The right colors for your skin tone: is this color warm or cool?  ǀ Justine Leconte
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The right colors for your skin tone: is this color warm or cool? ǀ Justine Leconte

hi everyone it’s Justine. it is very useful
to be able to tell if the color is warm or cool when you are shopping for
clothes, because if your undertone is warm then warm colors will suit you. if
your cool then cool colors will suit you. you kind of want to match the undertone
of the clothes you’re wearing with your own skin undertone. so if you’re able to
tell just by looking at the color oh this is warm, this is cool, imagine how
much time uncertainties and trials you can save. the problem is that it’s not
always easy to judge if a color is warm or cool just like that. you might have a
garment like this in your wardrobe already for which you wonder: does that
fit me, do I look pale, is the color too dark,
what’s the matter?… this kind of question is a matter of undertone. so in this
video, I will show you how to know, find out, if the color is warm or cool, so that
you know if it will fit you. if you don’t know what YOU are yet, then you
need to watch my previous video first, on how to determine your undertone: warm,
cool or maybe neutral? I will link that video in the corner and in the
description below this video. and then come back here. now I will start with the
basics and then tackle the cases where it’s less obvious. 1: learn what warm and
cool look like. on a color wheel you see three primary colors, blue, red and yellow.
and three secondary colors in between, purple, orange and green. if you split
that will in two halves, you get a cool side and a warm side. green, blue and
purple are cool while red, orange and yellow are the warm colors. My color
wheel here has 12 colors instead of six but it works exactly the same way: one
warm side, one cool side. if you want, here you can pause and screenshot this
screen for future reference. now if you’re looking at a color which is one
of those 12 basic ones, now you can tell it’s warm, it’s cool. one point down!
2: but each color can be warm or cool! that’s the next level. when you
start mixing the basic colors, each one can actually become warmer or cooler and
that’s where it gets a little bit tricky. example: basic blue is cold by definition.
that’s the blue on the color wheel. if
you add just a bit of red, you will get a warm blue. you can see how it is warmer
than our basic blue. then if you keep adding more red, at some point you will
get purple. purple is half blue, half red. and it’s definitely warmer, it tends
towards red. so this blue is a warm blue compared to the basic blue. following
this logic now you understand how a cool color like blue can in fact become a bit
warmer if you add a bit of a warm color to it, in this case: red. usually when
you’re looking at a color, it’s not a pure color from the color wheel, it’s a
mix of a dominant color and a bit of something else: you want to find out if
that bit of something else is cool or warm, what color it is so you can tell if
the main color is trending towards cool what towards warm. what helps me
personally is to wonder: does this color contain a bit of orange, orange like the
sun, like very warm between red and yellow? or does it contain a bit of blue,
like the sky? So sun and sky. 3: and when you can’t tell? sometimes you’ll see the
colour of a garment and you won’t be able to say mmediately: oh yeah this is
cool, this is warm. what to do in this case? example: this yellow, is it rather
warm or rather cool? it’s not that easy to say. to find out, you want to compare
that one yellow with other yellows. get a range of yellows and rank them from cool
to warm relatively to each other. it’s a lot easier than judging one color alone.
here I have these five samples. there is one that’s clearly more orange so I put
that on the right side. and there is one that’s more greenish. once I have the two
extremes, I organize the other cards in between. the yellow I was looking at is
this one. it’s rather a cool yellow, good for you if your skin is cool. if I add
this yellow orange at the end of the range, you see how we’re getting warmer
and warmer towards the right side? as I said, looking at a range is a lot easier
than looking at just one color. now if you’re shopping and you’re in a store,
you can do that same exercise physically. take the garment
off the rack, to avoid being influenced by all the colors around it. take it to
the daylight, to the window and compare your yellows. or if you’re shopping
online, compare the garment you’re looking at (possibly on a good screen
that’s good with color contrasts), compare that yellow to the garments that you
already own or with a color wheel: the one that I showed you, mine, is on Amazon.
it’s very cheap, I’ll link it down below if you want to have a look. 4: what
if you’re comparing different colors? now so far, I was comparing yellows. what if
I’m comparing two completely different colors like a blue + a green of different
intensity? that’s the hardest part. example: is this color warmer or cooler
compared to that one? they’re actually both green: the left one contains more
blue and the right one contains more yellow. how do I know? I will show you. on
the left side I’m adding cards trending towards blue. on the other side I make
the transition towards yellow. this way you see that they don’t belong to the
same family at all. the left one is a cool green-blue. the right one is a warm
green-yellow. and in case you were wondering whether the left one was a
green or a blue in the first place: look, if I place just these two cards next to
each other, my initial card is clearly greener, isn’t
it? comparing colors is super helpful and always a lot easier than guessing a
standalone color. now I have two extra tips for you. one tip on daylight: under
artificial light, like typically in a store, you can’t see colors properly. you
need to take the garments next to the window to judge and see the colors as
they really are. same thing in changing rooms: usually in
there, the color, the light is warm, to make you feel cozy and good while you’re
trying things on. it’s a purchase psychology argument. but you can’t rely
on the light in there either. even if it looks white, it is not right. Tip 2: the eye
likes balance. once you know that you are… let’s say warm toned, and you found an
outfit that is warm tone too, there is one more
detail that I would pay attention to: in a whole warm outfit, I would add a little
bit of the opposite, just for the eye and that means a little bit of cool. for
instance, it can be a color within a multicolor print. it can be an accessory.
it can be the shoes that you’re wearing. it’s gonna make your outfit pop out
suddenly a lot more… and people are going to wonder how you did it. it’s just a
matter of color combination between cool and warm. but make sure that what you’re
wearing around the face, the colors there, do fit your undertone. that’s it for today.
if you learned something new in this video, thumbs up! thank you very much!! and
now you can go to your closet and practice: do your clothes, those that you
already own, look cool or warm when you compare them with each other? with
practice, you will see, at some point you’ll be able to tell very quickly. I
will also link down below in the description… 2 things: the video on how
to determine your undertone, if you’ve missed it, and a playlist of my videos
about color. for instance, how to make an outfit pop more or look a bit more
classy and discreet just by playing with the color palette? I hope you’ll enjoy those
extra videos! look at the links down below, don’t forget to subscribe to this
channel and I will see you very soon again 🙂
New videos every Wednesday and Sunday Until next time, take care!


  • Hanna Figiel

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  • Christine Angel Harris-James

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    if my RGB has more red, but all values are very close to each other, does this mean I’m neutral? Otherwise I shouldn’t wear red, right, but it looks good on me, I believe. And a lot of colors look odd on me, like yellow. I’m confused 🥺

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    Tip for online shopping: use a color picker (you can download it as a browser add on). It will give you the RVB numbers of the colors and you will know for sure if the color is warm (contains more red) or cool (more blue). Your monitor doesn't influence the actual color code! You cannot be sure the photos have a perfect white balance but most of the time they are super neutral.

  • Thomas E

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