledge but I showed up to school with a small breakout on my forehead and this girl comes up like "You've been breaking out, huh?" She's the girl who is popular but conceded. My brother has gotten off easy if you guys got bullied for less than my family has had even before they hit their teens.

  • sam alberino

    I have acne prone skin so I have tried everything zit creams, face washes, face masks, witch hazel, etc for my bad acne… I found that witch hazel works best for me… I put this witch hazel facial spray on my face three times a day sometimes four and when I have the acne flare ups it’s usually because I forget to spray it on one maybe two days or if my skin gets too oily or I forget to take off my makeup after a long day or if I don’t take a shower right after I go to the gym, so the flare ups get really bad… the company for the witch hazel that I use is THAYERS Natural Remedies… they’ve been around since 1847… Aloe Vera formula alcohol free facial spray and they come in different scents for example cucumber or lavender… I went to a dermatologist because of my bad acne and she gave me this medicated acne treatment cream for it and it did nothing so I tried all these different creams cleansers face masks face washes etc and nothing seemed to work until I tried the Aloe Vera witch hazel facial spray and it did wonders for my acne… so I use it every day

  • Unoriginal_Name

    My acne is worse than all of the people in this video but checking out r/skincareaddiction is a very good resource on skincare. After fixing up my diet, taking vitamins, and getting a decent cleanser + skincare routine my acne is slowly clearing up.

    There is no 'cure all' for acne, everyone has different skin and different things causing their acne, but there are things that are proven to be good for skin and researching them instead of testing out so many different products is helpful in the long run.

  • Vive Les Histoires

    I’m lucky enough to live in an environnement where about 50% of people have acne and no one wears makeup!

    What do you mean middleschool?

  • Ymisi

    I have acne, I don't wear makeup because I literally don't give a damn. I'm happy with how I look and joke about my own face a lot lmao

  • Matt Boselli

    Someone that did have acne I feel for these guys people need to be stopped being rude and understand it's not people's fault if the chemistry is the makeup of the human being but it's just oil coming from the surface and it forms a black or white head of a pimple and then becomes asked me and whatnot soap for people to be really mean about it screw them

  • Pastel Army 29

    One time my friend said “ oof your starting to get backne!” All I was thinking about was “do u think I haven’t noticed!” Obviously I couldn’t say that since she was my friend, but I literally could’ve snapped right then and there

  • Jem Jem

    I know my acne was bad when I look at these people’s skin and think ‘ah that looks like a good skin day’ 😅

  • Norva Pierre-Louis

    I have a bad problem with acne and it's rlly annoying, mines all up on the forehead and chin and under my eyes. My sister's make fun of it, my friends make fun of it, and random ppl ask abt it. Like I'm so over it. Ppl can have acne not everyone has perfect skin. Ppl constantly have the need to ask me what happened or how oily my skin is. And yes, I take showers A LOT and wash my face regularly, not much helps. I just honestly give up and the ppl who insult me for it just like I'm sorry I have acne but I can't rlly change for u so leave me alone. Don't have my skin? Please don't comment on it.

  • Kate Ski

    These are ridiculous these people are so triggered over anything next one will be things not to say to snowflakes

  • Hannah Lindsey

    Legit solution –
    I had terrible acne all on my left cheek and eating less meat cleared it all up. Diet really does help. I still have acne but now I can touch my face without feeling a spot.

  • Libby Jaschinski

    I am so so so happy that my acne like completely went away as soon as I cut out dairy, but you can see these scars literally everywhere on my body and it makes me so self conscious… like, on my shoulders I have these normal lighter scars as small dots in tons and on my face there are just red marks. I always look like a piece if ground beef on pictures.

  • Steve Matos

    Self love and a positive self image, literally the best acne medication. Trust me, I had acne most of my life. I have tried over the counter meds, holistic approaches and nothing works as well as loving myself for who I am.

  • choceechup

    People who constantly harp on about your skin, saying insensitive things are usually insecure shallow lil bstards and not real friends, it takes self belief and courage to go out, socialise, work, college stuff them all and get out there and show the world wotvelse ya got! 😍👍😁🦋

  • Sammy Arvizu

    One girl in my home room had the audacity to say “you have a third eye” because I had a pimple between my eyebrows
    She wasn’t mean and I’m pretty sure she didn’t mean it to be but i made me even more self conscious

  • Annonymous Person

    “Just wear makeup”
    “I sometimes get spots, I know the struggle”
    “Eat healthier”
    “Try doing this”
    “Cover it up”

    and my least fave

    “I can play dot to dot on your face”

  • Doodle Dog

    Ive had people stare at me, I have scabs on my forehead from popped ones, and they stare at me, so I dont like meeting people and going outside

  • Eli :p

    I hate when we're in a pe class at school and the teacher or a classmate mentions that acne is caused from diet. First of all that can be one contributer but for me (someone who has really bad acne) that is not the reason. Pimples and blackheads normally are hormonal, from your environment etc. In my experience when I'm in a stuffy hot room even if I wash my face I still get more acne. It's not from diet, a super healthy active person can have tons of acne while an unhealthy obese one can have none. Food is not normally the cause of acne

  • Anya's life

    I have acne and it is TERRIBLE all of my chin is red with bumps and my temples(sides of my face) and around my moth and my forehead. I have had acne for 4 years now and the most common phrase is
    YoU’ vE gOt A sPoT oN yOuR fAce
    Like I know because wouldn’t you think I have a mirror in my house and I have to apply treatment. Another one is
    I hAvE aCnE
    When the have the tiniest pimple on their head which is not acne.

  • Em Y

    I have acne but I am still quite young then so it won’t get better soon so this vid is actually so true like please don’t ask to pop them or any others.

  • Charlotte Rose

    My friends are always like ‘oh you have a spot’ yes I think I know that! And ‘my skin is so bad too’ there is literally no spots on their face 😂🙄

  • Em Y

    I once had a boy who said he like me then what did this genius do the next day he was on the bus near me then he walks over and asks to pop a spot on the bus I was like whwhhwhhwhwatt stttttoppppp I did go out with him lol I meant i DIDNOT

  • Em Y

    Saying just pop the spots to get rid of them to someone with acne is like saying to someone with a broken leg to walk it off

  • lazy talkative

    I don't have much problem with face acne , but my body is covered with them . I remember being in a public swimming pool and a lady asked me if that was contagious . Like what's wrong with you people ?!?!
    I regret that I didn't tell her "Yup it's highly contagious and it's going to kill you ."

  • Advventures with Life

    My friend who is not my friend anymore usually always said in free time "when will you get rid of that" so annoying and rude

  • ColeSprouse-isF-ingHot

    My mums a hairdresser and I totally would look at someone with greasy hair and really want them I wash it or look at someone with bad haircut and judge their chose of hair salon. Haha 😂

  • Emily Bell

    I don’t even have acne and I absolutely hate when someone looks at me and says u have a spot like. Like I KNOW I DO OWN A MIRROR

  • Sarah Anderson

    These people have like absolutely no acne, if they want to see someone with acne they should get me on this channel.😂

  • t.olofsson

    People with clear skin tell me to “cover it up” but like, they have no idea that often makes it worse. I just think people with clear skin and no facts about acne etc should just shut their mouths.

  • I'm Jayelee I Wish I Were A Billionare

    as a teenager I tried every lotion,cleanser,toner,soap,you name it, I tried it. I wore makeup everyday to try to hide them. I ended up throwing all that crap out. I bought FRAGRANCE FREE baby wipes, and in between using them to cleanse my face I would exfoliate with a soft flannel and water. IT WORKED….!!! and I still to this day use that same routine. the baby wipes remove all my makeup(including mascara) and you can be gentle, u don't have to scrub hard. my teenage son is on meds from the doctor for his skin, and uses Azclear, which we get from the pharmacy. when he's too tired to wash his face in the bathroom, he uses the baby wipes. when he picks his zits, he goes over the picked area with alcohol swabs, that u can get from the chemist. I thought id NEVER have clear skin, but believe me, it will get better. may God bless you all, and I wish I could give every one of u people a hug.

  • Jeon Wonwoop woop

    acne was one of my biggest insecurities and im so glad i found a good treatment, although i still got a lot of scars from being the dumb teenager i was

  • Nicola Armstrong

    They don't necessarily have acne they just have spots every now and then because right now they have clearer skin, as a person with acne it's always on my face everywhere and my skin never clears and I know plenty of people who have to take pills for acne.
    They have spots not acne :/

  • Mika Qupcake

    My acne used to be twice as bad as theirs but luckily i went to a good dermatologist, that gave me good prescriptions. I used to have my whole cheeks and my chin cowered in red spots, but now I can actually see the colour of my skin! So an advice from me: dont wait for a miracle, dont look for solutions on the internet. Just go to a dermatologist so u can REALLY solve it

  • megan watkins

    I’ve had the ‘dot to dot face’ before and had someone go right in my face and draw imaginary lines between all the spots on my face. I cried so bad that night.

  • Red_Queen_of_Shadow-Hunters And_Crows

    I find the idea of popping someone else's pimple disgusting.
    You're not supposed to pop them in the first place cause that could just aggravate them.

  • Hayley Hansen

    I had someone say to me “you’ll grow out of it”, but I’m 25 & look younger than my age. My reply was, “well let’s hope I grow out of it by the time I’m 30.”

  • fleurhoons

    im not even hesitating when i say i don't relate to most of these apart from being asked if it's contagious. i get bullied for having acne and it makes me insecure.

  • Hunterjw Wej

    Hell is other people. A lady at my job last night said to me that my skin looked bad. I stared at her and ignored her for the whole night. I would never say that to someone. I hate most people.

  • Carmen JC

    Wow people are so rude with acne! I'm glad people never judged me for having acne (instead, a hated my face because of the acne, so it was almost like the same felling… But now I'm okay ☺️)

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