The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest – Episode 2
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The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest – Episode 2

Ty: Welcome to the Truth about Cancer: A Global
Quest. I’m so thankful that you’ve tuned in
to the show. Just in case you missed the last show, here’s
a recap for you. Ty: Here’s a summary of what you’ve come
to understand during this episode. You’ve seen
the heartbreaking truth behind why cancer is so rapidly spreading. And why the false
cures have been perpetuated. I hope this side of the history equation helps
you understand the foundation of why things are
the way they are. You’ve seen the shocking decisions concerning
the Nuremburg Trials, where the vilest of crimes were praised, and that evil intent
opened a floodgate of deception that led to the creation of a system that sought not to eradicate disease, but rather amplify it through
disseminating false solutions for the sake of perpetual monetary gain. You’ve seen the doctors who, rather than
being praised or awarded for their heroic deeds in healing their patients, have been
persecuted, slandered, threatened, and, in some cases, have even had their patient records
destroyed, their practice shut down, they’ve been imprisoned, even run out of
a country, and have had their families undergo harassment and heartache for their loyalty
to the cause. You’ve seen the children that
have been forced to chemotherapy against their wishes and their parents wishes,
regardless of their level of expertise or the effectiveness of their desired natural,
proven protocol. You’ve seen the proof that corruption, greed, coercion, deception, and fear have been tools employed to create a system that leaves
people confused and afraid, rather than empowered. The great news today is that we have won the
battle in your life as you have discovered the truth. And as it’s said, “The truth will set
you free.” I’m so happy that
you’ve experienced this and that through you, your loved ones too will know the truth
about cancer. I know you felt the hope and courage in the
stories of the survivors that have recovered taking a natural approach, achieving feats
unheard of by conventional methods of treatment. Isn’t it wonderful to see real life proof? It warms my heart to see lives restored. I hope that you’ve enjoyed learning these
things. And while they may be difficult to hear,
it does bring us to the central truth that cancer, is in fact, NOT a death sentence. In light
of this truth that we have established, you can give yourself one of the greatest gifts
in this moment and that is the peace that results
when you are free from fear. You do not
have to live in fear. You can prevent and beat cancer. In this episode, we’re going to cover a
lot of ground. We’re going to travel to Australia and get some survivor stories and some treatment protocols currently being used there. We’re going to learn a little bit about
hormones, we’re going to dive into essential oils and we’re going to tackle a biggie, breast cancer. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and
there are a lot of lies and deceptions associated with breast cancer. We’re going to try to get to the truth. But first of all we’re going to take
a step back. We’re going to answer the question, “What
is Cancer, and why does it spread?” What, exactly, is cancer? Dr. Bita Badakhshan: Basically cancer is abnormal
growth of cells. Basically they lose their
apoptosis, programmed cell death. They don’t die, they become immortal. Your body’s
immune system usually takes care of the abnormal cells in your body. We all have about 10,000 to 100,000 abnormal
cells every day, but our immune system’s job is to
get rid of those cells. If your immune system is perfect, if you don’t
have a virus that it is already trying to fight, if you don’t have
too many chemicals or other stuff going on in
your body. Then they keep growing and growing, increasing
in number and then you get a tumor. Ty: So the tumor really is the result of a
lot of years of things going wrong. Dr. Bita Badakhshan: Suppression of the immune
system, exactly. Dr. Linda Isaacs: Cancer is a condition where
some cells in the body are no longer responding to
the signals that tell them when to quit. In other words, most cells that have a purpose
for developing, they develop to a certain point
and then they stop. Cancer cells keep reproducing, so they keep
growing and they can spread to other places. That’s what’s called a metastasis. Cancer cells have escaped the normal controls
for regulation and how big a set, a bunch of cells is supposed to become. Dr. Aleksandra Niedzwiecki: Cancer is a process
that occurs in our body all the time. As we are
sitting and talking, there are cancer cells that are constantly created in our body. They do
not always lead to the development of cancer because our immune system finds them as
abnormal cells and eliminates them. A cancer cell is a cell that escaped biological
control to which all normal cells in our body are subject to. A cancer cell divides indefinitely. And also, cancer cells are immortal. They never die because the genetic program
that regulates the life and death cycle in those
cells has been damaged. Cancer cells also have another ability. They are not happy sitting in one spot in
our body. They invade our organs and also they metastasize,
which means that they escape to other organs. Metastasis is the most dangerous process of
cancer, because nine out of ten patients die of metastasis, not of primary
cancer. Ty: So cancer results from a failure of the
immune system, and the majority of cancer patients do not die from the primary tumor,
they die from the spreading or the metastasis of cancer. It seems like we should be focusing on how
to stop the cancer from spreading, doesn’t it? If our army wants to stop the invasion of
foreign troops, it must be able to communicate with each other. Otherwise we can’t stop the invasion. The same goes for our own
personal army, the immune system. If our immune cells cannot communicate, we
cannot stop the invasion of cancer. Dr. Irina Kossovskaia: Cancer, by nature of
the thing, is the major breakdown of systemic communication. What happens with the cancer, as you probably
know, is the body does not see the growing tissue. We all grow a little cancer in our bodies
many times a year, maybe sometimes once a day. However, this growth is always controlled
by the general regulation and management system of the body. The body is computerized, so when the communication
is running correctly, our lines of communication are
open. Then the body detects that growth at an
early stage and suppresses it. However, when the lines are broken that’s
when it happens that the body does not see the developing tissue until it is too late. If the body is not aware of the growing tissue,
if the communication is broken, burning the cancer
out of the body is not going to help because if it’s burned in one place, it
will come up somewhere else— Ty: Because the communication hasn’t been
fixed. Dr. Irina Kossovskaia: Of course! You’ve probably met many cancer survivors
or sufferers who have had cancer several times. Treated conventionally, it will come up somewhere
else because it is a systemic thing. Mike Adams: Cancer is a failure of the body’s
own cells to communicate with each other properly. Genetics plus intercellular communication. Cancer is the mal-expression or the
inappropriate expression of your DNA. It is not something that has invaded you from
the outside so you cannot look at cancer with a paradigm of carpet bombing your body,
declaring war on an invader. It is not an
invader. It is something internally that is not communicating
correctly at a cellular level. So you need to become whole. You need to heal, not destroy, in order to
overcome cancer. There may be extreme cases where there is
a tumor that is so large that it is pressing on
an artery or a nerve or something like that where it has to be physically removed. I
understand that. I’m not saying surgery doesn’t have any
place at all; it can have its place. But even then,
the surgery is only a temporary solution. You still have to address what has led to
that tumor in the first place. G. Edward Griffin: The present orthodox view
is that cancer is a lump or bump. That’s the cancer. If that is the assumption, if that is true,
then to get rid of cancer all you have to do is get
rid of the lump or the bump. Hence, we have surgery. Well, that gets rid of the lump or the bump. Or we have
chemotherapy which poisons the lump or the bump and we got rid of it. Or we have
radiation which burns it and got rid of it. You undergo these three therapies and if you
get rid of the lump or the bump, the doctor will say “It looks like we got it all.” That famous line, “We got it all.” But did they? No. Statistics show that in most cases, it comes
back. They didn’t get it all because that was
never the cancer in the first place. If you’re a farmer and you see all these
little black spots on your corn leaves, you think,
“Well, those are black spots, that’s the disease,” and you get the scissors out and
you cut all the black spots off and you say, “Well
we got it all alright.” No, you didn’t, because that
wasn’t the disease. What caused those black spots is still present. Dr. Ben Johnson: There are so many things
that cause cancer. Number one, you’ll never have an
oncologist ask, “What caused this? Let’s get rid of what caused this.” You’ll never hear
that question. They only have one thing and that is, kill
cancer cells. What caused the cancer cells? Why did this occur in the body? Obviously the immune
system was suppressed, so are we going to unsuppress the immune system? Are we
going to stimulate the immune system back into action? Are we going to lower nagalase
counts from viruses and cancer cells so that the body’s own defenses, the macrophage
activating factor, can work? There are many things to do other than just
give a poison to the body to kill cancer cells. We have to orchestrate healing here. Dr. Bita Badakhshan: I think one of the main
things is viruses. We do see a lot of different kinds of
viruses in patients with cancer, not only HPV or herpes. You see mono, Epstein-Barr
virus. I have a handful of patients with breast cancer
who have parasites. When they do a
coffee enema or garlic enema, they can actually see the worms coming out. And what
does a parasite do to your body? It suppresses the immune system! There are some
doctors who believe you develop cancer because of the parasite. Some believe it’s
candida, fungus, yeast, but I think everything has to do with it. Dr. Howard Fisher: We start to look at some
other numbers. Eighteen (18) percent of all cancers
are caused by infection. No one talks about that! Ty: 18 percent? Dr. Howard Fisher: 18 percent. 23 percent of all cancers are related to obesity. No one ever talks
about that because obesity is running amuck right now. This year, overweight and
obesity in the US alone will hit 75 percent with 41 percent being obese. They’ve already
doctored the numbers, the body mass index, for declaration of that. Then we look at the other environmental factors
and they lump that into 41 percent of all cancers are due to environmental factors. So then we’re looking at an unknown 18
percent. This 18 percent that we’re looking at could
be genetics – small, 5 to 10 percent – or just
other factors whether it’s ambient environmental radiation, nonionizing, unlikely it’s
ionizing, but that can all be lumped in there into these same factors. Ty: Is there a link between obesity and cancer? Dr. Joseph Mercola: Well, I think it goes—
Ty: You mentioned insulin resistance as well. Dr. Joseph Mercola: Yeah, I think it goes
back to of insulin resistance. There are some studies
that show correlation. Correlation of course is not causation. The central roles or
whatever contributes to obesity most likely contributes to other diseases. It could be all
the other chronic degenerative diseases like heart disease and Alzheimer’s and diabetes. Cancer is just one of those. It’s exactly what you’d expect when you’re
not giving your body what it needs. But insulin resistance is the core, absolutely
the core. I’ve known this for 20 years. I’m grateful to Dr. Ron Rosehill, the physician
who taught me and helped me to appreciate and understand
that. That has really been one of the
primary focuses of the way I’ve treated patients, to understand strategies to address
insulin resistance. There is no question in my mind that the single
most effective intervention I’ve ever seen to address insulin resistance is intermittent
fasting – with the right foods ideally. That
intermittent fasting… You might say, “Well I’ve got to eat every
two hours, otherwise I’ll pass out. I’ll go with no energy.” And yes, that’s what happens because your
body is used to that sugar high and you can’t burn
fat. But once you make that transition, it
literally is nothing short of magical. Your body is not hungry anymore. It just isn’t hungry. We were never designed to sit down all day
long. This is another problem. When you’re
sitting down it causes massive challenges in your system which it was never designed
to do. We were never designed to sit for eight or
ten hours a day, so that’s why I think it’s really
good to get up and walk a few miles a day, 7,000 to 10,000 steps a day or more in
addition to an exercise program. It’s not just exercise, it’s movement
that is so critical. It doesn’t have to be walking just as long
as you’re moving. We need regular movement
throughout the day, not just one hour a day at the gym.
Ty: Wow, that’s great information from Dr. Mercola on obesity and the link that it has
to cancer. Now, infections, parasites, viruses, fungi,
and environmental toxins: these all are some of
the causes of cancer. Why? Because they compromise the immune system. Again, the
immune system is key. But what about genetics? Isn’t genetics the main cause of cancer? You’ve got bad
genes, right? It’s just bum luck. That’s what many oncologists would tell
you, but the fact of the matter is, that’s not true. Dr. Fisher didn’t just pull that five percent
statistic out of midair. He actually got it from the
American Cancer Society’s very own website. Ty: Speaking of genetics, we’ve all heard
stories about people that have the BRCA gene and
they are afraid that they are going to get breast cancer because of this. Angelina Jolie is
a prime example. But was she misled? Was she misled by oncologists that told her
that her only hope to avoid breast cancer was to remove both breasts? Did she choose this treatment because
of a fear factor? Dr. Nalini Chilkov: That’s completely fear
based and it’s also because the media hypes that up,
especially for a famous person like Angelina Jolie who has a double mastectomy. But the
kind of cancer that she had is less than five percent of all women with breast cancers. So
to remove your breast is, I think, barbaric. It’s really barbaric. Epigenetics, if people don’t know what that
means, means that something will act upon your genes. So epigenetics are like your software, something
has to open it up and read it. You could have a toxic chemical in the environment
that opens up some cancer genes and turns them on, but we could also turn
those off with plant medicine. That is much
more powerful that just trying to kill cancer cells. Bob Wright: Doctors would like you to believe
that cancer is genetic, that we’ve got genetic abnormalities and cancer rises from a genetic
predisposition or a break in your DNA or whatever it might be. But it’s not true. It’s actually been proven that it’s not
true and doctors should in fact know this, but they
don’t. Let’s say that your body and your genetics
is the computer. That’s the hardware. People
can understand this. The epigenetics is the software. The software runs the hardware. We know that from computers. We don’t seem to understand that with the
human body. What we need to do is not dwell upon the genetics
but on the epigenetics. In other
words, what works that computer? If the software is working, generally the
hardware is working. Ty: Our last question. You wrote a book called What Angelina Should
Have Known and Didn’t Know. What should she have known? Ard Pisa: I feel very sorry for her because
she has removed healthy breasts. Can you imagine, Ty,
you removed your manhood, your healthy manhood because of fear? It’s crazy. But she
thought this was the only way for prevention. But there is another way for prevention because
she should have known that our genes do not control life. You can activate genes and deactivate them. If we deactivate our
genes with our healthy lifestyle, we do not get cancer. That’s what she should have
known. Dr. Joseph Mercola: It’s not so much that
we’re born with this gene that’s going to give us breast
cancer. It’s that our epigenetic, our environmental
influences – the food that we eat, the actions we do or don’t do, the toxins we’re
exposed with – turns those genes on or off. You don’t have to worry about these inherited
genes that may cause you to do a prophylactic double mastectomy. That’s just insanity from my perspective
and it’s an irrational fear, if you appreciate and fully
understand the amazing regenerative capacity that your body has if it’s given the proper
tools. Dr. Rob Verkerk: One of the major problems
that we have in terms of our old understanding of
genetics is that people believed that if they were born, say as a woman with a BRCA
gene, that might increase their risk of breast cancer, they have not been told and
certainly wouldn’t expect to hear from their doctor that the way they live their life will
alter the expression of those genes and their risk
of cancer. Dr. Veronique Desaulniers: The BRCA gene scare
was really quite a Hollywood hype last year and I’m not judging her. She saw her mother die a very horrible death,
but there was a lot of misinformation. The BRCA genes are actually cancer-protective
genes. They help to repair DNA
damage, so the BRCA gene, if it mutates, then it can cause a problem possibly, but what
causes it to mutate? Look at the foods. Look at the radiation. BRCA genes are tumor
suppressive, protective genes. Ty: So do you inherit breast cancer genes? Is it inherited? Is it genetic? Dr. Veronique Desaulniers: You know that’s
the big thing. “Well my mother had breast cancer so
I’m probably going to have breast cancer.” But, we now know through the study of epigenetics,
which is the science of looking into gene expression, and nutrigenomics which is
the study of food, we know that we can change our gene expression by what we eat,
how we sleep or don’t sleep, how we manage or don’t manage our stress, the foods
that we eat. Something as simple as curcumin can help to really turn on the cancer-protective genes and change those gene
expressions. Ty: Wow, bet you’ve never heard that before,
that the BRCA gene can actually protect you from breast cancer. It does not necessarily cause breast cancer. Now, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. “Think Pink,” “Run For the Cure.” You
see all of these different campaigns that are aimed at bringing awareness to breast
cancer, which is not necessarily a bad thing. We want to bring awareness to cancer as
well. However, let’s look at the history of Breast
Cancer Awareness Month through the eyes of Erin Elizabeth. Erin Elizabeth: Yeah, so it is Breast Cancer
Awareness Month and it’s interesting how the whole
story started with the pink ribbon that you were mentioning. It actually used to be a peach ribbon and
it was a woman named Charlotte Haley who had started that grassroots movement. Her whole objective was to get the word out
that so little money was spent on prevention, first
of all, not just research, but with prevention and that’s still the case today. Even with research not much of the money that
they’ll raise during the month of October is really even spent in research because of
so much overhead. So yeah, it’s a real
shame. But, what most people don’t know is that
back in ’92 this little old lady started a
grassroots movement with her peach ribbons, which she was giving out to people. She
gave out five at a time with a little note and it really took off. She wanted people to be
aware, not so much of just breast cancer itself, but of preventing breast cancer in the first
place. Then Estee Lauder and SELF Magazine came along
and they wanted to use her ribbon. I think they were shocked when she said, “No,
I’m not going to support these corporations turning my grassroots movement
into this thing that really became more about making money.” And today, even when I was doing some research
on it, “I’ll try to find her name
and pink ribbons,” you keep getting these Estee Lauder ads selling their expensive—now
they’ve got diamond encrusted ribbons you can buy. It really seems like it’s been
exploited. It’s ironic that you have Susan G. Komen
or Estee Lauder or Kentucky Fried Chicken and Susan G. Komen doing joint ventures
with the pink ribbon, which really boils down to that these corporations that are not
really healthy are—It’s a bit hypocritical that
they are trying to be out there selling the pink ribbon and saying they are all about
curing breast cancer. Jordan S. Rubin: We go around and celebrate
wearing pink socks and pink ribbons and buying pink lemonade on the airline to contribute
to cancer. It sure does! It’s ridiculous. I coach
youth sports. I won’t wear pink! I won’t put pink on. I don’t believe in that. Why? Because
the pharmaceutical intervention, conventional methods are not saving lives! Dr. Darrell Wolfe: So now we’re going to
end the War on Cancer so we’re going to get everybody
involved. We’re going to get them to run for it, we’re
going to get them to jump for it. We’re going to get them to pray for it. We’re going to get them to beg for it. So now
everybody—you can’t go anywhere without giving money at—I can’t buy groceries
without somebody wanting money from me. Valerie Warwick, R.N.: With all the money
that we’re pouring into “Relay for Life,” “The Komen” really hasn’t helped change things for the patients. Ty: You saw that first hand as an oncology
nurse for 17 years. Valerie Warwick, R.N.: I did. Ty: It’s not on the camera, but you got
some really neon pink tennis shoes on. But what
about the pink movement, right, the breast cancer pink movement? What’s your take on
the October “Get Your Mammogram”…? Dr. Veronique Desaulniers: Its focus is on
breast “cancer” awareness instead of breast health
awareness, and the pink movement really has caused so much fear and so much
misinformation when it comes to breast cancer in women. There are so many myths
involving breast cancer. Ty: Dr. V. just mentioned breast cancer myths. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month we
always hear, “Early detection is your best protection.” Everyone knows that, for breast
cancer, mammograms are the best way to early detect – or is this a myth? Dr. Martin Bales: There has been at least
two studies, very large, that have come out on the
limitations of mammography. One of them was a Canadian study, I believe. It was 20 or
25 years that they’ve watched in the past that found no benefit. Also The Lancet, which is a large British
Journal equivalent to our Journal of American Medical Association or JAMA, came out and
said that there is really no benefit at all to
doing, and possibly some harm. The harm being it is ionizing radiation, which
we know isn’t the best for us. And also again with the pancake smasher, if
you do have a cancer and you smash that wall that the body has put around it, are
you spreading the disease that way? I don’t
know, but I don’t want to find out. Ty: Well yeah, and that’s The Lancet, right? That’s pretty reputable. Dr. Martin Bales: Yeah it’s pretty reputable
and also the BMJ, the British Medical Journal, I
believe, did a write-up as well. So that’s two or three very reputable internationally
published journals. Dr. Leonard Coldwell: Early detection just
means early death, because the earlier they find it, the
earlier they start cutting you, the earlier they start treating you with chemotherapy
and radiation, and the earlier you die. Breast cancer grows seven to twelve years
to a size in the breast that you can even diagnose it. So there is no rush. You know they find breast cancer – oh you
have to go and get surgery tomorrow morning!
Ty: A lot of pressure. Dr. Leonard Coldwell: A lot of pressure because
they don’t want you to get basically the time to
get educated and educate yourself. So let’s talk about this early detection. Imagine your lymph system. You have four times lymph liquid more than
blood. So your
lymph system, your lymph nodes are there to neutralize poison. It’s like when you have
tonsillitis there are the big lymph nodes and then they are just working hard. It’s not a bad thing, it’s a good thing
showing, “Oh, the tonsils caught all these poisons
and basically they are just diluting it and neutralizing it and then getting rid of it.” So when you have that, Ty… And imagine, like a pimple that is ready to
burst, now the lymph node in the breast might be working
hard and being inflamed and looks like a pimple that’s getting ready to burst. So now they put 50 pounds of pressure on it…
Ty: That makes sure it bursts. Dr. Leonard Coldwell: …that makes sure it
bursts. Dr. Ben Johnson: We as a medical society are
giving women breast cancer with our demanding that they get mammograms. Mammograms cause breast cancer. Period. So
mammograms are not healthy for women. Women should not be getting routine
mammograms. That’s crystal clear, published in the peer
review literature. And yet today, if a woman went to her gynecologist,
her family doc, she would have this shoved down her throat, extreme coercion to
go get this mammogram that is causing breast cancer. Ty: Wow! What a telling quote from Dr. Ben Johnson
that mammograms are actually causing cancer. Now in that respect, I guess they are sort
of similar to chemotherapy, because chemotherapy actually causes cancer. In last night’s episode, we learned the
story of Dr. Farid Fata that was diagnosing people
with cancer that didn’t even have cancer and then prescribing chemotherapy. I guess you
could say he was over-diagnosing them. What about mammograms? Is mammography prone to diagnose women with
breast cancer that don’t even have breast cancer? Are we being told the whole truth about this
issue? Sayer Ji: There has been a manipulation of
the science and there has been a very dangerous thing called over-diagnosis that has really
afflicted millions of women over the past 30
years, especially for breast cancer. What they’ve done is that they convince
women that if they were to basically subscribe to
an X-ray mammography screening, even though they have no symptoms, that ultimately
that would help them in the long run. They’d have a lower risk of cancer because
they’d find it early. Ty: “Early detection is your best protection.” Sayer Ji: Exactly. They even equated this meme with prevention
when in fact you’re exposing your breast to a type of radiation that is actually
known to have a higher risk of causing cancer in the breast, especially if you have the
BRCA 1 and 2 gene, mutations that everyone is
so concerned about. They make it harder for you to damage, radiate,
to protect yourself from radiation induced damage. So over-diagnosis, according to a recent study
done in the New England Journal of Medicine, over the past
30 years in the United States resulted in 1.3
million women being diagnosed with early stage breast cancer that technically never had
any type of cancer that would have caused harm. This is called Ductal carcinoma in situ, or
Stage Zero cancer, which they equated with actual cancer, which now we know is not. So what that basically meant is that they
would give them the standard mastectomy or lumpectomy
with radiation, with chemotherapy, things like tamoxifen, and then follow up
hormone suppressive therapies like ARIMIDEX®. Basically what we’re dealing with here is
a kind of medical holocaust of sorts. Those
women now had to deal with being diagnosed with a cancer they didn’t have, being
treated for it, having the stigma and all the psycho-spiritual-emotional stress that
is caused by that. And then, statistically, the industry told
them that they saved their lives, when in fact quite
the opposite had happened. So they identify with the aggressor like a
Stockholm Syndrome, and millions of people march in
these Breast Cancer Awareness Marches not realizing that it is funded by the very corporations
that make money off the drugs used to treat breast cancer. We’re talking about AstraZeneca, which is
actually a derivative of Imperial Chemical Industries who started Breast Cancer Awareness
Month in the ‘80s, and it has a patent or had the patent for tamoxifen and ARIMIDEX®. It’s a vicious circle of brainwashing,
and it is used to cover up really of what has cost the lives of hundreds of thousands
of women ultimately. Brenda Michaels: My perception was not quite there when I was diagnosed the first and second time, but the third time when I was told that I had about
a year to live if I was unwilling to do the
chemo, which I had been all along. And that the
cancer would metastasize and maybe within a year, there would be no hope for me. That
stirred something very deep inside of me and I began to awaken. It was not an easy journey. I still had my fears. I still had days where I was just—I felt
like maybe it was easier to die than it was to
live. I went through all of that. But all along,
underneath all that was this guidance that I had never opened up to before, but I was
beginning to follow. That guidance just step-by-step, day-by-day,
it led me, and it saved my life. Ty: But they said—so it was late stage. Brenda Michaels: Yes. Ty: And supposedly terminal. You had less than a year to live. Brenda Michaels: Yes. They thought they could maybe give me five
years. That was a maybe. Maybe. But without it, they thought that within a
year they were pretty sure it would metastasize and there would be nothing they
could do. I was learning to trust that information and
trust my body, and my body was giving me signals. Because when I asked about chemotherapy, Ty,
I would get this real deep clenching in my gut, sometimes almost painful. And then when I would say something like – because
I didn’t know what to do, I had no idea there was an alternative out there of
any kind – I would say something like, “If there
was something out there better for me, would that be helpful?” and that clenching would
just completely release. So I knew, even though I didn’t know where
to go and what to do, I knew I couldn’t walk the path they
were asking me. Ty: You knew there must be a better way. Wow, that’s an encouraging story from Brenda
Michaels who healed her breast cancer naturally. And it is a stark contrast to a story that
I saw recently on HBO. It was a documentary special on cancer and
a lady had been diagnosed with cancer in her left breast and she had had it surgically
removed. You see her later in the show
weeping. She’s got a scar on her breast and she says
she looks like Frankenstein, and then she says, “And now we’re going to
start radiation next week.” I was so saddened for her, because the lady
did not know that she had options. She did
not have the knowledge that you are gaining through watching this show. Much like
Brenda Michaels, Dr. Veronique Desaulniers was aware of the options she had. Dr.
Veronique was diagnosed with breast cancer and she treated and beat it. Dr. Veronique Desaulniers: As a woman, it
was so shocking for me because I was the one that
was helping my patients get well and reversing all these various diseases in my practice. So when I discovered that I had breast cancer,
it was really a blow to my ego, for one, and it was also a big wakeup call for me. I thought I had the world by the tail and
I realized that obviously, if my body allowed
the cancer to grow, there was something that I
was missing. I had to really look at my life. I had to look at how I was managing my stress. I had to look
at putting pieces of the puzzle together that obviously I’d missed. So it really led me
down a path of soul searching and really digging deep. There were a lot of tearful days, a lot of
tearful nights, but like I tell my clients today, you
have to transform the whole person. It’s not just the physical lump or bump,
you have to heal the whole body and that means heart,
soul, mind, spirit – everything. Because if you
keep doing the things you’ve always done, you’re going to continue to get the same
results. You know, why? Why and how? If that could happen to somebody like me,
who was doing so many things that were right, then
how much more so could other women be vulnerable to this “dis-ease” in their
body, and just helping them to understand that it’s
just the tip of the iceberg. Cancer is not the disease itself. It’s just the tip of the iceberg
that shows you that there’s so many underlying things. Because you have to be sick in
order to develop cancer. You know you don’t get cancer and then you’re
sick. Your
body’s already sick and it’s compromised. Your immune system’s weak. You’re toxic. You’re stressed out. And that’s how cancer develops. So it’s displacing that myth and that fear
that cancer’s just something that gets you. It’s
something that develops over a period of time. You’re not a victim of it. You have a lot of
control over it. One of the reasons I’m doing the work that
I’m doing is because there’s so much information out there and where does one person
start? Do I detox first? Do I do this? Do
I do that? What herbs do I take? I developed a program. It’s a seven step program called
The Seven Essentials. It’s so simple that anybody can apply it. So the first one, Essential number one is
“Let Food Be Your Medicine.” We know that
food has a huge impact on our genetic expression. We know that it can literally turn on
specific cancer-protective genes, we know that through the science of epigenetics and
nutrigenomics. Number two is to Detox. To reduce your toxic exposure. We live in a toxic
world, we can’t deny that, but there are things that you can do specifically to help
support the detoxification pathways in your body and
to prevent all the toxins from entering into your body. Essential number three is to balance your
energy. We are energetic beings, and so what
can you do to keep that electricity and that energy flowing properly? Chiropractic care,
acupuncture, exercise, proper sleep, making sure that your hormones are balanced, because hormones are very key in so many hormone-driven cancers. Essential number four is to heal your emotional
wounds. Learn to nurture yourself and to love
yourself, to forgive yourself and others. Manage your stress better. Let go of the past,
because if you keep stuffing those emotions inside, are going to grow a tumor. You either
grow your life or you grow a tumor. So you have to change that emotional component. Essential number five is to look at biological
dentistry because your teeth have a huge impact on your health. Your teeth are connected to your organs through
your meridian system. What you have in your teeth affects your health,
because if you have toxic amalgams in there it’s causing toxicity
in the body. And then we look essential number six which
is specific herbs and supplements and vitamins that can really reduce your toxic
load, that can help heal the cancer, actually kill
cancer cells, and boost your immune system. Lastly, essential number seven in really practicing
true prevention. Traditional medicine,
unfortunately, does not really teach prevention and does not know about prevention. There are many, many ways and different technologies
that can detect cancer when it’s at the size of a pinhead instead of waiting
until it’s the size of a lump or a bump that you
can detect on an X-ray or on a mammogram. Thermography, for example, can read the physiological
changes that are going on in the body. There are specific blood tests like the cancer
profile which measures the HCG hormones, and the PHI which is a malignancy
hormone, TK1 enzyme, the ONCOblot® test which can also determine cancer when
it’s just the size of a pinhead in the body. That’s true prevention. If you can stay on top of your health by monitoring,
and not just guessing about your health, but making sure that you’re moving
in the right direction, there is no reason to
fear cancer. Ty: I agree 100 percent with Dr. V. There is no reason to fear cancer. She just shared with us
what she calls her seven essentials. 1. The number one essential is Let Food Be Thy
Medicine. 2. Number two is Detox. 3. Number three is Balance Your Energy. 4. Number four is Healing Emotional Wounds. 5. Number five is Biological Dentistry. 6. Number six is Specific Herbs, Supplements,
and Vitamins. And
7. is True Prevention. Now over the next few days we’ll be covering
all of these seven essentials. The last one that Dr. V. mentioned was true
prevention and she also mentioned thermograms. We’re about to hear from Dr. Martin Bales
whose father was a pioneer in the digital photography industry. That’s what a thermogram is, by the way. A mammogram is not necessarily the best way
to detect breast cancer. There are other
ways that are much better, they are superior. One of them is thermography. You’re going
to demonstrate a thermographic machine for us today and talk about that. Dr. Martin Bales: I will. My father actually invented the first all-digital
infrared camera in 1979, but it wasn’t for anything with body or health. It was actually for our defense. It was used in
missile detection back in Afghanistan. Ty: So it was looking for heat. Dr. Martin Bales: It was looking for heat,
for missiles. It used to be that you had to track the
missiles going across the sky manually. Now with our warheads it does automatically. In the early 80s a group of doctors approached
my father. “We’ve heard that the body
obviously has circulation. We can diagnose a lot of diseases by seeing
where there are hot spots or where there is cold.” He said “Okay, I’ll make a medical version
for you.” Ty: Really? That’s fascinating. But the first one was missile detection. Okay. Dr. Martin Bales: First was missile detection. Yeah. Basically it can be used in any part of the
body. Probably, as most people have heard, the breast
thermography is the most popular. It is really limited as far as cancer to breast
and possibly some skin cancer because it is skin deep. It doesn’t look like for the liver or other
organs. It’s a great way. It’s completely painless. The ladies like because there’s no pancake
smasher, as they say. There is no ionizing radiation so it can be
done as little or as often as one wants. It is just in a cooled room. All cancers go through a process called neoangiogenesis, which is new blood vessel growth. Because the cancers grow faster than healthy
tissue around them, they have to have their own discreet blood supply after
they are a couple of years older. It turns out that when most breast cancers
– not all of them, there are a few that are fast
growing, most of them are actually quite slow growing – to become the size of the pea,
it’s between eight and ten years. So if we can catch them in year one or two
when they are just getting that new blood vessel supply while the blood vessels are
warm, that’s how thermography is picking them
up. Mammography is about two thirds accurate at
finding them when they are pea size, so they are already eight years old. We’re going more from a prevention standpoint. If we find something early on, we can
change diet and lifestyle, perhaps do some of the therapies you’ve discussed here as
opposed to, “Okay, you’ve already had something for eight years and you’re already
in this bucket. What can we do?” Ty: Thermography really seems to be a great
way to early detect cancer, doesn’t it? Dr. V.
also mentioned essential number one, which was “Let food be thy medicine.” Do you
remember in Mary Poppins the song, “A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine Go
Down?” Is this an oxymoron? Dr. Veronique Desaulniers: If there is one
food that women need to avoid if they are on a breast
cancer healing journey, it’s sugar. We know that sugar feeds cancer. Cancer cells have
more insulin receptor sites than a healthy cell, so the first cells that get fed with
sugar is the cancer cells. Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy: Cancers like sugar,
right, even though the doctors don’t tell you that. I
think the doctors tell you, “Oh you can eat anything.” Well first of all, it’s all over the world
about how you treat illness whether it’s cancer, heart disease, you’ve got to get
off sugar! Sugar is a poison for all of us. K.C. Craichy: So sugar we talk about as a big problem. Yes, it’s a big problem. Sugar is
wonderful, everybody likes sugar. I like sugar, but I choose not to thrive on
sugar. See,
sugar should have been in our FUN foods – building blocks, fuel, and fun. Fun Foods that every now and then you have
sugar. But these patients are often in an
immunocompromised state to start with. Some of the treatments they are getting are
taking their immunity down to almost nothing. And then they are throwing sugar in on top
of that which directly feeds the problem but it also directly takes a whack at the immunity. It’s a terrible cycle that people need to
consider. Valerie Warwick, R.N.: The key to overcoming
cancer and getting your health back is in your gut
and in your immune system. If you destroy your immune system, that’s
the very thing that you need to heal. So you may kill the cancer cells in your body
with the chemo because, yes, it’s going to kill those, it’s going
to kill everything. It’s like dropping an A-bomb on
your body and then expecting health to rebound, when really when you know in a
garden, when you fill it with pesticides, all you’re going to get back is weeds. So you
need to rebuild your immune system and support your body in healing itself because it
knows how to do that. Ty: So the key to healing is to quit poisoning
ourselves with chemotherapy, quit intaking sugar, because the truth is both chemo and
sugar are oncogenic. They cause cancer. If
an oncologist tells you otherwise, they’re lying to you. There are a lot of lies and misconceptions
about bioidentical hormones. Have you heard
that they cause cancer? Have you heard that they prevent cancer? I’ve heard both, but
they both can’t be true. Let’s listen to Dr. Jonathan Wright explain. Bioidentical hormones: do they cause cancer? Dr. Jonathan Wright: Okay. Let’s see. Did your own hormones cause you cancer yet? No. Bioidentical hormones are no more dangerous,
and no more safe, than a person’s own hormones when they’ve got hormones. We’ve got to admit that young women do get
breast cancer in their 30s – occasionally, it’s not very often, so there is a little
hazard. That’s from her own hormones. I’m sorry. It is—estrogen related cancer is from her
own hormones. But funny thing, there
are lots of research papers that say that’s because she’s not metabolizing her hormones
properly. Dr. Veronique Desaulniers: Breast cancer myth
number one is that women’s hormones cause cancer. That’s the biggest fallacy ever! First of all, if our hormones cause cancer,
then every 20-year-old on the planet would have cancer. So it’s not our hormones, it’s what we
are exposed to. Look at the xenoestrogens in the chemical
estrogens in the environment – the chemicals, the pesticides, the herbicides, the metals
in our teeth, the antiperspirants. Those metals
are actually classified as metalloestrogens and mimic and stimulate estrogen production
in the body. That’s one aspect. Secondly, if a woman has a problem metabolizing
or breaking down her estrogens properly, then the more aggressive estrogens
will circulate in the body. There is a way to
support that methylation process, which doctors don’t even talk about. Ty: Dr. V. just mentioned xenoestrogens. What exactly was she talking about? Dr. Roby Mitchell: Because of our exposure
to environmental and pharmaceutical estrogens, that
has the effect of throwing more gasoline on the fire. Some of the pesticides, fungicides
that we use, they have an estrogen effect. These are what we call xenoestrogens, xeno
meaning “foreign.” Dr. Nalini Chilkov: We’re not designed to
be ingesting or be exposed to molecules that aren’t from
nature. Some of those we can’t even excrete them
or some of those molecules in food growing, commercial food growing like the
pesticides and the herbicides, they act like hormones. They are turning on hormone-like activities
which are proliferative, which make cells grow. This is one of the reasons we have so much
breast cancer and prostate cancer, hormone driven cancers. People don’t realize other cancers have
estrogen receptors: colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, and lung cancer
also have estrogen receptors, and so pesticides and herbicides will grow those
cancers as well. You don’t want that kind of
signaling. Plastics also have this hormone-like effect. Ty: Not only are breast cancer and prostate
cancer driven by estrogen, but also colon, lung,
and pancreatic cancer. Dr. Nalini just mentioned plastic. What many people don’t realize
is that in almost every bottle of water, in the plastic content there is the chemical
called BPA. That’s Bisphenol A and it is a xenoestrogen. In other words, it’s a foreign estrogen
and it is known to cause cancer. An interesting thing that I’ve seen during
Breast Cancer Awareness Month specifically is
bottles of water that have a pink ribbon on it. In light of the fact that the plastic might
be causing breast cancer, isn’t that a little
bit contradictory or ironic? Xenoestrogens, like
BPA in the plastic, actually throw the hormone balance out of whack. What many people
don’t realize is that essential oils can balance the hormones. Ty: What are essential oils? Let’s go back to the basics. Dr. Eric Zielinksi: Essential oil is a volatile
organic compound and what I think what people need
to recognize when it comes to an essential oil, there is no nutrition in it. There is no
vitamin or mineral. It is a chemical that essentially God gave
to the plant to protect the plant from outside threats, whether it’s
bacteria, viruses, fungus or even infectors like
flies, bees, whatever that might attack the plant. What it includes are organic compounds – not
organic as we think meaning organic, having a carbon chain included in it – organic
compounds like terpenes, alcohols, ketones, esters and you name it – is basically
chemicals. Ty: From the plant. Dr. Eric Zielinksi: From the plant. Natural chemicals from the plant. God inspired the writers of the
Bible long ago when he said “the leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations.” That’s exactly what this is. Ty: That’s essential oils. Dr. Eric Zielinksi: Exactly. There is no oil for one specific issue. What we have found, and this is pretty fascinating,
is that… let’s use the Ayurvedic model, Indian folk medicine for example. There is an abundance of lemons in India,
so you’ll find that the Indians use lemon essential oil for virtually everything: detoxification,
internally, externally – whether or not you are going to clean the counter, or whether
or not you want to clean your skin. They
use the essential oils from lemon for everything from nausea to halitosis to diabetes to
cancer. When you go to Australia, they are using Melaleuca
and tea tree and eucalyptus. You go
to Oregon and Washington, they are using peppermint for everything. It’s important to
realize that these oils, a lot of them do the same things. When I report on research, it is
limited because we’ve only done a limited amount of research, but as far as I know there
is no essential oil that does not have a cancer effect. I just recently read a report of over 130
research articles regarding essential oils, and
what the researchers came about was: what essential oils do is they actually prevent
angiogenesis, which is the growth of veins and arteries. It stops metastatic growth. It
actually prevents DNA repair which is—that’s pretty key. That is really key, because there is one study
that compared sandalwood and frankincense and they found that frankincense
triggered that apoptotic effect where the cancer cell died, but sandalwood killed cancer
another way, went around on the back end, in a sense and flanked it by triggering
the actual DNA to not being able to repair itself so the cancer just died that way, too. Dr. Josh Axe: Frankincense oil – if you
look at the research today, it is probably the most powerful
essential oil if not the most powerful supplement, period, when it comes to natural cancer
treatment in my opinion. Ty: What’s in frankincense that makes it
so good? Dr. Josh Axe: Frankincense is really high
on a compound called Boswellia or Boswellic Acid. It is
highly anti-inflammatory. It is also a very powerful antioxidant. There are studies – there
is actually a study that came out of the UK pretty recently, showing that frankincense
oil is effective at shrinking tumors, it’s effective
against ovarian cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer. The Boswellia frankincense is a very powerful
compound at fighting and treating cancer. One of the most incredible things about frankincense
is that the essential oils themselves are very, very small molecular compounds. Almost everybody knows this, in cancer treatment,
that chemotherapy is not effective at treating any sort of cancer of the brain because
it can’t pass through the blood/brain barrier versus frankincense oil. Those compounds are so small, they can actually
pass through the blood/brain barrier and start
to reduce that neural inflammation. I’ll tell you an incredible story. I was speaking recently and had somebody come
up to me at the end, after talking about essential
oils and she said, “I want—I can attest to what
you’re talking about with frankincense oil. My husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor
six years ago and was given three months to live. We got turned onto frankincense oil,
started using it every single day. We diffused it in the home. We rubbed it on the roof of
his mouth. It has been six years and he is still alive
and we really believe it’s because of this use of frankincense oil.” But yeah, you look in the medical studies. It is effective against Alzheimer’s. It’s effective
against any sort of brain inflammation and again four separate studies showing that it
is effective at treating cancer. Ty: Allison Huish was diagnosed with brain
cancer at the tender age of 13, and she used frankincense oil to treat it. Here is her amazing story. Allison Huish: I walked out of the waiting
room about an hour later to see my mom who had just
hung up the phone with tears in her eyes, and she told me, “Allison, you have a
brainstem tumor.” I didn’t know quite what that meant. You know, at 13 years old, I just started
junior high school a couple of weeks prior. But I knew at that moment that my life would
be different from there on out. We immediately went to go see my doctor, to
my pediatric neurologist, and he showed my parents what the tumor was. Basically it was a brainstem tumor, pilocytic
astrocytoma is what it was, about the size of an egg and
it rested on my brainstem. That next day, I
was scheduled for emergency surgery and they were able to get rid of about half my
tumor. It was very interesting. My doctor told me, “eat all of the calories
you can… If you’ll eat
pizza, if you’ll eat ice cream,” because I was very skinny, “just get calories in
you, whatever you’ll take.” But, in our research, we learned how nutrition
was so important. I needed to give my
body good calories to help support good healthy weight gain, support the cells so I would
function better. Then we started doing research on what to
do. Of course, many people were pushing us to
go see our radiologist and go that direction. My mom and I, we did go meet with our radiologist
and I still, to this day, remember sitting in that room, the feelings that I
felt in there. Ty: What were they? Allison Huish:It was very cold. It was very cold. It was not what I wanted to do and I actually
left that appointment and I grabbed my mom’s
hand and I told my mom, “Mom, this isn’t –
this process isn’t – for me.” So she said she had also felt the same way. But we left that radiologist’s appointment
knowing, “We need something else” and that is
where we were really drawn towards these essential oils. They kept coming across in a
lot of our research. We noticed how essential oils did incredible
things. There’s medical
studies out there showing what essential oils can do. In particular, with these essential oils we
were really drawn towards frankincense essential oil. I love frankincense oil, a very powerful oil. I think there is a reason why it is
called “liquid gold” or why it’s one of the oils that the Christ Child was given. It’s a very,
very precious oil. Ty: In the Bible the Wise Men gave Baby Jesus
the frankincense and the myrrh. Maybe they
weren’t giving him just precious gifts, they were giving him medicine. Dr. Josh Axe:Oh absolutely. Yeah. When you hear the story of the Three Wise
Men bringing the infant Jesus gold, frankincense, and myrrh,
I remember years and years ago not really knowing… Everyone knows what gold is, most people don’t
realize what frankincense and myrrh are, but those were the two main
sources of medicine during that day. Frankincense actually, at the birth of Jesus,
would have been used because you look at children right after they’re born, there
is oftentimes bruising and sometimes it’s a
traumatic experience. So they would actually have rubbed frankincense
oil on a child, which actually helps bring down the inflammation
and swelling. Also it is great for supporting and protecting
the immune system. If he was exposed to
different types of pathogens at that time, frankincense oil really protects the body,
and so absolutely, Ty, frankincense oil was used. It was more than just a sweet smelling
fragrance, it was a biblically-based medicine. Frankincense was used along with something
called the holy anointing oil, which was actually had myrrh essential oil, so when
a lot of people hear frankincense also start thinking about myrrh. Myrrh is referenced over 160 times in the
Bible. Myrrh was also—actually there’s a study
in the Journal of Food and Chemistry and Toxicology recently that found that myrrh,
another essential oil that’s referenced in the
Bible is also effective in treating cancer. Ty: Really? Okay, because that was my next question. What about myrrh? You have the
frankincense and the myrrh, so both were medicines. Both were sweet smelling
fragrances. Here’s something interesting that Dr. Sunil
Pai told us last year: Dr. Sunil Pai: What we’re looking at here
is, historically the gold may be a reference to
turmeric, turmeric or curcumin, specifically the part of turmeric. But turmeric was sold and
cost more than gold at the time. This was during the Spice Trade, at the time
of the Trade Route. We always nicknamed them golden spice. Dr. Josh Axe: You could absolutely see that,
that area in the Middle East uses turmeric today in
cancer treatments. Talk about a powerful compound: frankincense,
myrrh, and turmeric. Ty: Yeah, triple play there. Dr. Josh Axe: Oh yeah. But you look at something like myrrh and it’s
powerful because it really works on the hypothalamus in the liver. It reduces liver inflammation and also balances
hormones. What happens a lot of times these cancers
are estrogen-based cancers. What myrrh can
do is it really supports the body very similar… If people have heard of Indole-3 carbonyl,
the benefits of indoles, fruits and vegetables. Ty: Broccoli, right? Dr. Josh Axe: It works very similar, but in
even more potent way to where it really helps clear the
body of excess estrogen or xenoestrogens that are found in things like soy and plastics
and paraffins today. It really helps detoxify the liver and also
to boost a very important antioxidant called glutathione, which supports
detoxification. That’s the way that myrrh
essential oil actually helps in fighting cancer. One of the things that I’ve had my patients
do, including my mom over time, is start creating an at-home frankincense and myrrh
body butter and body lotion. Basically, she
takes ten drops of frankincense, ten drops of myrrh, along with some coconut oil and
shea butter, and makes her own at-home body lotion, and rubs her entire body with that. Really, those oils—the great thing about
essential oils is those—they’ve been used as
aromatherapy. So those small compounds coming off the body
are protecting the body. They are fighting cancer. They are doing some incredible things there
even topically. All of my patients, or as I mentioned, my
mom, take those essential oils and especially put it around that area of the neck. When you put it on the neck and the back of
the head, you are constantly also breathing in those
beneficial compounds. Ty: So you are not only absorbing it through
your skin, you are breathing it as well. Dr. Josh Axe: Absolutely. And that’s a good point. Your skin is your body’s largest organ and
this is why—this is the amazing thing about essential
oils. We’ve talked about frankincense
and myrrh. Other essential oils, as well, like lavender
and sandalwood are so incredible at fighting cancer. So many of these products people are using
today, the body lotions, makeups, moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners – they
are loaded with carcinogens. They are
loaded with parabens, phthalates, and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, and all of these different
chemicals that cause cancer versus if people make their own, at-home, personal care
products with essential oils rather than causing cancer they are fighting cancer. Allison Huish: So use a lot of oils. I use a lot of frankincense oil. I also use clove oil. Ty: How would you take it? Did you ingest it or did you rub it on your
skin? Allison Huish: Yeah. Ty: Or did you do the aromatherapy? How did you do that? Allison Huish: You know what? It was really interesting how we did it. I did do it back here, where
my scar is. But I don’t know how effective that was
because you do have a very thick skull. But, one way that I did and this was probably
the way that was most consistent is, I always put a drop of frankincense oil on my
tongue and raise the tongue to the roof of my
mouth. I did that probably about every two hours
because I figured, “Hey that’s probably the closest way to get to my brain stem without
interfering with the bones or things like that.” Ty: And a lot of blood vessels there, too,
to absorb. Allison Huish: Mm hmm, a lot of blood vessels,
so just a lot internally. What happened was
actually quite incredible. I started to gain health pretty quickly. Like I said, I started junior
high school when I was diagnosed just three weeks later. I came home and started to
regain health after my surgery. I was able to start school again with my peers
the next semester. That was pretty incredible. Ty: That’s quick for a brain tumor. Allison Huish: You know what? It was interesting. I was only in the hospital for about a week
and a half. Most people are there for about six weeks. But once I had my tumor we started on
good nutrition, we started on oils, and I just had an amazing recovery and that took
about three years. It took about three years and I would go see
him. But every time I’d go see him, it just
slowly was improving. It wasn’t dramatic, overnight. It was a slow, gradual process, but it
took about three years. I remember the point where I went to go see
my neurologist and he told me, “You have no more tumor. It’s completely disintegrated.” Ty: Wow. What did you feel like at that point? Allison Huish: You know what? Words can’t describe it. It was just like such an emotional relief. I
had been praying and I wanted my tumor to go away and I was like “I need another
chance at life.” So when those words were said, it was invigorating. It was like I had a new life again. I
wanted to go to college. I wanted to become a registered dietician. I wanted to tell people
my story. When I was told those words it was like, “This
happened.” Ty: And that was at the age of 16 then? Allison Huish: That was about–yeah, the
age of 16-17 is when that happened. Ever since then,
my health has just been improving. Ty: Wow, what an inspiring story from Allison
how she healed her brain cancer with essential oils. Another inspiring story is from Dr. Josh Axe
who actually healed his own mother’s cancer using essential oils. Dr. Josh Axe: My mom has actually battled
cancer twice. The first time was a little over 20 years
ago. It actually came as a shock to her family. My mom was diagnosed with breast
cancer at 42, and growing up, my mom was my gym teacher at school. She was a swim
instructor, so always really fit, active, and healthy, but yet diagnosed with cancer. My family lived in what I call the Medical
Model of the Time. We were always taking
drugs, my mom was always taking some sort of medication. But she went and had a
mastectomy. She went through rounds and rounds and rounds
of chemotherapy. And, Ty, I can still remember to this day
seeing my mom’s hair fall out. I remember
looking at her after the chemo treatments and thinking that she had aged 20 years in
two weeks and saying to myself, “I never want
to see anyone have to go through that again.” That really drove me to being a physician,
seeing how sick she was. So she was diagnosed as being cancer-free
and healthy but really, for the next ten years after she went through chemotherapy, she was
really sicker than ever. She spent half of
her days in bed, even after—I remember she’d get home from work at 3:30 and sleep till
six every night. She struggled with depression. She struggled with chronic fatigue,
anxiety issues, and leaky gut, digestive issues; just sick all the time. Ten years later, I was actually working as
a nutritionist in Orlando and finishing up my
Doctorate and she called and said, “Hey I’ve been diagnosed with cancer again. What do
I do?” I flew home from Florida to Ohio and we sat
down and prayed together and I just said, “Mom, I think we need to take care of you
all naturally.” So we started an all natural
treatment program and she started juicing vegetables every single day. We had her start
doing antioxidant-rich foods, loads of probiotics and using things like essential oils in
helping her body heal. We followed this treatment protocol for about
four months, went back to the oncologist, and their first recommendation was surgery
and radiation immediately. We followed it for
four months. After four months, we went back to the oncologist,
got a CT scan. He called
us two days later and said, “This is incredible. We don’t see this. The tumors have shrunk
more than half. Keep doing whatever you’re doing.” Ty: Whatever you’re doing is working. Right? Dr. Josh Axe: Yeah, he said, “Come back
in nine months.” We went back nine months later
and, complete remission, and today my mom is in the best shape of her life. In fact, her
and my dad just retired from Ohio down to Florida and she water skis every day. She has
run three 5Ks with me in the past few years and gotten 2nd and 3rd in her age group. She said she actually feels better now in
her 60s than she did when she was in her 30s. She actually now teaches people how to use
essential oils and make healing smoothies and juicing vegetables and how to ferment
their own food. She just is a walking testimony
of really what it takes to beat and fight cancer naturally. Ty: That’s awesome, man. Dr. Josh Axe: Yeah. Thanks a lot. Ty: Cool. Wow. It’s truly amazing, the medicine we find
in nature, isn’t it? From essential oils
to seeds to nuts to herbs to… eggplant? Hmm? Dr. Jonathan Wright: Okay. BEC-5 is a compound derived originally from
an Australian plant called Devil’s Apple. It also is found in eggplant and it is found
in green pepper. Ty: Eggplant. Dr. Jonathan Wright: Yes. It is one of the—any one of the things called
Solanaceae, for those of you who are botanists. They all have some of this BEC-5 in them. The technical term for
them is solasodine glycosides and all the glycoside means is that there’s a sugar
attached to something. It could be a string of sugars, too. It was discovered by a Dr. William Cham. He likes to go by Bill, so we all call him
Bill. He’s a PhD. He is a brilliant guy and he was working at
a university in Australia. Someone came out to talk to him. Even though his major field is Lipid Chemistry
they wanted to talk to him because they heard he was interested about why did their
livestock, when they developed cancer in the eyeball – there’s a certain kind of livestock
that developed a lot of that – they go rub themselves up against the Devil’s Apple
plant with their eyes and, damn, their cancer would go away! So they talked to Dr. Cham about that and
Dr. Cham was intrigued. He went to research
it and he isolated these things called solasodine glycosides. There are two or three of
them but they are all lumped into the name in BEC-5. BEC-5 is Bill Edward Cham – that’s
his name – dash five. So, here is what Dr. Cham found, very quickly. What he found is that there is a
membrane change in the membrane that surrounds a cancer cell, and if any cancer cell –
and as you’ll hear later on from Dr. Gaston [Cornu-Labat], every cancer cell has this
membrane change. But normal cells that are not cancerous do
not have that membrane change. The key thing is that the solasodine glycoside,
the sugar that sticks down, has a particular type of plant sugar that connects
with the cancer cell’s changed membrane, and it connects. And the cancer cell pulls that stuff inside
the cancer cell where, it doesn’t mess with the
DNA of the cancer cell, it goes to little baggies called lysosomes, which are filled
with enzymes, and they are the storage depot for
enzymes that the cell uses. But this stuff,
the BEC-5, it goes into the cancer cell, it goes to the lysosome somehow, it enters the
lysosomes, and all the storage membranes are ruptured and this cell is flooded with
digestive enzymes and digests itself to death. Seriously! Now, if I had this skin cancer right here
and I put it on there, it is not going to hurt the
normal skin at all! That is the key thing. This is a beautifully targeted thing. Dr. Gaston Cornu-Labat: So far is has been
shown in all the animal studies and on the cell line
studies that have been done, it has been shown that it has a very broad spectrum. Ty: It works on lots of different cancers. Dr. Gaston Cornu-Labat: So far the evidence
is showing that it works on a very broad variety of
cancers and sarcomas, and in other carcinomas, in squamous cell, basal cell. So, BEC-5 went through a very interesting
development phase with using it on skin cancers. Actually, it is still being used on skin cancer. This is a cream that is over the
counter. In those jurisdictions where it’s legal,
it can be bought over the counter and you apply the cream. It starts getting, layer by layer, the cancer
cells of the skin cancer – you know skin cancer is the most common kind of
cancer – it just eliminates the cancer. Ty: But just the cancer. Dr. Gaston Cornu-Labat: It only targets the—at
the beginning, it is very impressive because the
characteristic with these early cancers is that the cancer cells are quite a bit more
spread than what is evident. You start applying it, and suddenly redness
starts spreading out and there is a lot of reaction. There’s a little bit of an open wound in
the first week or two that’s a lot bigger and scary because it’s
bigger than what you thought it was. After the second or third week, that’s when
you start seeing normal skin coming in, coming in, coming in, and covering it up. And many, many, a majority of times, there’s
not even a scar left. What I have seen is it works consistently
every time, every time. Dr. Jonathan Wright: What happened to it? Well, Dr. Cham was in Australia and by the
time the Australian Society of Dermatologists complained
to the Therapeutic Goods Administration, which is the same as the FDA
down there, down under, they had documented 70,000 people cured their own skin
cancers with his stuff. And he was
selling it over the counter! Can you imagine a cancer cure being sold over
the counter and 70,000 people cured themselves? Ty: We can’t have that. Dr. Jonathan Wright: We cannot have that,
even if we’re in Australia. So there was a complaint
for the Australian Society of Dermatologists to the Therapeutic Goods Administration “Put
this stuff on prescription! Only doctors should treat!” So the Therapeutic Goods
Administration put it on prescription. There goes Dr. Cham’s over the counter business. Guess what? Hardly any of the dermatologists have prescribed
the stuff. They couldn’t
get it anymore. Ty: This BEC-5 compound, which is selectively
toxic to cancer cells, is contained in the Devil’s Apple which grows freely all over
Australia. While we’re on the subject of
Australia, let’s have a listen to Dr. Manuela Boyle as she shares some of her treatment
protocols and we’re also going to hear from an Australian cancer survivor. Dr. Manuela Malaguti-Boyle: I’ve been in
practice for almost 20 years. I’m originally from Milan,
from Italy. I worked for a number of years in London,
a very big clinic in London. I used to
see cancer patients over there. I worked in Singapore as well so over there,
same thing, and in Australia. Cancer is very much an international issue. There are some differences in perhaps
obviously cultural backgrounds, beliefs, and diets. But at the end of the day, the patient
who is undergoing chemotherapy at the local hospital here on the Gold Coast will be
receiving exactly the same type of drug that a patient in Sri Lanka right now with breast
cancer will be receiving. And the person in America will be receiving,
and in South Africa will be receiving, which means that basically
the conventional treatment is still one size fits all. In terms of integrative approach, we know
that this is obviously a very significant shortcoming. One size doesn’t fit all, at all. We have the opportunity to use botanical
agents and nutritional supplementation that is designed for each and every individual. We have about 220 different cancers that have
been identified, and those 220 different cancers are, again, different for each and
every person. Individualized treatment is
absolutely essential. My team and I have the ability to use cutting
edge technical, amazing machines which we have. We have a hyperthermia machine. Hyperthermia chamber. We have IV,
Vitamin C, glutathione, alpha lipoic acids. We have dendritic vaccine injections. All this is
absolutely evidence based. It is supported by human clinical trials,
and it is very successful. Each and every time it is modified and tweaked
according to the presentation of each patient. I’m very happy to be able to use all this
knowledge and to help people. Geoff Beaty: After multiple attempts, then they put a—I swallowed a pill that had a camera in it and that found it and I had a gastrointestinal stromal tumor. So, as soon as I found out,
in a couple of days, I was like… Oh, they did another endoscopy to try and
get to it to see more about it, that it had to go down a long
ways. It was a difficult one. A couple of days later, I was in surgery and
they took out a foot of my small intestine and
it was a gastrointestinal stromal tumor. And it was grown 10 centimeters so it was
very— and I’m very lucky that it bled. If it hadn’t have bled and it had got much
bigger, I probably wouldn’t have survived. So they took it out and I was put on chemotherapy
and Clive Glivec. In America I think it’s called Gleevec. That was hard. It just knocked the energy
out of me. It was difficult to stand up for a year. I think that’s something that—I think
I got that second tumor some time later on. That was probably a few years. I can’t remember exactly, probably two years
later, and that was in my neck. It grew very rapidly and I decided that I
wanted to approach this not just medically. Once I got the diagnosis for that and then had a think about it, treatment would have been chemo and radiation and—but, I just
didn’t want it all coming back again. I knew if I
did just straight medical stuff if was not necessarily—you know this was the second
time around. I then had the treatment that was involved,
but I went and approached Manuela and Manuela put me on a regime of things that… During the treatment – because I got
Western medical treatment, but I also got Manuela’s treatment and I did much… There were a whole lot of people that I knew
that were diagnosed at the same time, and I
watched us all go through it, and the difference in me and the other people was amazing. I just coped with the treatments so much better. Less nausea, I didn’t need to be fed by
tube, which nearly all of them did that were going through at the same time. You could see, just by looking at me, that
I was coping much better than the others. It
was still not a lot of fun. It was difficult to go through, but I did
cope much better. I had much less burns from the radiation on my neck than the other people. Once the treatments stopped, I just started
picking up very quickly and within six weeks I
could go back to work. Because we were cycled and going back to the
doctors at the same time at the hospital, I saw a number
of the others and many of them, four and five months later still not back at work, they
were still not in a great shape. What Manuela did for me made a huge difference. The herbs and the nutrients and the
diet that I was on made a huge difference in my recovery. How can I repay her? How can
I say enough about these things? I think she knows how much it has meant to
me. I have
a quality of life now that is great and life ongoing. Now, three and a half years on, I’m back
to full strength and I’ve been back to full strength for quite a while. Just amazing. Really, really good. It feels good. I feel confident
that it’s not coming back. I’m here to stay. Ty: During this episode you’ve come to know
about the true cancer facts and fictions. I’m so
glad we could make it clear for you. You’ve learned how cancer spreads, and how
the immune system is the answer to stopping cancer
in its tracks. You’ve seen the alarming
data on the hidden dangers of mammograms, which like chemotherapy, actually helps to
spread cancer – the exact thing it is supposed to diagnose and prevent. You’ve also
seen the propensity of mammograms to lead to over-diagnoses. All these facts leading to
the conclusion that there simply must be a better way. You’ve seen how thermography can actually
diagnose breast cancer when it’s as small as a pinhead, and how a life-threatening bout
with cancer can be won before it even begins. The same goes for skin cancer. We’ve given you the most effective ways
to prevent and beat skin cancer so you can make
sure that your skin not only looks healthy, but it is healthy. And as we will keep reiterating, nature itself
will continue to give us answers as we tap into the amazing gift we’ve been given that
surrounds us every day. You’ve heard the
stories of how essential oils have helped to prevent and heal cancer like Allison and
Dr. Axe’s mother. And how these people will attest that their
lives are indebted to gifts given in nature. I trust this has not only been informative,
but encouraging to you as you see that the answers are simple and there is a clear path
to having a life free from cancer. Wow! We covered a lot of information in this episode,
didn’t we? I’m glad you joined us
and I hope you’ll make plans to join us for the next episode, because tomorrow we’re
going to travel across the Atlantic Ocean to a little country called Latvia. We’re going to learn about a virus that
targets cancer cells and has been used in over
10,000 patients to completely eradicate cancer from the body, with no known side
effects. You are not going to want to miss the next
episode. Thanks for tuning in to this one. Make plans to join us tomorrow and in the
meantime, God bless all of you. Dr. Veronique Desaulniers: Well I’m living
proof and thousands of women around the globe and hundreds of thousands of people who’ve
healed cancer in general. We know there is a cure. The cure lies in our food, in detoxifying
our body properly, balancing our energy and dealing with our stress and emotional wounds. Making sure we don’t have dental toxicities,
using food and plants to repair our body and then staying on top of everything. Making sure that you can prevent cancer in
the future. Because traditional medicine will use certain
markers, but they’re very gross and very ineffective markers. But there are markers like the PHI enzyme,
or the cancer profile or oncoblot test that can determine cancer when it’s only a few
million cells in the body instead of a tumor. Because it takes 5 to 8 years for a tumor
to develop. Thermography is also a great tool to be able
to access the physiological changes that’s going on in the body. Yes there is a cure and yes you can prevent
it. Dr. Gaston Cornu-Labat: I think the work you’re
doing is extraordinary. And I think it’s extraordinary because you’re
nailing—let me see if I get the expression correctly, nailing the head. Okay you—you’re hitting the nail on the
head. Because the core of what you’re doing is
empowerment. And you are gathering up information and you’re
bringing it forward. And that purpose of empowerment is really
key to health. And that is the piece that’s missing. Eventually medicine will come to terms. Humanity will come to terms with the fact
that healing comes from within. And that us, the doctors, and the clinics
and the medications aren’t the ones that facilitate the process of healing. So it doesn’t belong to us. It belongs to you as a patient. My true role as a practitioner is to empower
and facilitate that healing within. Ty: Daniel. What’s your last name Daniel?
Daniel Wise: My name is Daniel Wise
Ty: Daniel Wise. We’re here in Atlanta and it’s really
a pleasure to meet you today. This is frankincense oil. What you want to do is put a drop on your
tongue every two hours. And you see how you feel after a couple of
weeks. Daniel Wise: You know what I want y’all
to do to show you how much belief I got in y’all? I want you to put a tab on your finger and
put it right there on my lip—on my tongue, brother. This is how much I believe and happy to see y’all guys. Look, I don’t know if his hand is filthy
or not. There’s more pure medication than the system
gives us. Ty: What we just gave you is a little bottle
of frankincense oil. You got it in your backpack here. Daniel Wise: I will keep it. Ty: You keep it. You use it. You’re a stage four cancer patient with
stage four lung cancer, right? Daniel Wise: Right. Ty: And you’re gonna use that every two
hours on your tongue. And I’m gonna give you a number to get in
touch with me and I’m gonna touch base with you in a couple months to see how you’re
doing. Daniel Wise: Good, that’ll be good. That will be awesome. Come look at this man’s neck. Look at his neck. Now look at my neck. That’s all I want. Is that me asking for too much? Just to not be in pain all day. These boys about to make me cry, I’m punking
out like a girl. Lord, please put extra angels protection around
these guys, Lord. Let no hurt, harm, or danger come upon them. Let them be a blessing to someone else Lord,
like you sent them out to me today. I know they’re looking at me like I’m
a little deranged, and I am. God made me like this and he wants y’all
to be bold. I’ve been suicidal this morning. I almost did it. But I knew I would be a punk. Cause I ain’t toughing this thing out. Ty: But there’s always hope. That’s the message we give you today Daniel. There is hope. And that little bottle of oil in your backpack. Daniel Wise: That big bottle of oil. Ty: Big bottle of oil. You wait and see what it does. Because I think you’re gonna be pleasantly
surprised, brother. Daniel Wise: Thank you for your time brother. Ty: Yeah we love you. Ty: When you chose to own The Truth About
Cancer: A Global Quest, you play a huge role in saving millions of men, women, and children
that are suffering and dying from cancer, a terribly misunderstood and mistreated disease. You’re support allows us to continue on
our life’s mission to eradicate cancer once and for all. Our mission is not only to help you and your
family by arming you with the truth, but is to share the truth with as many people as
we can across the globe each and every day. Please consider joining this movement and
supporting the mission by choosing to own this docuseries and by sharing it with your
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    My mother recently was told she had Stage 1 cancer and had chemo & radiation. She is 82, it was very difficult for her. She is recovering now, but still has a weak immune and dealing with radiation burns. I am looking for better alternatives for her well being and restoration. I will continue to seek these informational videos. Thank you!

  • Vegan Gem

    Seems this video was made a few years ago from these past comments..SO, I would hope we could find out if this homeless vet healed?
    Also.. how to get that "devils apple" skin cancer treatment? I need it! They wanted to cut a big triangle in my face and I decided not to allow it..basal cell carcinoma is what its called

  • Are You Saved?

    Yeshua/Jesus was a child when the Wise men came (Matthew 2:12-16) – pay attention to the word ‘child’ in the passage:
    “12And having been warned in a dream not to go back to Herod, they returned to their country by another route. 13When they had gone, an angel of the LORD appeared to Joseph in a dream. "Get up," he said, "take the child and his mother and escape to Egypt. Stay there until I tell you, for Herod is going to search for the child to kill him." 14So he got up, took the child and his mother during the night and left for Egypt, 15where he stayed until the death of Herod. And so was fulfilled what the LORD had said through the prophet: "Out of Egypt I called my son." 16When Herod realized that he had been outwitted by the Magi, he was furious, and he gave orders to kill all the boys in Bethlehem and its vicinity who were two years old and under, in accordance with the time he had learned from the Magi.”

    It makes for a nice nativity scene but it’s not the truth!

  • M Soto

    Cancer is a Fungus and it does not kill you the reason of getting Cancer is from chemicals which are in Food being Sprayed On, and second is not Eating Right given your body feeding your body what it needs to fight off any enemies that comes in, but if so than their are other ways to rid it and it is to Detox your body, and Alkaline your body No diseases will and can survive and won't enter a Alkaline body!!! Eat right and clean those vegs & fruits off with vinegar water let it sit 15mins and put under clean water after***

  • HH WE

    What if I say most cancer is caused by artifitial means? Most if not ALL cancer 'victims' are TIs, targeted individuals, based on DNA, blood type? What I know now, half of the European population will get cancer!

  • Lucy Korzelius

    This is such wonderful information as I am on my own journey to cure my breast cancer. I continue to talk to doctors but the more I talk to the doctors the more I feel I need to take matters in my own hands. This has been my life since Feb. 2018 as I educate myself I become fearless that I am the conqueror of this condition. This happened to me for a reason and this journey will help me, then allow me to be help to others in the same way. God Bless.

  • Megan Phillips

    Awesome! The doctor at the end summed up the most important thing…this is about empowerment. And healing comes from within. In this age of toxicity on so many levels, we certainly need help…it gives me huge hope to know there are beautiful, effective, life affirming treatments that cure cancer! Thank you for really changing my life, my family's life and for saving so many lives with this heart felt education.

  • Judith Grominger

    Thank you for the information in each episode. Grateful you have made this information available through You Tube. Have wanted to watch each episode for years. Learning a lot. Thank you!

  • Willie Andrews

    Please everyone pray for my husband willie they say he has lung cancer ,and may have spread to brain they keep asking him to take different mri an ct .today he went for another test to check out his left lung what i do not understand is if they took pictures of his right lung would not they do left at the same time, i believe they are trying to milk his insurance , dr want to give him chemo and radation treatments he said no, which is his decision, i am with him all the way , he is very frighten which is understandsble i said to him but we are going to trust in The Mosthigh and his son to the end. We are married and one . And find out as much as we can and fight the good fight . thank you for all the work you are doing to inform people bless you all . May Yah richly bless you, and to those who are fight much love to you all . Peace oh this is my husbands post my name is Sharon take care.

  • Dieguismama

    Please, please please look into Dr. Isaac Goiz, he's a brilliant man.  He discovered biomagnetism pairs.  My biomagnetism therapist found a 2 cm cancerous lump in my right breast. My practitioner told me to get it checked with allopathic doctor, who confirmed his findings.  One week later and after two treatments, I just got cleared, I'm completely free of cancer… by the way, I got a sonogram, no mammogram, thanks to this documentary.  Mine was caused by the leprosy bacteria and a fungus.  Magnets neutralize the PH so these pathogens no longer have an optimal terrain.  Goiz should be the next Nobel price winner.

  • David Rathmann

    Hello Ty, thank you so much for doing this series on the truth about Cancer. This is very comprehensive and greatly appreciated.

    The survivor stories have been so inspirational, encouraging and gives hope.

    Everyone has been touched by Cancer and getting the truth out there is what is needed.

    The more people that know about this, the better. Absolutely brilliant information. Well done.💯👏👏👏

    After watching the information about essential oils, I am looking forward to when I try the Frankincense oil. 😀😀😀😀

  • Michael Lawson

    I spirit is the journey and body is the bus , you are the driver from dust to dust . With Gods guidance you are well . Eat and live clean of body mind and spirit. God bless you all.

  • Michael Lawson

    Cannabis oi also does the trick for breast cancer in 3 months and other cancers in 6 months all at stage 4 . Do check it up on Youtube . There are thousands of docs about it from many clever people . There are many other cures too as shown in this doc.

    God bless you all .

  • Matt

    I am confused regarding the skin cancer treatment, what did they say you can use to treat skin cancer? (that you can get in the UK)

  • Anelise Is Free

    Lugol's Iodine and
    Bitter Apricot Seeds
    also look up
    Jason Vale & B17
    Don't fear Cancer
    Arm yourself with
    Information and then
    Apply that Knowledge

  • jezzyby47

    Are the ingredients that go into the Hoxsey forumula available anywhere? Does anyone know what they are and in what amounts?


    I think the series is really worth gold. but know that you can find certain vaccinations in cancer cells … even those substances that are used are carcinogenic maybe that should also be looked at further because that is what I miss

  • Roman Berezutskiy

    The doctor from Russia in this video, Irina has been framed when she came to the US. She had to acknowledge false advertising and was arrested by big pharmaceutical puppets. Write her, encourage her as she is doing prison time under false accusations

  • Yudi Parindra wife get a breast cancer the type is mucinous carsinoma type B. Some relative sudgest to drink stem cell pil. Is that alright?
    What sould we do? Please help us…

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