The Two Worst Acne Foods & the Best Food for Acne
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The Two Worst Acne Foods & the Best Food for Acne

– Hey, everyone, what is up? Welcome to an acne update. This is a video that I’ve
really been wanting to put out, basically the things that I’ve found that have helped me get rid of my acne and that things that I’ve found have helped me keep away my acne. But before I do that, guys, I do have a small, small
request, a small favor. My best friend in the world
since I was four years old, man, he is in a contest right now, and all I need you to do is
click the link right below. It’s GigTown is what it’s called. It’s like a jingle contest. He wrote a little song
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my best, best babushka ever. Please do it. Thank you so, so, so much. Okay, let’s talk acne. Now, what’s the number one cause that I’ve found for my acne? Food. Absolutely, unequivocally, 100% food. Now, a real quick, brief summary of who I am and what I’ve come from so you can understand my acne struggles. I’ve had acne since I was 15 years old, and it got progressively worse over the three years of me bulking from when I started lifting at 15 until I got to about 18 or 19. I was eating so many calories
’cause I was trying to grow. I was trying to become a huge bodybuilder, so I ended up bulking
on about four and 1/2 to 6,000 calories every single day, of which about 1,000 and 1/2 would come from milk every single day. Every single day I was
eating dairy and cheese and I was having all this milk. I was having so many whey protein bars and whey protein supplements, basically all this stuff
that was derived from dairy. And I got really bad cysts. I had minimum four cysts
on my face at any time. And you guys probably can relate to this if you had cystic acne. I could count how many. I would always know that
there was at least four, and I could find ’em for you, and I’d be like, look, any day, come up to me and I can
show you these four. So I’ve had acne really
bad my whole entire basically adult life. And I took Accutane for
about a year-long period, a little over a year-long
period, about 70 weeks. Starting about a year and a half ago, I’ve been off of Accutane
now for two months straight. So for the last two months I’ve been really, really
meticulously trying to decide what foods do and do not cause me to have acne and breakouts. That way I can continue to be
clear, or relatively clear. I realize I’m not 100% clear,
but I can be relatively clear even after being off of Accutane and seeing the effects
maybe wear off a bit. I can hopefully clean it up with food, and these are the things that I’ve discovered have helped me. So here are two types of
food that have caused me acne and one type of food that
has actually helped me kind of clear up, I think. Now, number one, you probably
already guessed this, but dairy of any type. Now, I’m not talking just drinking milk. I’m talking milk, cheese,
any sort of whey protein bar, whey flavoring in your chips sometimes, like sour cream and
onion chips are flavored with whey protein powder. Any sort of supplement that uses whey as its source of protein,
and I’m talking any bar ever, any shake ever, any mass gainer ever. They all use whey protein
isolate, concentrate, or they’ll use milk protein,
or they’ll use casein. All of those proteins
are derived from dairy. And for people like me, that causes me to break out really hard. That’s unequivocally,
100% the truth for me. Now, it’s not necessarily
true for everyone. Some people can drink
as milk as they want, they can have as much dairy as they want, and they won’t break out a little bit. But you have to experiment with yourself to see what does and
does not work for you. And for me personally,
dairy within one day, literally 24-hour period,
I’ll have a breakout. And whether it’s bigger or not now, it’s a lot smaller breakouts,
but I will break out. And back in the day, I was just
forcing that down my gullet, and I hadn’t put together
two and two and thought, oh, wow, all this dairy and milk that I’m eating is
causing me to break out. Maybe I should stop doing that. So maybe you should try that. And the second food that caused me to break out,
(chickens cluck) and this one I’ve tested so many times. You can hear my chickens
clucking in the background. But I’ve done this so many times. I’ve tested this so many times, and it pretty much never fails
to cause me to break out, eating processed food. And what I mean by that processed food, I mean, that’s not just
like a Larabar or something that has a bunch of berries
and nuts smashed together. What I’m talking about is if I eat chips, if I eat some chips with a
bunch of flavoring on it, and then I go have a cup
of chicken noodle soup and it’s all dried and sodiumy
and it’s been processed. There’s probably like 25
different ingredients. Any time there’s anything
that has over, I don’t know, like seven ingredients and those ingredients
are crazy long to read and you can tell that some
of them are sodium benzoate and these preservatives and stuff. Any time there’s things like that, anything that’s inside of a
wrapper that crinkles and stuff, things like that, Pop-Tarts
and stuff like that, that breaks me out so hard. So just to make it simple,
milk and dairy products, and then stuff that’s madly
processed and comes in wrappers. So that is two types of food
that cause me to break out. These actually make acne pop up, make whiteheads pop up for me. Now, here’s a type of food that has helped me prevent
acne from popping up, has helped me kind of clear
up and stay relatively clear while I’ve been off of Accutane, and it is as simple as this, and I know a lot of you guys
are gonna hate me for this, eating vegetables. And it gets a little bit more
complicated than just that. But a lot of you guys
have seen me eating vegan. Now, I wouldn’t attribute my being clear, relatively clear, come
on, let’s be honest here. I’m not 100%. I’m not Maybelline or nothing like that, but I’m so much clearer than I used to be. It’s not necessarily me eating
vegan and not eating meats and not eating eggs and stuff like that. Instead, I think it’s more
so to do with the fact that I’m overloading on vegetables. Now, back in the day, my regular diet, I would be eating maybe
one to three servings of vegetables a day, something like that, usually about three servings, two to three, something like that. Now I’m getting probably
about eight to 12, sometimes even more servings
of vegetables a day. And I usually have some in the morning, and then I have just a ton, you guys have seen my
stir-fries, at night. And these vegetables, I believe,
are helping me massively. One, because I’m taking out
all those bad foods and stuff, so my intestines, if there’s
anything called a leaky gut, if that’s a real thing, then my gut, my intestines are able
to start recuperating. But then also instead
of giving them things to toil with them, to
give them tasks, right, instead of forcing more
badness into my intestines while it’s trying to recoup,
I’m giving it all this love. I’m giving it just fluffy, fiber-rich, micronutrient-rich and dense vegetables that are really good for you. And I know how obvious
that seems for some of you, but for other people it
doesn’t even cross your mind. For me, I knew that I
should be eating vegetables. I didn’t attribute that
necessarily to my acne. I was just like, oh, that’s
something that you do so that you don’t die one day and you don’t have hypertension
and you don’t get diabetes. It’s a general good thing for your body. But I did not realize that
after having this overdosage of vegetables every day,
eight to 12 servings, I feel a lot better, but
my face is so much clearer. I have people constantly
coming up and saying, “Your face is looking so clear. “It’s looking creamy,” or
“It’s looking glowing.” And that didn’t happen before when I was just on Accutane
and my face was clearing up. That has recently just happened
in the last about two months while I’ve been eating so many vegetables. And that’s what I attribute it to: eating a lot of vegetables. Now, you can eat whatever
vegetables you want, but I prefer broccoli,
green beans of some sort, some snow peas or sugar peas,
those are great for stir-fry, some carrots, that’s what I’m doing, lots of bean sprouts, lots of cauliflower, and, yeah, those are
generally the ones I have. It’s a little bit of spinach and stuff. But those six go into my
stir-fries over and over and over. I have a stir-fry probably
about five or six times a week, so I believe the vegetables
are really helping me break out a lot less. So if you’re suffering
from acne right now, and maybe you’re debating,
what should I do for my acne? Should I get on Accutane? Should I try this medicine, that medicine? Maybe just try, before
you do any of that stuff, experimenting with your diet. And that’s anything. You can do one step. You don’t have to do all three of those things I was telling you about. You don’t have to take 12 servings of vegetables in right from the start. But maybe just trying using a
little bit less milk products and dairy and a little bit less whey, and then take it all the way out and see if your face is cleared up. And then try drinking
a little bit more water and getting some more vegetables in and see if that helps you clear up. Anything that’s helping you
clear up or stay more clear, just start moving that into your life. Change that into your lifestyle. And very easily, you
just go by steps, right? You start just living your life that way. Like right now I couldn’t care less that I don’t drink dairy or have whey. I mean, it was awesome, and it’s very convenient when you can, but I don’t even have to think about it. I’m just like, oh, yeah,
just don’t get stuff with whey in it. It’s not that big of a deal. Anyways, guys, I hope you do try this out, and I would love to hear
what you guys have to say about what foods and what things that you guys have seen help you clear up and what you think about this if you do try all the three things that I’ve been telling
you about in this video. I love you guys, thank you
for checking out the video. If you did enjoy it, give a thumbs up. Let me know what you thought
in the comments below, and subscribe if you’re
not subscribed already. I’ll see you guys very soon. C. T.? – Lift heavy or die ‘mirin’,
motherfucker. (growls). (slick music)


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    My four biggest tips for people who want to make change in their acne are to
    1) REMOVE DAIRY 100% (not even a little tiny slip up)
    2) Eat 8-16 servings of dark green cruciferous veggies
    3) Drink more water (1-2 gallons a day)
    4) Balance your gut flora by ingesting some form of probiotics.

    What protein can I use?
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  • Noface Noname

    Im bulking rn and i got acne on my face and i fucking hate that and the worst thing is im not even eating milk products or any sugar products and still got that shit

  • Elizabeth Bosworth

    My skin didn’t improve at all when I went vegan for 6 months 🙁 I also didn’t wear makeup at all for 2 weeks and there was no improvement whatsoever. I stick to a good skin care routine, exfoliate, use toner, oil free moisturiser and drink 8 cups of water a day… no difference whatsoever. I’m also on the implant, used to be on the pill and being on or off birth control also made no improvement. I tried using just water, that didn’t work either. I’ve just given up. Could say it’s my age but I’ve had acne since I was 14 and I’m nearly 21 now and everyone else around me my age have clear skin now and they eat junk food and wear makeup everyday! It’s so frustrating 😩🙄

  • Shane O'Neil

    What I think really helped me with my skin was taking cold showers. Not just turning the water cold at the end, but actually sucking it up and leaving it cold the whole time. Of course this isn’t going to help everyone but I thought I might share incase it helps someone.

  • Yuu Otosaka

    I get acne every time ,i drink a sip of milk ir just eat just a lil bit cheese, u can say im lactose intolerant ,even if im not i act like i am , definitely helped me clear up

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