The Legend of Jon – This is Only a Test 516 – 9/5/19
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The Legend of Jon – This is Only a Test 516 – 9/5/19

this week’s episode of this is only a
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September 5th 2019 welcome to this is only a test the official podcast of
tested calm hello everyone and welcome to a
fantastic episode this week I’ve called it already judging by everything I know
we’re going to talk about from our show notes it’s gonna be a good one
thanks for joining us I’m norm and with me is our our main crew got Jerry
Williams aye Norman Chen how you doing good good I’m excited to talk about all
the things that you want to talk about Jerry’s been knee-deep and pinball this
week of course and learning C++ Norman gin oh I can’t wait to hear about that’s
so riveting no how about kosher Hari hello
Oh welcome back this is one of the best weeks I’ve had in a long time new tool
album first time in 13 years it’s a good Shore episode and all the cosplay and
science like it’s stuff in does 72 hours oh so you got to be talking about drag
Cohn that’s that’s that’s what you’re talking about right oh yeah I’m just
back I am not recovered one iota but I’m here to talk about it’s gonna be our top
story but before we get to that how’s it weren’t doing Jeremy anything fun this
weekend does Labor Day weekend guys I know you were in Atlanta but Jeremy and
he’s a long weekend yeah yeah my kids had the four days like they have that
Friday through Monday off from school yeah like we’d only been in school for
two weeks and the school system was like too much yeah yes give him some time off
Wow so it was fine you know low impromptu
visit to see the crayons out in the mountains we had a good time yeah it’s
perfect Labor Day weekend that was that was yours I what did I do
I stayed home and watched a bunch of movies television I did go to Sausalito
yeah it’s impromptu trip on Labor Day true that’s a city to the north of San
Francisco it was very cold and foggy in San Francisco so I decided to go if you
go 20 miles and direction north east south yep sunnier so went to Sausalito
where across the Golden Gate Bridge it’s where the very first tested office
was located so I drove by there it’s now I believe a law firm so that’s exciting
I forgot about that yeah did you I never saw no but I knew
you went up there we were there for maybe
year.if at that for the inception yeah to get us off the floor and then we
moved to downtown San Francisco but I was in Seattle
I wasn’t Seattle for a pack so this past weekend I didn’t actually get to go to
any actual packs exhale easy eating at a limited edition of space rocks
oh I mean i-i’ve Ahlan teared to help Gary pack space rocks into you know make
the boxes and put the rocks in the boxes but he had it he had his kid he had a
whole team of people you know he was good you know that meme uh it’s gone too
long now I’m afraid to ask I don’t know what space rocks are I’m afraid to ask
is that a meme yeah no not space rocks but it’s it’s the dude from community or
whatever you know that me I’m talking about you guys seriously leaving me
hanging here tonic lover no no star-lord he’s not from
communities from the new sitcom he speaks from Parks and Rec yeah Chris
price yes and and he said there’s a meme there’s the mean where he doesn’t know
what something is and it’s been too long yeah I don’t want that something that
meme is and it has been too long I don’t know what space rocks are okay so it did
originate from this podcast and I bet you can look up the archives back one
will Gary and I were running the show here and Newton’s podcast every week we
used to have a segment called what was it was a it was a it was after I’m
afraid what the segment was but after the show ended fake outtakes that’s what
it was oh my god right we used to fake out tics it was like an hour long after
the show just of bullshitting and rambling and mostly letting Gary just
you know just brained him well basically what you get if you watch him on Twitch
these days and he came with the idea of a tabletop game back when we were
talking about how awesome the new wave of tabletop games were you know we’ll
was really in the Dominion and we had all played Catan and we were doing
things that the Game of Thrones board games and he didn’t really get tabletop
games so he came up with the game called space rocks and in true Gary fashion
like the l ron hubbard of board game designers maybe yeah yeah he’s like I
can do that I could do this wanna get a rocks and the ruled and the
object of the game is to have all the rocks by the end of the game Hungry
Hungry Hippos but and how did you how you accomplished that up to you oh wow
violence negotiation throwing your existing rocks which you would then lose
rocks to maybe potentially gain more rocks if you it was more meditation on
human nature and competition and and and the rules of life but you know it took
off I think and I think even put a I had a Twitter page or four and he jokingly
promised a Kickstarter it was you know very much got into the whole thing and
now he’s brought it back I think he’s mentioned a bunch of times on kind of
funny on the show he’s on so he’s explained it to his current audience
yeah and so he and his wife then manufactured almost a hundred physical
boxes with design looks great yeah it does look cool and they had waivers that
attendee signs a promise they couldn’t they wouldn’t actually not play space
products you can buy it but if it promise not to play it
why because to play it would be AI know potentially disastrous liability I
didn’t want to sell a game that then could be the the object that’s war
violence you just waiting to talk about dragon no no holding the top seat I was
gonna say if you watch Gary stream slash Gary Whitta there’s a VA
OD last night where I think he talked about selling space rocks and just
irritating Greg Miller and Leslie by selling space rocks so you can hear all
about his stories from hacks it’s a stupid game let’s let’s be clear about
that and he’s very self-aware that it’s a stupid it’s a stupid game and stupid
idea by design by design but the fact that it has caught on and people have
rallied around it maybe is variable Matic of internet culture today and the
fact that people are willing to shell out $20 to buy a box of literal rocks
I think hey they did it in the 60s and I’d pet rock all the rarity true you
just got one yeah yeah and so Gary I sold out immediately 30 boxes a day and
it was it at the keynote he did the keynote wonderful I think could watch
that on the twitch Vonn stream as well or they are the
PAC’s pot somewhere but they did get to catch up with him he had some other
folks at PAX tilt five was there jeri ellsworth I’d be one big regret if
I had an extra day at PAX I would have gone and checked out till 5:00 they were
showing off the tech they were people got to put on the glasses like on the
show floor like they had a boost or no on the show floor anyone could go up
there there to booth and you could there are videos from packs of attendees
interviewing jerry and and and checking out tilt five and and a lot of it looks
like the cast they are stuff they design but obviously they’ve spent more time
we’re finding the hardware so it looks good yeah I really want to try it
so sulphide was there I think also stolen from insomniac was there and
there sure multiplayer so no burgle check those things out but the things I
did good see we’ll talk about later on the show all right so that was that was
s this past weekend top story this week okay cash or it’s
the cash or our let’s see let’s hear it here we go
just just get ready this is the best con of the year I just want to say to be
fair it was the it was the Norman Chan our last week with galaxies s it’s right
when I mean kind of kind of every week okay if you look at like when we used to
record our audio or our podcasts on multitrack right and they throw it into
ya audition and premiere for editing and you’d see the the waveforms and it’s you
and me kind of like pretty steady bouncing maybe me a lot for the peaks
and I cash or just like mmm woman pop-culture science right I expect to be
very front heavy cash or this week excellent yeah well I think some people
probably call me front heavy keys because you’re these days yeah
drag cut is my favorite kind of the year I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea
but to me it combines like just pure fandom mayhem in the sense that the con
doesn’t close ever most cons run like 8 to 5 p.m. Dragon Con opens up and just
goes 24/7 all the way until the con shuts down a few days later it’s in
Atlanta it’s centered in five host hotels 3 which are connected to each
other the Hyatt Marriott in the Hilton and there’s 20 plus fan tracks that are
hosting panels and conversations along with a main programming fact where
there’s talks and stuff by celebrities and guests there’s everything you’d
expect from a con there’s there’s the store area like the exhibition floor
there’s a gaming area for tabletop gaming there’s a lot of video gaming
there’s even a guy that brought in like Japanese arcade games
oh this year for a Japanese area that was huge it replay effects this year –
that must be a thing so there’s there’s Hannah a little bit for everything
everyone the whole sort of architecture around this is really built on cosplay I
would say like one in four maybe one in three people seem to be in cosplay it’s
an exceptional amount of cop play and the reason I love Dragon Con
and is my favorite kind of year is like obviously love cosplay but to me it’s
not about the professionals getting out there they’re there but it’s about
everyone doing it and sort of being welcomed and encouraged no matter what
your sort of technical level is I think actually some of my favorite cosplays
are things that are sort of thrown together at the last minute and I’ll put
up pictures of some of my favorites here in a second but this year there was at
the Sheraton which is one of the hotels on one of the nights one of the speakers
in one of the panel rooms had a small like fire and they had to evacuate whoa
the hotel it was not a big deal every well that’s a big Sheraton okay that’s a
small smaller off-site one but it’s it’s still like a big thing there to evacuate
a bunch of rooms and stuff the next morning in like somewhere like in the
Hilton or Marriott there’s somebody who built a speaker out of a cardboard box
like painted it up and like made it on fire and as walking around as the
Sheraton speaker cosplay that is what this convention is is just like a giant
joke and it didn’t matter that you know who’s obviously like throwing together
last minute just sort of perfectly encapsulates the feeling of the moment
do you want to see some pictures yes describe some of my best so for those of
you who are listening to the podcast and not watching the video one you could
watch the video it’s on YouTube but we could also we’re gonna try to do our
best to paint word pictures and describe the things that kasher saw we’re gonna
you may be sure your thumbs up on are maybe an image or gallery yeah and then
we’ll link that in the show notes so these are just random shots from the
Dragon Con floor I get to do one of the things I’ve always wanted to do I played
chess with a Jawa so there’s this kid that sets up a chess table and he’s
dressed as a Jawa for no reason he’s like a master level
chess player and on the and he collects money to donate to charity and he sits
there for about eight hours playing chess with anyone that will walk up with
there’s there’s above him mrs. play chess with a Jawa
and the job was saying of course it is theirs he will show you teeny no is that
job offer checkmate Edie he is checkmate in five very good he’s
like a ranked chess Wow and it’s like it was like one of these like fabled
DragonCon things I’ve never seen before their passionately United with the Jawa
and chess pieces as well as a placard for the Tatooine planetary Chess
Federation TPC F it just it’s it’s so out of this world it’s hilarious let’s
see I’m a little disappointed that the chess pieces were not Star Wars meme
though maybe so does that play into Jarek with people he’s playing chess I
mean still you can get the Star Wars themed chess pieces alright this is a
I’m part of called the Stonecutters which is a from an obscure Simpsons
episode where they make a stonemasons the episode is now over 26 years old my
goodness there is 29 of us there and we walk around any sing the song we have
the fabled parchment one of the people has the chosen one tattoo on his butt
it’s really ridiculous it’s fantastic do you know who this is norm it’s well I
see the pictures of a Bob Ross slash now a Dalek call you no cross cosplayer
cross over but it’s not Davros the Dalek it’s Bob Ross the Dalek
so it’s a Bob Ross Dalek that was just watering around Bob Ross one of the hits
of the con it was probably the third most popular outfit I saw there was a
lot of Bob Ross’s is that this is that robotic or is he walking around it was
this one he was walking around and there were robotic Daleks all over and for
people listening the Dalek is the lower half of the costume with the top half
being a more traditional Bob Ross of the wig and the paint palette what do you
think the most popular costume was a dragon gun oh it’s got to be stranger
things the scoops of Hawaii cubes ahoy everywhere yeah it was the number one
costume by a mile I mean like the answer is usually
Deadpool’s because there’s Deadpool’s everywhere you can’t
out the Deadpool’s you can only hope to contain them where are people getting
their scoops of horse costume there there’s you know ready-made like
Halloween kind of scoops of Hawaii costumes and so there are all sorts of
scoops of Hawaii mashups everywhere but scoops of Hawaii dominating the con this
one is was one of my favorites and the photo detail here isn’t great but it’s a
Captain America with a Psylocke but the Captain America is all Hydra doubt yeah
and so he changed the the helmet tab Hydra symbol his his chest armor has a
Hydra symbol you can’t see his shield but it has a Hydra symbol and all the
work he did wasn’t just sort of like simple foam it was like the shield was
metal and did like a metal overlay with the Hydra symbol it looked really really
good this is the fat lady in the painting which is a Harry Potter cosplay
she set up a frame and just sat in the middle of the painting like posing as if
she was drinking wine this guy who is in some red costumes still don’t know what
it is attached a hibachi to himself and was just cooking food in the middle of
the Marriot okay Peter Barrett word picture this is someone in a bodysuit
wearing completely red bodysuit including a hood with a red backpack and
it seems to be a friend next to him also in a red body so you holding up there is
I see a Japanese sign and when you say hibachi like there is a full on the
kitchen counter that he’s attached to in the front with sauces with a with a what
is that like a gret gas grill gas grill exactly right as a butane gas grill
attached to his costume and he was making food that you could just buy this
guy was they’d made Coco Bowl cosplay a thing these are the real Infinity stones
like the power to wipe out half of humanity was just in Dragon Con and some
of the the prop master Russell from Marvel was there Russell Bobbitt yeah
and he just had an aluminum case that he could walk up to and you open it and all
the stones this is one of the lay down the best thing that happens at cons at
people don’t know about it it’s in San Diego as well Russell Baba is the you
can google me he’s the prop master at Marvel working out of the workshop in
Atlanta he and his team are the ones who make the mule nur cap shield and all the
variations and and I have a go moto and also the Infinity Gauntlet you know
these aren’t contracted out they’re done in-house and Russell’s brought the
actual East one he’s post pictures of them on Instagram scan follow him there
but he’s actually brought the original props to conventions to show and done
panel talks about the making of them and they’re usually not highly impacted so
they’re not like Hall age panels you can easily get into them you could really
just go up and talk about the process with them and and see them up close
because they’re not behind glass they’re just right there these are screen used
infinity gems yeah I mean they’re multiple sets so to tell like you know
witches in what you know scenic cetera and it’s got them displayed well because
they have LEDs underneath them and they light up that’s pretty awesome this was
mentioned on still entitled this is John and his fiancee Allie they’re the
cosplayers his Instagram handles lone wolf one one eight three they do cosplay
out of Atlanta and they made these Benny output outfits from Lego that are
astronaut costumes and so I walked up to John and I was talking to him and when
he sort of we figured out who who I was he mentioned that he had taken that comp
cooler which Adam mentioned on still entitled which is the cooling vest that
has like an automated switch I think he wore it in his Chewbacca outfit and I
had been wearing inside my Mayor McCheese outfit and he had essentially
sort of hacked it a little bit and stuck it inside both of these Bennie outfits
this was one of the best costumes of the con for me just like it was really
brilliant blue it looked like astronaut suits all the patch details that they
had down the side were elegant they had like a wonderful flag to go along with
them and just knowing that they’d arrived like their cooling mechanism
from listening to it’s still time untitled episode most kind of strikes me
as awesome what is the flat it’s a flag of the planet and like Benny
has it on it’s just it’s a little Eagle thing yeah yeah this is the fast-food
Avengers yeah I’m part of and so you can see my marvel McCheese I’m there with
Mick for Basque furry which is baskin-robbins Valkyrie when my widow
Colonel America we wandered around it was it was sort of a blast being in that
outfit really bared lead here you brought York Mayor McCheese cosplay and
you’ve modified it to be a Captain Marvel hybrid the yeah the Mohawk
with the fries yeah it’s so good it’s mohawk made out of french fries I
skinned the top with as if it’s the Captain Marvel Red Cow helm cow with
with room for the mohawk to come out by the way there were so many of those so
were really well done that were sort of lit up like authentic ones and I had
like boots and pants and a jacket and a sash and everything did you make the
boots I didn’t make the boots I made like parts of the boots but I used some
like Captain Marvel asked boots and then like kind of skinned him out so this is
the Mod Podge a container like a person call as the mascot and this person works
for plaid the company that that actually makes my podge who actually showed up to
it and so a funny thing is I was hanging out with bill Duran a lot and the night
before we were having drinks and just joking around because he had seen this
cosplay group called the bar Jers and they were all people that had half made
cosplay items and were wearing shirts that said I barge and they were like as
if they were just building their cosplay and we’re barging them together with
cement there’s a real deep cosplay maker cut and we were joking around I’m like
yeah you know next thing you know you’re gonna go out tomorrow and there’ll be a
Mod Podge cosplay and then he sends me this picture the next day he sends me a
picture of him standing next to it this is one I took later and plaid really
like embrace like the cosplay community they’ve always been more of a company
that catered towards crafters but since everyone in the community that
especially ones that make foam armor largely use this to smooth over their
foam they are wandering around as a container Mod Podge a Mod Podge it’s a
big jar yeah he’s just giant jar of it it was great incredible a mondoshawan
from fifth element from fifth element there was two different ones walking
around I actually don’t know who is in this one this is Bill’s picture it’s
just more like lie beyond life-sized these giant creatures from Fifth Element
and he just it looks spectacular was lit up with lights on the front these
creatures like are in human in the humanoid in the in the just Barris sense
of the word and so it was just amazing act of puppetry because their head
inside this costume is not within the head of the actual outfit so they’re
kind of like puppeting while also walking around inside of this thing and
it was just sort of an amazing feat of design they don’t really water right oh
yeah they’re waddling I mean like the person inside was waddling I think it
sort of fit the character this is a cosplayer let me make sure I get her
name nerdish is she goes by Nerdist cosplay her name’s Sarah park and this
photos by Andrew Liptak who’s a friend of tesage she made a steampunk Infinity
Gauntlet super cool it looks just gorgeous and is that a compass on her
arm yeah that’s it’s that steam punk pretty
awesome you better know which direction you’re pointing what about half the
universe I just love like the mashup designs oh like that you that you see
with things like this this is the one that went the most viral on Twitter this
is the neverending story with somebody playing a Trey you and a tracks the the
horse who dies in the the swamp of sorrows I think it’s called or swamp of
stat sadness and everyone was like scarred on Twitter when they saw this
picture because this is the death scene for the horse let me tell you I saw this
in person in the Marriott the kid is screaming the
in the cosplay it makes it so much worse commitment is so much commitment I fully
respect it here’s bill and his wife Brittany who’s an amazing assault Ron
which was when it is just great to see her out in that costume again with Odin
Abbott from the channel Odin makes he makes a lot of great props in this
Batman cosplay I I hung out with Odin a bit he had a casual Thanos cosplay which
is hilarious I’m like a Hawaiian shirt he did a bunch he makes a lot of
different props on his channel he was a really great guy this guy had the most
commitment he’s literally like in a way what is that a gamepad is it like a PS
Vita will we go oh yeah yeah Game Boy Advance game boy this is wearing a
human-sized Game Boy Advance with what looks like a 40 36 inch LCD as displayed
he’s wearing it over his neck with real giant buttons well the screen is dressed
up to look like a Game Boy Advance and he’s wearing a Mario hat and then the
controller’s the GameCube controllers are coming off so he had a Gamecube like
in behind where the TV is and people were playing Smash Brothers on his
costume and but the funny thing is label cosplay you told me he was tethered to
the wall yes so he’s plugged into the wall to power the television and
GameCube so he had to like stay up there next to the wall this is somebody
basically cosplaying as a TV stand and I loved it it makes no sense I love it yes
I played Super Smash Brothers on this this is a Roberto from Futurama my
favorite a he’s been at the con before my favorite part I actually don’t know
who this person is but if you go up to him you go ha ha he goes ha ha right
back at stabbing you stabbing motion a besom this is for norm this is a sketch
oh yes sketch and I saw two different Skeksis at the con one is from from prop
maker Alyssa Smith I think is her name I I don’t think that she’s in this one but
they’re both had different puppeted heads
and the detail on like the Skeksis is really intensive it’s as I believe is it
looks like the Chamberlain yeah this one’s a Chamberlain and the other one I
think was a scientist mm-hmm most of the dark crystal the Chamberlain
is stripped of his carbs yeah there I think this looks more like the
Chamberlain from the movie the beginning of the movie yeah but it was I mean
these are exceptional creations like getting all the hair on there and yeah
that’s insane we have the entire Top Gun fleet here Wow okay you got it described
this is a photo for I think Brownell combs is the is one of the cosplayers
and the photos from Eurobeat kasumi photo but you have people wearing
different jets around their waist so it’s not it’s a photo of nine cosplayers
and they’re most similar wearing flight suits right your pilot flight suits but
around their waist it’s almost like they have the power
what are those cars called the power wheels except there are cardboard or
foam fighter jets that basically are just hugging their waist almost like
they’re like floaties right for a pool but they’re super serious with their
aviators on and then this woman in the back is holding a giant volleyball I
think she is the volleyball volleyball and the net it’s the integral scene yes
absolutely one guy is the danger zone these
constant deep cuts are happening the group cosplays here were amazing so one
of the things I’ve always heard about is there’s a march of the elves I forget
where that’s called from Lord of the Rings where the elves all go marching
and there was like 20 different elves that all had their like ceremonial
things they’re swinging around that marched from one hotel through three
hotels not stopping and just went on this March whole time and so I’m like
chasing them down to get a picture and then the other way is the mando March
happens all these like 50 Mandalorians start coming the other way at you these
group cosplays and one of my favorite parts of Dragon Con
was the there is multiple inflatable what are those things that like why wait
wavy persons what yeah maybe crazy inflatable arm men yes yes
there is multiple parades of those characters wandering around two people
dressed as those noodles yes huh and wandered around the con this is Matt
Hobbs Wally and there was a ton of droids out the Wally had the best
experience because kids just love Wally BB Mike I mean there is multiple Mouse
droids there was brand-new designs of droids you’ve never seen from any
cosplays there was there was a whole march of bb-8 that were they they
followed a human bb-8 as if they were ducklings in descending size water and
on the Stonecutters floor we had like they they all are on the same floor of a
hotel this guy heard a screaming and came down and he had a chopper and an
art to that he had 3d printed and so and then just started taking it apart for us
to look inside the guts that’s the best part of Dragon Con is like we see bots
like this at other cons but where can where can you spend like an hour with
the Builder where you start showing you the guts of it on the inside it’s like
part makerfaire part con at that point and that’s also its Wyeth well he’s the
best this is Yaya Han one of the most famous
cosplayers with Bill she had a really stunning kind of feathered dragon armor
display she was out for multiple days but she’s just hanging out in the crowd
like one of the most famous cosplayers in the world just hanging out just
socializing with people which is basically how Dragon Con feels like
there’s no difference between you and famous person next to you and bill with
I think his name is Sean Bradley who did a yondu but his yondu had had the arrow
and he had done lighting I think via a fiber-optic cable through
the arrow back into his suit so you can see you could hear the whistling almost
as the red light comes through and you’ll see like
multiple scoops of Hawaii in the background I want to just share to other
things from Dragon Con that I think made this experience so delightful one is
from our friend Kevin close who is a tormund cosplayer you might remember him
from New York Comic Con where he proposed to his wife with the help of us
he and some other tormund’s got together with a Brienne and surrounded her and
made a quite the viral video and I think I have the names of the cosplayers here
there’s Brienne is played by Katrina Thomason there’s one of the tormund’s as
Matthew dareth sily cosplay Kevin close our friends EJ and Hickman 2988 it is is
just awesome this is part of from some of the group shots but too close we have
to talk about the cult of John the cult of John this is a phenomenon that popped
up just this DragonCon yeah so every year people send stuff through FedEx
because there’s so many costumes so people are just shipping stuff and FedEx
put a stand up like cardboard cutout like you and it says you can’t miss us
and that’s just some generic guy holding a FedEx package well why should I stand
E yeah life-sized sandy and like you know sometime and during the early days
of the con people put a couple googly eyes on this oh no big deal well that
escalated analyzed ranked dragon yes so they got some vandalized it escalated to
a you know putting some arrows on his head starting to drawn on him before you
know it this standee is adorned with characters
from mr. Rogers he’s he’s adorned with like lays the like people start
decorating him as if he’s an idol with stickers like you can see em if you’re
watching the video there’s a sticker of Captain America saying I want you on the
package now it goes so crazy that he just becomes littered with stuff
all over him he has like every patch sticker that you can imagine on the on
this character he’s saying stuff and then the standee disappears one night no
disappear and bagged and and people can’t believe John has left us so they
start this is not leftover from the sandy this is people leaving people
start an altar tribute to John where they start leaving remnants from
DragonCon in support of John removing stickers coffee cups dolls all sake
liquor like a spot of liquor plenty of those yeah yes and notes people start
writing personal notes on how they miss John I will always love you John I
watched you grow John and you were taken from us too soon and the altar grows to
the point where people start just it just grows out of whack and the cleaning
staff leaves it there yes I don’t think the clean stuff works those four days oh
really no they do oh yeah they do they work
really hard it’s just hard to keep up with that many people there was rumors
of John reappearing in other hotels something lot of pictures of him but
what happens and I don’t have pictures of this is people create a new John out
of FedEx boxes they like craft a new John and start and then there are all
these pictures of people praying in front of John like where they kneeled
down in front of the new John Folse John it is a false John but now there is
literally a church of John that exists amongst dragon clan members and they’ll
burn into dragon colony is that real or is that a Photoshop no no somebody did a
Photoshop of him getting dusted all I want to say is this encapsulated dragon
con is people being over the top and ridiculous and fun and friendly and
working together for to create a collective that that really makes no
sense I went to so many panels and
conversations and said hello to you know hundreds of people it was just a
brilliant time it’s my favorite kind of year so if you’re in a cosplay if you’re
in a science if you’re into making if you’re into just having a more relaxed
fan run experience Dragon Con is for you this enlightens me of the the John
phenomenon reminds me of that podcast criminal this is criminal about the
Buddha in Oakland you guys heard about this the Buddha was telling about it an
hour ago oh really oh my god okay I didn’t realize that
yeah it’s a it’s it’s a phenomenon where someone put up a Buddha statue bought
from like a Lowe’s or Home Depot or an Ace Hardware at a big intersection
Oakland in order to prevent people from throwing garbage at this little
crosswalk intersection and then local members of community started then
adorning it with you know objects and built a whole shrine around it because
who doesn’t love Buddha you know who doesn’t love FedEx can we talk about
cosplay just for a moment because yeah i i’m not a cosplayer I came to tested
years ago kind of green to the thing I really didn’t know much about the
community and I think to outsiders it might appear to be all about
role-playing but it appears that it’s it’s more about showing off a mix of
technical and creative skills no I I kind of disagree with that well tell me
so I feel like cosplay to me is different than it is to how it is for
Adam I think it’s probably different for how it is for Bill I think it’s
different for how it is for the person that made like the cardboard shirt and
fire speaker mm-hmm to me it’s about inhabiting characters
that I love and having a really good time so like I dress up as Mayor
McCheese and I order a hundred cheeseburgers from a local McDonald’s
and I wander around and I hand out cheeseburgers and I tell people to
reelect me and I’ll hand out cards that if they actually scan the cards it takes
them to a register to vote page so I just play as if I am a
of McDonald’s land that doesn’t exist and there’s something about that sort of
role-playing that works for me other people really love the craft like the
building of it the technical aspects as you as you allude to some people really
love it just for the camaraderie like joining with a whole group of other
people to want around some people are there just to people-watch
and just to enjoy the experience of seeing other people in costume what I
find is that and I think the reason I love Dragon Con the most is I’m not the
most technical person it and often times it can be quite intimidating being here
and seeing like people like Adam and Bill work and seeing how much craft and
and experience they have I don’t have that kind of like technical capabilities
with him even though I aspire to some of those things but I feel just as welcomed
with my you know kind of crappy Mayor McCheese outfit because I’m enjoying
myself yeah and people react to that and I think that’s sort of the best of
Dragon Con is when you see other people inhabiting characters in a way they just
love it so it doesn’t matter if their costumes great it’s about that joy of
being a fan of the whatever the thing you’re in and having that sort of shared
experience amongst people even when you don’t recognize what it is or even if
it’s not done the best is one of the most joyous experiences I think you can
have as fans and to see it shift in a way where it’s less about buying this
costume or you know buying this figure of this costume but a shared experience
that you get to co-create with other people I think they’re the there’s a
that’s a real occupies a real special place in my heart I mean to form a self
expression where you feel transformed I mean anyone who’s put on a costume for
Halloween can test that putting on any type of
costume you feel different right if you put an arm or you feel more powerful you
put on makeup you feel like you’re you know it’s a different skin and maybe
you’re more comfortable in that new skin right but cosplay like there’s so many
store-bought costumes on Halloween and cosplay Esmond and there are 99% about
making it yourself I mean they are here to a drinkin a lot of people are buying
off shelf things but I don’t think that
matters I think what matters is how you inhabit that really a costume see I the
thing I admire most is that mix of creative and technical you know skills
because the a lot of people are strong in one and not the other but when you’re
strong in both I find that very admirable and that that makes me excited
but it’s also this combat that combined with fandom that makes it somewhat
different than where you might see those skills that’s combined elsewhere like
there’s a thing called the demo scene that I’ve always been sort of a fan of
which is very much that creative and technical sides mashed together but it’s
not necessarily in in homage or you know in celebration or anything except the
demo scene like the when it comes to cosplay it’s about being expressing your
fandom of something else whether it’s television movies I think oftentimes the
people that are making their own costume are infusing it with a lot more of that
joy and love and that fan experience and you feel that but people can do that
with a store-bought thing too I I think we can’t get trapped in the idea that
cosplay is only at this certain level because it starts to put like money
money gates financial gates and on who gets to be at these things and that’s
not what it’s about to me dragutin’s not without its faults don’t
get me wrong there’s lots of things that you know our emerge as problems
especially when you bring like 80,000 people together there’s always problems
but I think the heart of this of just having a social experience that is
centered in and dressing up and getting away yeah is is really fantastic I don’t
recommend odds on singing at John cosplay next year Oh a thousand percent
a thousand percent a last thing before you go thanks to everyone that came and
said hello a lot of them said they watch this podcast all the time I immediately
apologized but they it seems like tested has held a special place in many
cosplayers and makers hearts and it was great to hear stories like that we love
you back a little bit light in the pop culture
this week especially given the past two weeks and we had both d23 and also the
major news bombs of the matrix and so nice spider-man but still a few things
to talk about first of all Joker is coming out soon and there are early
reviews a month yeah early it’s early early so it shows high confidence in the
part of the studio I also we get was a premiere of the Venice Film Festival
that’s where a lot of press got to see it early but the reviews are very kind
people were really loving it ten out of ten says IGN Wow
whoa that was interesting okay anything but I still am a little
skeptical good I think that can only improve your viewing experience now the
thing I keep hearing and I haven’t delved deep into the reviews is that
Joaquin Phoenix gives an all-time performance completely believe that like
he’s a high-caliber actor I think it’s gonna be deeply unsettling like any
Joker Mook should be what I’m really hoping for is I think the best of the
Joker is where you don’t uh you don’t really know what was real and not at the
end because the Joker lies like that’s the number one thing like that’s what he
ledger did throughout Dark Knight we don’t know his origin story unreliable
narrator yeah a big part of that in the mythology of the Joker in the comics in
all sin the Dark Knight but I don’t know if you’re gonna have that is it through
the lens of his telling a story or it’s a objective lens of just you know camera
put on him in his journey hey I hope you’re right I really would love that to
be the case I don’t know like I talked about you know what if this Joker isn’t
the Joker right if it’s just the downfall of a man but it really does
evoke a lot of that that Michael Douglas film downfall falling down falling down
yep downfall that was the Hitler movie yeah a falling down and it feels like
that but in the DC Universe so I think I’m gonna watch it I just I’m gonna I’m
gonna take this maybe one with a grain of salt to be fair norm wants Dark
Phoenix this weekend so he’s skeptical of every half oh yeah
that you know that those are the villains proposed to be the scrolls in
that movie what yeah I’ve seen it you’ve seen it yeah the shapeshifters Jessica
Chastain they were supposed to be the scrolls I guess there but they weren’t
called the scrolls anyway moving on what I did get to see was the Dark Crystal a
few episodes of that on Netflix how many episodes are there there are 10 episodes
they are about an hour long only 50 minutes to an hour long each of them
even over that so it’s almost around 10 hours of Dark Crystal but I did not know
because I hadn’t reached and the series is that there’s a whole documentary that
they made Netflix made that about the making of this show I thought they were
gonna drop that on Netflix a week later it turns out that’s the bonus credit
scene the whole documentary is unlocked once you watch the final episode you
it’s not unlocked until you watch it or or scroll to the end okay gotcha yeah
that’s well through the credits I’m four episodes in I wasn’t prepared for just
how enormous and just sort of sweeping the landscape sorry I mean the puppets
are evoke the 1980 movie I do they look similar it looks better because you’re
watching an HD now but the the entire like landscape behind them the larger
story to get to filled in because the movie just like kind of zooms through a
lot of the background on the characters they there’s like a whole world that
they spend a lot of time building and I’m only four episodes in it was and
it’s more intense than I thought are you watching it with your son I was no
because I started watching it and I think it’s too intense for me this show
is not for children it is for children it’s totally for children well yeah it’s
I’m really curious what younger audiences will think of it because one
they don’t have the nostalgia factor the pace of the original Dark Crystal is
kind of slow for you know in terms of films definitely films are a little slow
or even though it’s a kid’s film but we all have this fond memory of that the
world-building they did with the Orion and it’s all the Mystics like they built
their own language and their whole the whole of the character design you saw
glimpses of things that you knew had a further history because they would talk
about the thousand years at passed since the Skeksis ruled well and
at the time you’d never seen puppets or Muppets applied in any way that was
anything more than gee you know you you would knew them from Sesame Street in
the Muppet movies but it was so cute and you know and which is great and I love
those but that our crystal took it and amped it up to a slightly more adult a
little more mature yeah actually kind of scary a little a
little bit of animal for children and there’s some of that here but York
shorts it’s sweeping in terms of the different reminds you have Game of
Thrones and because of the different factions and the clans of the golfing’s
but also Lord of the Rings in terms of the different landscape so it’s an
underground world there’s the library they’re different yeah it’s different
groups I really love the main characters voice acting is spectacular how many
stars are in this believe like you can’t even count how many of them there are
they’re like every single person is is somebody famous I have not watched it
yet because I’m still trying to get my kids on board and we just haven’t found
the time so I’m holding off but how do you find the CG is it intrusive is it
perfect not intrusive at all it looks good it’s pretty seamless some
characters like some of the creatures they have to do CG because they’re
moving so quickly then you couldn’t keep up it it but the main golfing’s are not
that’s eg it you more have to get used to the practical side of this that there
are these puppets that don’t have full facial animation and stuff and so that
was actually the bigger leap for me as being as accepting of the puppets right
there’s a little bit of uncanny value there because everything that production
value is so high you almost like have to realize these are still puppets they
can’t be as expressive as a CG character as it I’m a human actor in makeup so and
they move a little funny because they’re puppets yeah so it’s still a puppet show
and if you watch it as such it’s the best produced puppet show ever made I
guess I mean I don’t want to go into spoilers but yeah it’s it’s fantastic
there’s physics I didn’t realize it was I mean is this a spoiler saying that
it’s a prequel no I don’t think it’s let’s say that yeah I didn’t get that
until I was like you know ten minutes into the end of the first episode I mean
then I figured it out it’s Sigourney Weaver in the narration
like pretty clearly sets out that this is you know before the events of Dark
Crystal before the Chris I didn’t watch the movie before I started the show do
you recommend 100% recommend watching the movie even though there’s a prequel
show watching the movie really gives you all the groundwork for the things they
dive deeper on but yes I agree that because it is a prequel you kind of you
know the words heading toward even though the end of the first season
probably doesn’t get you right to the beginning of the movie they’re going to
leave room for a second season but you know it’s it’s gonna the beginning of
dark wrestle in the movies the world is not raw is not a happy place so you know
there’s only one direction the show can really head tour inevitability another
thing that makes it worth watching the original
is the Skeksis are much more fleshed out in the show so getting a sense that
there are the ten Skeksis in the beginning of the movie i think eight by
the time you get to the end of the movie those individual Skeksis characters from
the Chamberlain who is voiced by Simon Pegg to the scientists work by voice by
Mark Hamill Aquafina is a voice of the collector I believe the wonderful voice
performances that give me a lot more personality than just the visual styling
we got from the movie cool last week we talked about galaxy touch a lot and one
of the things that bread broke news stories that broke last week was the TSA
had banned from galaxy’s edge the soda bottles they sprite and Diet Coke and
coke bottles that were shaped like Star Wars themed thermal detonators and since
they would not allow you to bring them on board or even check them in well we
have an update for that TSA has now reconsidered it’s weird and they’re
allowing you to check them in but not carry them on Bourg Oh before you
couldn’t even check them couldn’t even check them in yeah I mean it’s a science
fiction weapon but it’s still shaped like spherically like like a grenade
is that why that is exactly what you so the current rule state you still
couldn’t bring on a toy grenade or you couldn’t burn you keep no you can never
run Jorgen a torch for a gun right I’ve had friends who try to bring on carrion
you know castings film props and things that they’ve made that look like you
know blasters space blasters and they have them have had them even checked
taken away checked it I think it’s fine well we’re saying that you couldn’t even
check right now that’s why they’ve reconsidered the very strange I need my
six dollar thermal detonator Diet Coke you have 550 plus tax so we also have
some TV news we’ll wrap up pop culture relatively quickly we have a premiere
date for the HBO watchman show and it’s gonna be in about a month and a half
October 20th at 9 p.m. Sunday it’s a Sunday night show kind of taking that
Game of Thrones slot is when we’re gonna get that so again there’s another show
that I’m maybe less excited for given all the TV stuff that’s coming I’m on
the south end have met about this like it like we are at in San Diego and when
they were doing a lot of promo stuff and nothing really kind of caught me around
some of the world-building that being said HBO has an amazing track record
yeah we should give them the benefit of the doubt I would be more than happy for
this to be a slow burn and a show that I can maybe binge later because in terms
of HBO shows even there’s his dark materials and also Westworld season
three of them way more cited for and across the the premium TV landscape well
we have Disney Plus right on the horizon speaking of which the Disney Plus
launching November 12th is gonna have the mandalorian and we got another set
photo this worth calling out and I want to put this up if possible because how
do people are pointing out myself included in this set photo production
still looks like well it looks like some stage action figures okay find a photo
you can’t find the photo and quickly has it it’s not in the show notes oh I
apologize what do you mean it looks like what did
say it staged it looks like it looks at Kenner action figures supposed is it
like a tilt shift photo it’s not tilt shift people are as postulating that
it’s that’s because it still chef I think it’s because they had
the photographer probably couldn’t get up close like the actors weren’t gonna
it was probably during a choreographed fight scene and the actors weren’t gonna
hold their posts like a cosplay photo right so the still photographer
production photographer probably had to stand back a little bit and get a little
more of a wide shot but doesn’t that see exactly why I mean a just a staged
action figure show is the mandalorian the titular character fighting two
aliens they’re not bossed but they’re two two aliens but the way that they’re
all presented with their clothing and even the way their joints are bent it’s
also like the ground beneath them yeah that kind of stuff yeah yeah well that’s
weird too like that there’s definitely some touch-ups or something happening
around that border of that leg yeah it’s also like stuff like the cape doesn’t
look like it’s it’s really emotional yeah it looks like something that’s been
practice so it’s really funny looking and there’s nothing from the trailer
that would indicate now a look like I really want to believe it’s intentional
it’s probably not probably just circumstance that this is the best place
that they could get a photo but it’s just an interesting I’m with you I want
to believe it’s intentional yeah moving over to Star Trek well Picard we
haven’t some light Picard news on the production side principal photography is
finished on Picard now they’re moving into post-production VFX a lot of cast
numbers directors showrunner Michael Chabon posted pictures on social media
they filmed I believe one of the last scenes at the best cuz rocks in Southern
California by Joshua Tree so I step by Joshua Tree yeah I mean and we know
iconic location for science fiction and Star Trek of course so the cards come in
early next year and now it’s all about editing and and it’s all in the can do
you think this will be more of a this one theis more viewers than discovery
did yes a hundred percent thousand percent yeah yeah well it’s a question
of its kind of I would think it would be more of a
gamble because do you are can you count on 40-somethings
to sign up for a new service you are to tell me what suppose one come that more
disposable income or money or do you want to you know count on people who
want something new and an edgier like discovery are you doing a boat mmm yeah
I don’t know if how much crossover there is like for me I’m definitely more of a
Picard guy mm-hm but I assume since they went with
discovery and they put they went all-in on it that there’s definitely a
demographic for that too I mean maybe even a more sure one with two seasons of
discovery they probably got as many Star Trek fans as they were gonna get for CBS
all apps you want bought in season one and season two I don’t know if numbers
crew but it was for a start it was the first Star Trek TV show a long time
we’re gonna get TV like the movies so you were gonna get as much of those
audience so now that they’re going Picard they’re gonna have a chance to
get all the fans who were reluctant to jump on something new and want the old
stuff many more of those Star Trek fans and also remember next gen being over 25
years old now that was more way more of a broader cultural phenomenon than Star
Trek ended up being in the late 90s and by the end of like Voyager and so you
have people who love Patrick Stewart and love the heyday of Star Trek and I think
there’s a lot more opportunity for them to grow with this show CBS all access to
the service seemed reasonably did Twilight Zone a lot of nostalgia there
hmm I guess that does it for pop culture news got Android ten launching on phones
this week it’s out pixel phones got the day one update I have storm pixel phones
and I tried to get it last night couldn’t get him on either so I have to
wait till today I think what candy is this no can no candies all should be
sweet quiche should be sweet quiche but that’s it does it doesn’t have a
codename no it’s gonna be they they’ve changed
the whole thing it’s crazy to Android ten all right so security privacy it’s
use just the the the iPhone ten like swiping from the bottom that the kind of
taskbar there a gesture bar sorry that’s all rolling out and a lot of the other
stuff is like if they make changes to the hardware because there’s stuff on
how apps run in the foreground where is the background but you know that’s
really not that big of a deal based on how I use the phone now I have a nexus 7
and it’s stuck on 6 mmm can’t get past their Nexus 7 the tablet yeah man oh
that’s really good one 2013 that’s my Android device it’s still
kicking thank goodness you’re not developing for Android it’s that it’s
got a candy codenamed version on the Iowa side we have a little bit of a
rumor or known of the leaked but in the code for iOS 13 people found allusions
to a our headset support well in a in a non publicly released version of the
code yep so the the code the thing that was referenced is an app a start test
app that can switch to a head-mounted mode and a starboard shell that could be
forced arrow a our apps yeah yep we’ll see it doesn’t mean that the headsets
around the corner it guesses code that they would need to build in there if
they’re using iOS as a code base for a headset for internal testing how much
would you like this to be one more thing next week no way no way no way I think
it were at least a year away yeah that would be something I mean we’re two
years away that’s honestly like I don’t even this is not a news story we know
they’re working on something well is only a noose or in that they could
cancel anytime and there’s that weird thing is that they supposed that they
did right like they put that team on hold and this indicates maybe they’re
still working they’re still working on it
I think the hardware problems are probably tougher to solve here than the
software problems and they’re not gonna put anything out there until they feel
confident in the hardware coming in at one a price point that they’re happy
with manufacturing and they’re selling an upsell or a big markup into the form
factor that is socially acceptable whether that’s miniaturization of the
hardware or other technologies making wearables become more more in vogue I am
NOT excited for them to realize that’s the wrong way to say it I’m not anxious
for them to release this hardware anytime soon because whenever they
decide to do it’s got to be good enough to entice the public to make a
breakthrough in the same way that the iPhone was generations ahead of the
competition and made a splash and became the the device that all of their cell
phones people wanted to be like I hope that they can do that for AR but I don’t
want them to do it until it’s ready and in there we think about the iPhone and
for an iPad the thing that made it was the marriage of their software and the
capacitive screens I suppose a resistive touchscreens yeah it was which wasn’t
groundbreaking people could make and buy capacitive touchscreens at the time but
they had found you know along with a flash memory stuff they had found a cons
of scale that would let them manufacture this so I don’t think whenever they come
out with that the AR glasses you know we heard the John Carmack interview with
I’ve been watching yep Rogan podcast where he talked about AR and how you
know the form factor is really the big thing what’s the uke’s case one wants to
kill a wrap but also to you know is it going to be something that people we’re
out in the field yeah and right now the quest is not something you could even
with passed through they are something you could wear comfortably or socially
acceptable out in the open but maybe something that’s more like ski goggles
and if you look at some of those early
render ski goggles maybe some it kind of wraps around your entire face as opposed
to classes we all want glasses but ski goggles maybe the next step and I don’t
think Apple would be happy with ski goggles I don’t know I mean whatever it
is I I’m fine if it’s not what I expected to be like at the time that the
iPhone was released everybody had physical keyboards mm-hmm
and everybody thought they wanted one and Apple said no and they’ve done the
same thing with the floppy disk and soundly with the headphone jack like
they’re famous for like going their own direction so whatever that if it is ski
goggles if they think if they’ve tested that and that’s what they believe in you
know great I’m all-in but you know what I’m open mind and I also don’t think
it’s gonna be like one company’s and come out with a revolutionary
breakthrough hardware technology that’s gonna be the thing that makes it a
system seller it’s not like Apple Facebook or magically have the this one
display manufacturer one one type of display that no one else can manufacture
I feel like it’s gonna be you don’t think it will be that I don’t think it
will be that why not I mean could I think I mean we wanted to be that I just
my gut says I don’t think it will be my problem is that currently like if magic
leap is the best possible you know a our tech and that costs thousands of dollars
I mean if if Apple could do that a you know its scale and make it cost a third
the price it’s still not compelling enough to entice the mass-market so what
is that technology that will like something something new right but is
this something new it’s gonna be exclusive that no other company right
can make or is it these are gonna be a breakthrough in display tech from a
third-party that no company can buy up or maybe one company does buy up yeah
but then all of them have access to this type of technology but the
implementation of the technology in the marriage of the software and the slam
and an integration is going to be the thing that sells the hardware my
question also is can AR be successful if it’s designed not for outside use
initially if it’s designed just for home use no gear yeah I don’t know I feel like that’s a
more reasonable way to design a are I why I just don’t see Apple doing that
you think they would want something that they put out something it’s gotta be
something people will want to wear or they expect people to wear in the open
in public not just in their homes because we expect it to be tied to their
phone in some way right but you don’t think that couldn’t be content and the
use case is compelling enough that people would spend let’s say a thousand
dollars on a headset that you 95% of the time designed to be used indoors in home
you mean it’s like a computer replacement computing for social
interaction in home bringing the virtual world to you but that’s a much simpler
problem to solve in terms of recognizing the world and placing objects in the
world then in a yeah and maybe even power yeah yeah I don’t know how only
has one two products that stay in your house good Apple TV and like a desktop
yeah and I’m access Mac Pro everything else is out in the open but if the use
case is compelling enough home pod I mean that’s designed to be mobile to a
certain extent is that a battery in it no no not you up on it
yeah okay moving on from actually it’s continued with some apple news uh two
other pieces of Apple news not really it’s a new hardware but to what happens
to the hardware you’ve already bought first of all on Apple watch series two
and three aluminum models there seems to be a defect some users have that the
screen cracks and now Apple is allowing even if you’re out of warranty to get
your screens and your watches replace so are you in that Club I’m not because I
have the steel I don’t the old gadget one but I am in on Jen it didn’t say why
I was very curious if it has something to do with like metal fatigue or just
expansion and contraction in the metal with heat but it all he said was very
rare well in the gen zeros there was a problem with the batteries expanding and
that wouldn’t push the screen off it happened to my wife’s we had it replaced
well that’s a feature pop off screen huh bigger news though is Apple made the
announcement that they’re gonna allow third-party repairs this get certified
and repair iPhones essentially this is great I like I’m a right to repair
person and this isn’t quite that but at least it’s something along that way I
mean it’s it’s a ridiculous bottleneck for Apple to control all repairs of
their devices it also monopolizes and keeps the price
for that for those repairs artificially high and now we’re talking about
thousand-dollar devices give me a break so will Apple Care cover the new
certified repairers I it’s good question I believe that is the case it’s gonna be
a free certification process where you just need to apply and this is where
it’s not exactly right repair because Apple can deny and can kind of blacklist
certain companies from participating in this program and those companies need to
have that Apple’s certified technicians who go through their own certification
process but will allow something to do is get genuine Apple parts which is
better user experience overall and get documentation and training and tools and
diagnostic tools as well that’s interesting so there was just I think
see that’s a that feels like a win there because until I see a situation where a
bunch of people blacklisted like this is how these programs start and Kyle from
iFixit was was pretty over the moon about this movie especially since applet
Auctus in in testified to the fact that this is documentation that they didn’t
want out to the public because there was a they were afraid that it would then
open up the phones to being hacked and and bad overall user experience but I
think that one they just can’t support the the number of people who need
repairs in Apple stores it’s that experience has not been good for people
long lines and turnaround times and for people who do go to a third-party
repair shops and there are so many of these that pop up the experience that
they’ve had has been best mix because there are certain
things that it’s rule don’t be lack marketing yeah yeah exactly yeah it may
work one day and then you know and they also void your warranty you can’t then
take the phone to an Apple store and get other problems fixed so this is all good
thing I don’t know when that certification process will kick off
because I am gonna look for a third-party certified store to repair my
phone as opposed to getting a new one when it gets announced in one week well
that’s wait wait let’s see I’m making the statement now we’ll see how good
that came out is that’s the other big news Apple sent out a digital invite to
their September 10th eventing mine must’ve gotten lost in the digital mail
yeah it was a the invite is a kind of a new take on the old Apple multicolored
logo so which leads speculation that these may be new colors for some line of
products the expectation of course is new iPhones with everyone expects three
cameras in the back the removal of the 3d touch on the front of the screens
then makes it cheaper hat for Apple to make but pretty much the same ID same
body design that’s why I think next year it’s probably the bigger year for
iPhones everyone expects a new body design next year along with 5g look that
would be the first time that happens it’s never been on the third year I
think it’s I mean technically it would be not the exact same body design
because once the back would be three camera module I suppose a to Kim wins
last time the iMac was redesigned I mean it’s like they found the design and now
going forward it’s just internals so you don’t think next year they’re gonna do a
body redesign I wouldn’t count on it I mean I would yeah wouldn’t I mean I’m
happy with this I wouldn’t I think every year something’s just good enough to
entice the hardcore and if it’s been several years then it’s you know then
you upgrade so camera camera this year 5g next year I don’t know man it’s weird
because the cameras du siehst year I mean it’s definitely not 5g plus here
yeah no no but you’re right it will be 5g next year but I like will that be
enough there must be more maybe to cater to 5g and then 10 is required there it
requires a new ID a new design physical design do you need a new ID I think
that’s a big selling point for people yeah
a really big selling point and also we’re talking about the shrinking
hopefully the shrinking of the front facing notch sensor right when they when
they can miniaturize that even though I guess right and then that would be a big
change as well yeah so that’s gonna hopefully be announced next week along
with I think of expectation is also a new MacBook Pro 16 inch MacBook Pro
maybe a new Apple watch who knows they aren’t kind of on an annual cadence for
that I’m making my statement now I’m not lying not buying the new iPhone this
year I’m gonna save myself a thousand dollars I’m gonna go repair get this
screen repaired by a certified technician instead I’m skeptical
white power I actually want to hear a lot more about some of the TV lineup
that’s coming because I’m super skeptic to do it did you watch that whole
special cuz they had a whole TV event yeah yeah no I watched it and now it
like they haven’t put it on sale yet but it’s two months away right aren’t they
gonna roll out more now I don’t know Gail’s gonna go up there with Oprah now
I don’t know yeah they don’t talk about it it just tells you that they’re not as
excited about it as they should oh that you know they’re excited about
it I just wonder how are they gonna there’s so much fodder that Disney has
like to fill in like they had the mandalorian but they also have every
Disney show that’s ever been on like the wonderful world of Disney like what does
the Apple has to come out and stem the time what does Apple have yeah that’s
what I do wonder which I don’t think Apple can spend enough money to buy the
excitement that Disney have in both the Star Wars brand and the Marvel brands
there’s no madam and and you know and Pixar right Apple don’t give up we won’t
they won’t they didn’t give up with Apple music but music no one had that
kind of exclusivity you know title had some exclusivity it was more about user
experience and so Apple has integration but at that point Apple has bundles
right Apple has potential to do an all a
bundle that gives you you know extra iCloud storage TV you know they can do
their Amazon Prime way it’s kind of the Trojan horse their video streaming
service into your monthly bill I think that’s the only way they can AB
to win as if you had to choose right now if you no choice can’t kill you are
allowed its its murder death kill or mmmk for your your your streaming
service oh yeah fmk on our streaming services yeah oh and I think this is
easy I think you got it still F Netflix it’s though the
leader gives you the highest of highs the lowest of lows that’s f I’m gonna
you’re gonna marry Disney Plus without never see sight unseen Mary you already
have cuz I heard stay with the ones but the money come right in oh I’m in Mary
the one that brought you man like Disney’s been with me since I’m a kid
kill kill Hulu kill and was on fire that’s gotta be Apple OH
kill everything else basically yeah yeah that’s that’s the thing yeah Disney’s
Plus is so strong keep are committing to three-year memberships well you didn’t
sight unseen I tried to and I couldn’t sign up what well I wasn’t I didn’t
realize there was a free tier of the d23 so then I went back and I did that but I
never got the invite I go check again okay do you think that this whole
scenario with Disney and Apple launching their own media services this fall would
happen if Steve Jobs were still alive do yes he would you know the such tight
relationships with with Disney CEO Val like I wonder I think there would have
been an acquisition I wonder if I think that I think that’s more likely the case
now you would have bought Netflix or there have been some type of Disney or
an ignorant or a knife or something I wonder if there would be like an
exclusivity deal the big difference between what happened with iTunes and
it’s happening with video now is all the companies have wised up everyone has
taken the lessons that what Apple did to really kind of bully the content owners
instead being on the platforms and keeping very favorable terms because the
power of the platforms now everyone’s you know there’s enough engineering out
there enough money out there that everyone’s creating their own platforms
and apples old strategy of not being necessarily first to market
being best to market may not work in this case mm-hmm yeah which is fine
that’s that’s how business works I’m happy for the content to exist and for
us to have options yeah and certainly this is not something that’s gonna make
or break Apple yeah yeah they can still get you on those iCloud they can get you
on the they can get you on the RAM the the storage upgrades on them the 128
cake store egde it’s their new hobby moving on to the PC side there was a big
update on steam that was just announced today oh really
steam you guys use steam yeah I’ve heard of this service no it’s I love steam so
you rise that steam the steam interface the live or interfaced place you go to
one Discoverer games and go launch your games and find updates for your games
and that hasn’t been updated in like 15 years well there’s a big screen mode yes
there’s big screen mode and that’s big scream has been adapted to also VR which
is like a console interface it transforms your PC into a console that’s
not getting updated gotcha we’re talking about the PC side yeah and so they tease
us at GDC and but now it’s a comedian open beta
I believe September 11th a 17th sorry September 17th is when you’ll be able to
sign up and try out the new Steam library that tab that says store library
community yeah library hmm you still have the list of games on your
left side yeah but the right side where you can kind of discover the games and
sort and kind of organize the stuff you have and what your friends are playing
that’s all to me visually different you can kind of create groups drag and drop
pull left and right and so I think it’s it’s a long time coming but Steam kind
of at this place where all these optimizations are solving problems that
they kind of built into themself right one by having this massive user base the
problem is that they want these users to be playing more games than just pub G
more games than just minecraft and they want for them to play more games so all
these updates feel like a way to get people to play different things to tap
into the trends that because the way games get popular and seems one through
sales and – that big twitch streamers or youtubers
then jump on these indie games and then people latch on and then they skyrocket
bales huh and they want that discoverability to be there yeah and to
the other problems that there’s so many games there’s you know hundred thousands
while they open the floodgates years ago right to spend anybody who wants to
publish on Steam and so to kind of be able to get that funnel to you to find
the content you want it’s the Netflix you know the the the the Netflix
algorithm problem yeah how do you get people the same with I know Ames yeah
same thing and in same the App Store right and people are on their desktop
and the question is are people still using that steam window interface and
still do you have that like a browser window as something you interact with on
a regular basis or is it just literally the launcher that you go to launch your
favorites tab and you’re on your five favorite games that you play my favorite
part is just browsing the new releases and so unfortunately they kind of bury
that so you do you you actually do browse new releases definitely you look
I mean they did the steam labs thing where they algorithmically generate the
micro trailers six-second trailers for you to get this screenshot or little
video snippets for every game so yeah at a glance
I like that visual style let me try that but I do think there’s a lot of power in
what people’s friends are playing and the kind of trends that you see like oh
I’d never heard about this game but like 30% of my friends are playing it now I
better I should try it’s important about downloaded and buy it and try it
the thing that I think is largely missing from this update is better kind
of tying on the mobile side to to streamers because the mobile app I don’t
think is dated as well I think they’re working on that but people watching
twitch streams people watching youtube videos of other people playing con
novelty games at indie games there should be a way to tap into that and say
buy that game add to my Steam library so when I get home I’m playing that how
much of this do you think is a response to the epic game store or is this
coincidence I think it’s coincidence I think it’s
more of them wrangling and reconciling with the scale that they’ve grown to so
far and that any little change and they make to this library has rippling
effects for their entire user base because it can’t be that different yep
give it it’s too different the people like I
don’t like this yeah I it’s more troublesome to get into my gaming I
won’t use teams like MySpace or Digg calm yeah yeah so visually it’s still
that same kind of rectangular browser window stain library tab list of games
on the left some big window on the right but they’ve kind of made it a little
more visually friendly and and see as much as I rely on Steam and I don’t even
have an epic games account I still feel that they have become complacent over I
don’t know what they make they are a private company nobody knows what they
make but I have a feeling it’s a lot of money and they are probably perfectly
comfortable with the status quo and they have not had to release games they
haven’t had to change steam they just rake it in yeah and so I wonder if this
isn’t maybe like they do see epic buying up these exclusives and some of the
audience going over there and them trying to refresh their image and maybe
put some more effort back into it plus they have this whole non-hierarchical
you know employment structure where everyone can sort of work on whatever
they want and may there’s no top-down directives on you this has to get done
right who knows it’s not across the board they need 5% increase in usage
time in steam and also it’s it we’re talking about a UI interface that while
there’s content there right you have like direct feeds from developers on the
updates and events that developers can create and get people excited you know
as much as they kind of tune this and and and make it visually interesting the
goal still not to have people be in that menu the goal is to get people in games
just like Netflix menu is not get people like you don’t browse through the
Netflix menu to learn about the behind the scenes and to go through like Amazon
does but think the actors and you know the after the the IMDB stuff you go
through the ethics on you to get content you want and then get in that content
yeah and so I think they’ve wanted to make that as but that’s not instantly
available and free once you’ve paid your admission steam is loaded with
everything as I look hard it’s a different yeah yeah yeah and then they
want to get people not just playing again the five games they like Brian
five games that they think they like they want people to
experiment with and buy and support any developers yeah so that’s a being rolled
out again it’s a September 17th Steam library beta but you can just opt-in
just through the steam steam interface I’m a little disappointed there’s no big
screw a big are not big screen a big picture mode update and VR interface
update I feel like that could use a little bit of an update as an the mobile
side too moving on what’s next on our technical
text section hey USB oh I love USB USB for getting sort of getting a standard
certified and ratified and the USB implementers forum has finalized the USB
four spec and so we may start seeing USB for support as early as next year I’m
sure at CES so it’s supposed to be twice as fast twice the bandwidth of a USB 3
point to which I don’t even think any my computers have right that’s the problem
doesn’t it because it could be expensive for cable support for port support from
other boards manufacturers to get the stuff built in if Intel chipsets and
ambi chipsets don’t have it built in then it can become third-party add-ons
for the for the time being which means form factors won’t be as great and price
will be higher but the promise is dual Lane 40 gigabits per second speed which
matches Thunderbolt 3 and it will be port compatible with old USB CC exactly
so if you have used to BC cables that are just 3 point 2 or 3 then it’ll still
work he just got the slower speed same number of conductors that I think is the
case ok yeah and so that means it probably handles display as well as
power yes yes the idea is it will hopefully see us bc as more of a high
bandwidth display port none of this matter it’s even if we were starting to
see these products and test it at you know IDF and a data and see us it’s not
gonna matter until until like puts it on a laptop it will not USB see it is
before see cables in the laptop it’ll also be spec backwards compatible with
all the other USBs so if you have a dongle
you still plug in any old device all right
so that’s good that was important part of it I don’t know power draw freaking
it more voltage out of this right I wonder I mean C is huge yeah yeah maybe
that’s enough for ya you’d run displays off of that power displays off of that
also charger spices external GPUs yeah be a big thing for this as well on the
windows side Microsoft has announced and unveiled some more details about their
new tablet experience now this is for tune in when devices and right now if
you have like a surface tune in one device you have the desktop mode but
once you remove the keyboard then it goes into kind of a tablet mode which is
kind of not a not great desktop mode like you have the virtual keyboard but
some of the taskbar stuff just doesn’t look it’s not as touch friendly and so
now there’s gonna be the better spacing on the taskbar easier access to the
virtual keyboard and things were if you’re holding a tablet two hands easy
access for your thumb this does it auto enable when you separate keyboard as
they do as I do today so it’s just a stylistic difference the tablet mode is
still gonna be there but it’ll be changes that will be automatically
enabled unlike a surface pro so that’s good for tablet users and convertible
users oh um last bits of technology lose facebook’s using an AI assistant and
training in Minecraft what’s going on here do we read this story and get stuck
into you buddy did I do this yeah well no way Dorian
there is no way I put this in here alright we’re not gonna talk about that
that’s your homework listeners look into that one sometimes I just like browse
through some reason this would be an interest or e2 Breen I put it in our
show notes as a bookmark yeah and then I don’t get to it yeah I’ve never even
played minecraft should I blame minecraft is it any good
yeah you should absolutely get minecraft for you and you and your son should
definitely play minecraft together hey the National Highway Transportation
Safety Administration is starting to examine tests for allowing rear or side
mirrors to replace by ham I don’t know about this so remember
Tesla had promised this on a Model X a long time ago and then they kind of
backed away from it I don’t think it’s a good idea no and and remember the Audi
e-tron yeah unveiled with these I mean not for sale just like a car show right
and I remember one of the reviews is like yeah one of the cameras looked good
but the other one is in this position were which was not natural well there’s
so even if worked perfectly it still requires some some sort of like
relearning and no it’s not the the benefits of let’s go to the benefits
first lower small profile right you can have a wide camera view you potentially
get some night vision capabilities of the camera so the cars are come more
aerodynamic with the camera the side mirror not protruding so much it’s not
gonna make much difference the aerodynamic but the downside the
challenges of implementing you can’t see your boss is wherever you put the
display that display has to be as good as light cut bouncing off a mirror and
not just talking about the resolution or the readability in daylight and in
bright sunlight but also the parallax you don’t get parallax you’re talking
about what about the display in the bolt video yeah you night racking I have a
rearview mirror in my Chevy bolt that you can flip into a mode and it becomes
a display and it is a full screen display it’s actually technically very
cool it shows what with a Kent with the camera camera cities in the rear of the
car and if you have your trunk loaded up so you can’t see out the hatchback out
the rear window with the rear view mirror it’s better than nothing but a
problem that norm just said it’s huge where if you look normally in a rear
view mirror you don’t have to change your folks your focus like you’re still
focused at infinity it like the car in front of you is pretty much robbing me
the same as the car behind you or close enough but focusing on a plane that’s
just a foot and a half away from your face takes a moment or two away from
your attention on the road and that’s bad news and that’s just the focus often
focused shifting your head yeah then right yeah it’s like a camera doesn’t
shift so you need I track in to actually change the display as you move your head
left and right because that’s how when you glance over to your side mirrors
you’re also kind of looking as well unless you’re getting a full
like you know full wide like a fisheye field of view and everything I would say
in defense of this idea it does open up the possibility of a better field of
view yeah like the problem with side mirrors is like I don’t know what why
they can’t design better that’s why the others attachments and you can get it
though is the fish aftermarket right but like everybody has a blind spot even if
it’s perfectly calibrated and most people don’t even know how to calibrate
their side mirrors to begin with they think their side rearview mirrors and
they’re not there’s supposed to be blind spot mirrors there are one entrant blind
spot mirrors just look easy you want to see the side of your car that’s the
thing that annoys me by the way oh that was gonna play it things that annoy me people don’t know how to adjust their
side mirrors man telling you I’ve been fighting this battle long and hard how
are you supposed to adjust my side mirrors alright so you look you’re
standing you’re sitting there in your car and you see out the rear-view mirror
soon as a car you don’t want to move your head like fordham backwards you’re
sitting comfortably when a car leaves your rear-view mirrors coming up beside
you it should enter your sideview mirror you
want to adjust it so that as it leaves and you see like only half of that car
in the rear view you see half the car in the side view and then you want to
calibrate it so that wouldn’t it leaves the side view it enters your peripheral
vision that’s what you want to do but most people don’t adjust their side view
mirrors while they’re driving they do it when they start up their car and there’s
no car behind you you gotta the only way to do it is while you’re driving as soon
as you can get behind a new car you just got to spend that first bit on the
highway so I guess for an autopilot on and then spend some time adjusting the
side mirrors and also you should look to the display that tells you virtually
there’s a digital car because of the radar that pops up all the pilot cameras
have tells you if a car is pulled up to the side of you and it’s blinking red
yeah that’s handy and how do you know people don’t adjust their sign because
everybody most people that I know I they have their mirrors adjusted so that they
can see behind them you know and the only time that that’s good is the the
case that I mentioned a moment ago if you’re moving and you have your your
trunk all packed up your hatchback all packed up so you can’t see out the
rear-view mirror then yeah you want to be able to see much I will give you one
other case it’s the bikers on the side of the bike lane where you sometimes
need to not just see in your blind spot but just see straight beyond you oh yeah
I know it goes without saying even if you have your mirrors calibrated always
check your blind spot manually give a little look around make sure that you’re
clear there that’s it Jeremy has a lot of parking and driving illegal and they
have situations of things that annoy you I hadn’t thought about that speaking of
cars and Tesla Tesla announced a new internal insurance policy that you can
buy from Tesla directly if you are a California resident and their promise
was that the the price in the premiums would be cheaper than
with a third party I think some people found that it’s either you know very
similar in price or even higher on the Tesla side in some cases but they think
their insurance offering is you know twenty to thirty percent cheaper than
with conventional product weight a car company do this I don’t get it like are
you gonna make that much money on insurance or is it just a convenience
factor for people buying the car I think it’s a convenience and brand and kind of
like it’s all in the family I don’t think it’s a giant money they get to
control where repairs happen a little bit more with the insurance that’s yep
maybe that’s part of it as well it makes a lot of sense the concern was though
that your premiums might change based on telemetry data from your car so Tesla
knows how you drive whether your eyes on the road but it sounds like that is
super illegal yeah none of that is gonna be used for for this insurance I always
thought it was a good idea for insurance company to start up but why are you use
a dash cam footage and then you know you if you get viral footage then they own
it and that whoa so later premium they get the YouTube ad revenue from the
viral exactly they get they own all your footage from your dash cam and and the
data from that but your premiums would be lower I’m waiting for a car just to
have a dash cam built in like why is kind of do that it it does it does and
you can do central you you can actually you can hit a button you can it will
continuously record and you hit a button and then will save like the last X
number of seconds from those cameras on door while you’re driving while you’re
driving well that’s pretty cool yeah it’s people
posted lots of interesting videos to say the least of things I’ve seen on the
road that they can then react to and clean but otherwise it’s a big power hog
to a lot of people don’t want to delete have the sent remote actually kills your
your car battery life what yeah does it move on does it this one off the 12-volt
battery no it runs off the the main battery problem is that when you’re in
Park mode and the Sentra mode is on and so it activates and starts recording
footage when people get too close or activate the proximity sensors it
doesn’t allow the car then to go in a natural low-power hibernation mode it’s
always kind of bracing itself in at the ready and so that is that’s the vampire
train vampire vampire drain a last bit of tech
news and it is Tesla news again they had a minor outage on their app were you
bitten by this I I wasn’t so this is a it’s kind of a silly thing right like
people were complaining on social media that because of this three-hour outage
they were unable to get into their cars now I would say Tesla also gives you two
RFID cards you should have one of those on you at all times right use your key
they also sell the key fobs I can use to unlock your car don’t rely on the app
this is why we can’t have nice things but I also sympathize with the people
who rely on the app because I know for example I parents rely on the app being
like convenient they like the idea that just works bluetooth you go up to the
car and technically like you don’t need an internet connection
the app is yeah it’s Bluetooth enabled so this is a problem I think it was a
problem was because if it is when you are in good internet sometimes the app
once the update and and sometimes it’ll maybe kick you out the login screen and
you’ll need to login again and if you’re not logged in if you’re not in a place
where you’re just perfectly authorized and the service is down then you are
stuck gotcha so it’s a small case it is kind of the new world we live in it is
an easy thing to joke about I think people shouldn’t rely on just
their phones to be their keys for everything should always have your
backups it’s not difficult to have that credit card key in your wall what is he
done with norm like not relying on your phone well my phone is broken when I got
the screen crash ah do you carry your RFID key underside one day go because
it’s also what you give to the you know valets for parking oh really
yeah okay and that’s to them for free yeah guess you don’t give them your
phone no give your phone no don’t leave your phone in the car either because
it’s come with some contrive away I just love the idea of you handing in valet
here’s my phone here’s the unlock code take good care of it let me ask you this
ID hey come get me if there’s any emergency
messages yeah alright do we need to pause here no we don’t we’re good no all
right ran out now it’s time for a moment of silence
all right I put up a map on the screen of the earth and gentlemen what do you
think that map is there’s a bunch of satellites and space debris that is
correct that is a map of how many satellites are surrounding the earth
there’s roughly just under 2,000 based off latest data I’ve seen that’s if some
of those are out of commission and some of them are obviously classified and
some of them are are well known and one of the things that you have to manage
this obvious of this image isn’t to scale is how do you manage and make sure
there aren’t collisions so you don’t get a gravity situation where there’s a
collision that actually creates more collisions that creates more problems
yes now the likelihood of these collisions tends to be pretty low and
there is a default number that is sort of thrown out there they’re looking for
a collision chance of less than 1 in 10,000 as the standard for when they
have to make maneuvers of satellites to avoid that well last week the ESA which
is the European Space Agency had one of their satellites come up on alert that
they had a one in a thousand and actually went below that at one point
chance of hitting a starling satellite which was recently put up by SpaceX and
so according to them they were like called up SpaceX and we’re like yo you
should move and we need to talk about this this is ten times below the
threshold how long was the time until the collision I mean it was it was weeks
okay I have time but they were they call him up and said hey we got to do this
maneuver or somebody has to do the maneuver and according the ESA the
initial reports is that SpaceX did not respond to them and we’re not giving
them information later on SpaceX said that the initial conversation said that
the chance was in one in 50k region which is well above the one in 10k that
they needs acceptable but then there is additional updates and
those updates SpaceX didn’t get that information is
what they claimed from whom from the essay or ventilate I believe that the
updates came via the US Air Force and so they’re claiming they didn’t get the
updates properly so the satellite was fine but they’re literal computer system
on the ground did not get the updated information so they weren’t about to
execute a maneuver and it it tended it it’s fine they’ve made the the change at
this point but the ESA is now looking at automating collision avoidance well the
ESA made the change yes I could SpaceX still did nothing and ESA pushed their
satellite to a higher altitude yeah and there was a little bit of being like
SpaceX what’s going on what do you do I imagine these are expensive maneuvers
because there’s not into you know unlimited fuel on board to make
maneuvers so they have to you know weigh when they should make the but also with
this many satellites out there and that number just growing and growing and
growing having a manual system for this we’re literally like somebody not
getting the proper update on the calculations and relying on that might
be a problem and that’s why the ESA ESA is actually looking into I read that
amazing that’s the satellite that the SpaceX satellite is part of a networking
satellite system and that’s what star-like is they’re planning to put
10,000 of these things in orbit which is deliver Internet Orion to you would be
five times as many satellites as they’re out there now Wow I mean that’s gonna
require some serious traffic control yeah satellite pollution get that light
pollution satellite yep I should be voted down for that all right if you
were if they gave you a 1,000 chance that you were gonna get hit by a bus
going home today would you go home yes one of the thousands not one in a
hundred order of magnitude I’m kind of thinking
the same thing no but I I’m not a space guy I don’t know I mean it’s expensive I
don’t know what my baseline chance of getting hit by a bus is I want to know
that like it’s my baseline chance of getting hit by a bus one in a thousand
you’re saying well today it’s one innit the one in 1500 and is just going down
to one in a thousand I’m kind of fine with that but if it’s like one in a
million and you say today it’s one in a thousand I have a problem with that okay
I have an I’m or a problem with not just me but with like at scale everyone in
San Francisco I would fear for us as a as a whole if the risk before getting
hit by buses one in a thousand oh yeah then people getting hit all the time yes
yeah so it can’t be one in a thousand yeah it’s a good point norm all right
let’s take a look at the star hopper test this actually happened about a week
ago this is a ship that rises up it launches up it’s a sort of weird-looking
ship I have the video up on the screen for those who are watching it flies
about a hundred to 150 meters in the air and then it moves laterally
is it moving laterally no no it’s going up right now I mean it looks like the
green looks like the lunar lander mom yeah it has kind of like a hover esque
feature and then it goes it’s about to move laterally and it moved laterally
about I don’t know 50 hundred meters and then set back down so what is this craft
it’s a way to go the star popper it was it for well essentially it it’s gonna
help with capabilities kind of like the lunar lander is and allow us to look at
landing on Moon and Mars in in ways where they can actually move around on
the surface just try and do which require a lot less thrust than on earth
yes and so it’s really interesting nASA has a very similar vehicle that they
were testing as well but you wouldn’t think that this would be that hard to do
but like maintaining that sort of altitude and then moving laterally is a
quite a challenge so I think this project started in like 2013 I want to
say and they’ve been doing these tests in Texas NASA had a similar test I don’t
think there’s video of it yet but it was also successful so I think with some of
the ship towards some of these lunar landing
programs this could be really interesting but it’s still a pretty long
way off all right bad news and then we’ll get to
some weird science news so I was hanging out with Bill Duran at DragonCon
could and he built a custom outfit custom piece of armor and it had this
like what he called an impact arm it was like punchable and it made smoke coming
out of it what and if you watch the build video he used essentially a vape
pen that has like a vegetable glycerin that has you know electrical feature and
it vapes out sounds familiar like a certain ghost trap yes very very
similar designed to Sean’s ghost trap design and it reminded me that there was
some interesting stuff that came out on vaping this past week so one is that
there’s currently a hundred 90 cases as of a couple days ago that have been
reported to the CDC of people having a mysterious lung illness associated to
vaping at this point they don’t think it’s a bacteria or a virus but people
are coming down with this condition mostly a lot of the people who come down
on this have been in Chicago but they’re having like some sort of respiratory
ailment indicating either there’s a pollutant in them in the vape what do
you call it liquid okay or there’s something else happening they’re having
like a reaction to the smoke and say don’t know the cait that why this is
happening is there a common denominator is everyone vaping the same fluid don’t
know yet because there’s a hundred 90 cases this is a mysterious ailment at
the same time it came out that the FDA is investigating Joule which is the
leading probably like nicotine based vape manufacturer and this is at a time
when jewel is facing a number of what he called referendums that are going to
essentially ban the sale of Joule products in towns there’s one coming up
in San Francisco and the reason is they are investigating because there are now
links to lung disease associated to use of Joule products and the FDA is trying
to get to the bottom of seizures that have developed in over
a hundred people over the past nine years that’s been associated to people
smoking jewel and vaping generally we don’t know again we don’t know the
source of this this is one of those things where the market outpaced the
science pretty quickly because we went from like no vaping to everyone in what
like two years maybe three years now you’re seating
those long-term studies start to catch up and starting to see some potential
consequences of it so these are all both really small mysterious element for the
CDC this seizure situation could be tied to a million things it could just be
some sort of tainted liquid could be something more systemic than that I just
think it was it hasn’t been widely publicized these problems and I think
they deserve more attention and last one I think I was listening to a still
untitled a month ago and Adam started talking about room-temperature
superconductors so right yeah I didn’t make that up
that wasn’t me dreaming still in title I’m pretty sure it happened and there
was a paper that came out that theorized not a room-temperature superconductor
but a high temperature superconductor that can operate at 200 degrees Celsius
it is a hydrogen lithium magnesium compound that has been modeled in the
lab it’s gonna have to exist at two-and-a-half times the pressure of the
atmosphere on earth oh gosh no problem no I’m sorry two-and-a-half million
times oh that’s like way too to have times doesn’t right two and a half
million times of it they’re gonna attempt to create this in the lab but
according to their theoretical model this will superconduct at that high
temperature and ridiculously high pressure okay I think it’s super
interesting to look at how they’re developing different materials that can
super conduct normal temperatures because it will change the face of
computing so traditional superconductors have to operate at like close to
absolute zero yeah and temperature not appaluse so which is
which is more difficult what pret no the pressure is you wake
crazier in this case because it’s theoretical but if you get a
room-temperature superconductor you change every oh then that’s good yeah
but that’s not what this is no well this is a theoretical all right I’m school
hey there isn’t like everyday there isn’t like a new room-temperature
superconductor development I’m just doing my best the VR minute virtual
reality this week when a jump movies relatively quickly the big story it’s
actually a video they can find on tested right now is the new game mode that got
launched for rec room hopefully by the time you’re listening to this if not
then later today but it’s stunt runner we saw a preview of this a trailer last
week but we love rec room it’s the free social game for all the VR platforms as
well as flat screen platforms and there’s a new game mode that’s basically
Ninja Warrior but in VR so four players run through a series of six courses and
you are running with your thumbs sake no teleport but you’re then also jump in
your grappling you’re climbing your wall running which super fun sliding by
pressing a button and navigating these sliding yeah what do you so you can on
your right thumbstick yeah you can click that in and you a little bit of a fast
slide okay but if you’re down a ramp yeah then you hit it then your slide
down that ramp really quickly and does it like carry your momentum so that if
you’re moving and then you hit slide you you can jump that’s interesting so you
had a chance to play this I played it through at the rec room headquarters on
a near final build and I lost because everyone’s really good there they’re
also power-ups that you’re running through these little soda cans I gave
you speed boost okay no offensive weapons so it’s not Mario karts or not
throwing red shells or blue shells or anything like that and no like time
penalties like that you might see in a lot of its competition shows or if you
touch an object like then you you know ten seconds added to your time or
anything but you can fall into pits and then respawn how long does it take you
to get through one of the levels like a half oh they’re not not relatively and
get through the whole thing in like 15 minutes
now how intense is it compared to something like sprint vector which is a
pretty physically not as physical test because you’re not doing a hand the
locomotion movement with their hands you know swing your hands back and forth but
you are doing a lot of grappling so a lot of fast climbing that’s why the most
physically intense part you are doing not physical jumping but you are ducking
under things so you know it is pretty like if you’re not if you’re prone to
motion sickness you may not be the most comfortable this although there is a new
comfort mode that they seek basically when you play in like a TV screen Oh
funny yeah are you saying that because of all the motion or all the motion and
turning that’s acquired all the verticality that’s required all the high
bouncing that’s like my question is to all the new types of locomotor life of
moving through the world exactly the wall running stuff so I would encourage
maybe trying with vignetting turned on first and this seemed easy to learn hard
to master that’s exactly what it is good it’s gonna be very very hard to do
people do speedruns all day long on this but the bigger news
is that there’s gonna be a collaborative level editor that’s launching with this
I think a week later so you the three of us yeah we could all jump into stuff
Runner and then pull a door and enter a template room and then we can actually
go and create maps that other people can play then we can upload to the community
and then there’s a leaderboard of like the most played maps and so we want
people to creating these platformer that’s one making Mario levels in VR
Mario maker Mario maker but VR all right exactly what they’re aiming for so
that’s not Runner and then some news came out of PAX borderlands 2 for PC VR
is coming out this fall is this exciting yeah I’m not a borderlands player did
you ever play Borderlands no this might be the time to get in time yeah yeah we
should we should try it I’m not you know I’m not always hooked by awesome PC game
now in VR you know cuz like Skyrim didn’t didn’t grab me I know it’s a lot
of people’s favorite game but but people are enjoying the no man Skyport fallout
for that true that’s true but they really went
all-in on converting that to VR I wonder what they’ll be like
I think the borderlands the grind aspect I mean there’s so much content in there
with the looting and the characters like in the vast open world but uh the garage
aspect I think was gonna be interesting I think it’s not co-op unfortunately I
think it’s just a single-player so that’s the my other my fear for it if it
was co-op and you could do a board I’m so much fun voice was in the coop that
would get me to play yeah I can’t play with you guys
lastly a little less interested bad news and good news bad news first movie soft
space junkies development is done it’s over no more new space junkies they’re
not gonna do a flat screen version so the servers will still stay up but you
know it’s it’s gonna it’s I think it’s sold as many as could built as big
community as it could it’s still gonna be on sale but it’s not gonna get new
maps or new updates so that’s a little sad but Ubisoft is building out a
50-person VR team in there Germany offices the same team that did the
Assassin’s Creed location base VR stuff yeah and for undisclosed which is good
game yeah yeah no that’s a good location-based game
but the rumors are this is tied to Facebook’s maybe exclusive deal that was
rumored of them doing a flagship VR game yeah with a newbie licensed asset screen
or Splinter Cell is my is what I’m hoping for
I’m really hoping for a splinter cell via our game yeah that would lend itself
well that’d be really cool the lab got an update from valve so not the flagship
VR title that we’re still waiting for it did yeah the lab got of physics and
index finger tracking update huh so not only did you get the index controller
supported fully supported with the finger tracking and the pressure
gripping but also the physics are better throughout no new games though no new
games no games yeah and then cash or at DragonCon you
got to hear about the voice yeah tracy hickman who is like a famous
annecy writer he wrote a lot of the dragon lamps series is the head of story
at the void because his son Curtis is the the CEO and he talked about I think
it’s called Nicodemus if I’m pronouncing it right the e vanish meant of some the
demon of a vanish meant it’s a new original IP that is booking now in the
Vegas void location and he talked about their experience of trying to tell
stories in VR and how it’s so different from other narratives that you’re seeing
it’s their first horror based one I think they released a trailer and early
August for it but it was really interesting here their approach to
storytelling because they are really leaning and hard to like the
multi-sensory experience to help tell stories so there’s gonna be more smells
there’s gonna be more touching there’s gonna be more like a sense of feeling in
space like if you’ve done like the Star Wars one you definitely feel heat at
some points and it was it was interesting how they’re leaning into
this kind of like whole world story storytelling where the players can do
whatever they want and that have be a basis for how they’re driving these
15-minute experiences which seem contrary at points but I’m really
interested what this looks like in original IP now so the four are based we
are right right expiratory it’s about yes it’s a little bit more of a hunt
right yeah as opposed to spending a couple hours in a haunt you’re still
only 15 minutes I do like that this is a set in Chicago World’s Fair which I’m a
big fan of World’s Fairs and the setting so that seems like a great venue for it
is like you said in the Vegas one I think Santa Monica void has it not San
Francisco just yet but I want to play this I wish that the void could I don’t
know I wish that you could get some of that experience at home you know I wish
that there was a Heat fan that you could tap into or Rumble surface you could
stand on so I I kind of don’t I’m starting to see the void more and more
as a social experience that’s masquerading and fairness like high tech
kind of thing yeah and I think there is something special about being in a room
together and going through that you’re absolutely right and and part of the
what sells it so well it’s one one physical locomotion not any kind of
artificial look locomotion but I just wish that there was more of that haptic
you know experience at home which would make I mean we talked about T for God
last week and the kind of reality bending room scale spaces and what it
seems like because it’s doing things with the physical space you got that
kind of game would not work in a shared it work in multiplayer but we’re not
working as shared in a localized space no because your buddy be standing in a
wall exactly exactly you’d all be occupying although different players
that one multiplayer thing that don’t touch the red walls where everyone’s in
a different space right but that’s that’s not in physical space everyone’s
in multiplayer no that’s a good point yeah multiplayer
would put that 100% work forty for God not actually really well if we all had
our own you know fifteen feet by 15 feet rooms that we were doing a game like t
forgot in and then we try to communicate I’m on the fourth plane of existence
that you need to go through this door and this door and just door to unlock
like that’s that would be a really fun how most player experience by the way
did you read about the shooter you know half-life potentially code that was
found in the lab I did yeah allusions to some type of half-life 3 I guess because
it’s made in unity somebody disassembled it and found some code in there that
what seems like unused code for a VR you know shooter experience that involved
combine combine thanks from the half-life universe right
so I’m fingers crossed I mean if that’s coming to the lab someday fantastic even
if it’s not a full-fledged game yeah that’s actually I that’s where I would
see that being more appropriate you know everyone’s kind of wondering what the
theme of this flagship valve VR game is gonna be and I actually don’t want it to
be half-life 3 yeah I would rather it be in the aperture world because that’s
where they’ve had so much success experience you know with interactions
with character design and VR that why not lean into that or or left for dead
that’s my secret what it would be dota 2 if you were
going on and popularity less interesting to VR games recommend this week a cron
this is a a symmetrical VR experience where one person is wearing your headset
that’s playing Henry a cron it’s egg corn isn’t it a a cron not acorn snow
type it up a cron okay okay all right I believe you
Battle of the squirrels a yeah I’m not dyslexic right like you’re eating right
now attack of the squirrels a cron yeah not even born that physically and you
are tree and you are attacking these squirrels the players plan AI players
play the squirrels on their mobile devices on a phone have you played yep I
played it with my family yeah I had three squirrels versus the tree we
all took turns into the tree and which one you want did you like playing water
uh either one we actually had a really good time um my 12 year old son at one
point squealed with joy he said oh my god I just picked up mom we didn’t know
you could do that at the time as the tree reached down grabbed her and tossed
across them the world want to see more of these miserable VR experience sure
especially since it’s hard to cast what you see in VR on the quest side on to
share experience I’m like in psvr there’s also cloud lands too this is the
mini golf game yep and yeah it’s now got full-fledged golf courses like 38 of
them or something choose your club and you don’t have to wait for the other
person to swing just get to the hole ASAP this is high on my list after last
week we should play play we should we should all jump in and and maybe not do
a podcast in if it’s hang out in it for half an hour and go through like an 18
hole of course yeah 19 whole playlist I am secretly incredibly competitive at
mini-golf so oh just look out you know I always I found it really relaxing I was
waiting for thee to export last night just jumping in really and just playing
a three hole course it’s like wait for 20 minutes yeah you know I only need to
multiply just want to kind of play some putt-putt
right on that’s what the quest is great for no no pup Hut’s a serious sport we
got a if we’re gonna do this we’re gonna talk take it seriously
alrighty that is it for us this will be a nod yes
and annoy me segment next week got it we got a jet we have some waiting for us
outside the room we have an outro this week you can say who it is it’s will
we’re getting lunch as well yeah looks like a new one called moon
night from will walk moon night mood oh no one saw this
coming moon night ooh I actually really excited
about that what you can do it marc spector ah wound is basically Batman
except he’s truly psychotic he hallucinates and things like he’s
speaking to an Egyptian moon god okay and how does that help the humanity he
basically is like a Batman style super rich dude who fights crime but he’s like
tripping the whole time but he’s tripping all the time in Egyptian
moon-god okay yes the way you do she hope you gotta have a good chick falters
performance cap cuz I paint someone green and do that yeah okay yeah I don’t
think she’ll be she’d up with the entire time that we’ve gotten type of
performance cap real-time rendering you know you’re gonna paint someone green
and do that wonderful every week every week love them see you next week


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    Second, collision avoidance maneuvers are something you see routinely in space. For example, a person at iridium noted that they make adjustments nearly weekly to avoid collisions and they've never once put on a press conference to tell the world about it. It's part of normal operations. To me it feels like the same sort of thing where a handful of teslas caught on fire and everyone was jumping to criticise them about it even when normal ICE cars catch fire at much higher rates.

    This leaves us with the question of why the ESA felt the need to announce this fact to the world. Something to consider is that the ESA has lost a substantial amount of income as a launch provider due to competition with spacex. If I understand correctly it's to the point where they're mostly only launching ESA missions, missions that aren't allowed to launch on other carriers due to legal restrictions and contracts, and missions that have been highly incentivised by ESA member governments to launch with them instead of anyone else.

    Now I'm not saying that they had ulterior motives in making a huge international fuss about a routine task carried out by all satellite operators on a regular basis, but these things leave me quite suspicious.

    And if there was inconsistent information about the collision chances, I'm not surprised. There are various different tracking services based all over the world that don't coordinate and hardly communicate, they all have different priorities and political affiliations, and most of them have at least a few objects that they deliberately omit or give incorrect tracking information for. Of course there's going to be disparities in the data available.

    Hell, even if the ESA wasn't taking the opportunity to leave spacex with egg on their face, there's still the possibility that they were misled by someone unhappy about the lost market share who had enough influence to massage the tracking numbers to kick off this whole thing, which again, ir a regular occurance.

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  • Aquilux R.

    Also starhopper is not something specifically designed to test moon landing capabilities, it's to validate their control models for the propulsive landing of the spacex starship the same as the grasshopper vehicle was made to test propulsive landing before it's use in the falcon 9. Specifically, it's the back half of the starship and doesn't have the same number of engines, but it's similar enough to the prototypes both in dynamics and construction that they're gettin good testing data from it. Compare it to the starship prototypes in construction at boca chica and kennedy space center. Also, the starhopper was built just last year. the one in 2012 and 2013 you're thinking about was the grasshopper test vehicle. As for the timeframe, they built starhopper through last year and early this year, they'll be doing suborbital hops with the starship prototypes early next year, and they intend to go orbital with it before the end of next year all while building the superheavy booster (the whole system more generally recognised by the name BFR and will be larger and more capable than the saturn v) for potential flights of the whole system in the next couple of years.

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