The Daughter With Eczema – Transgenerational Therapy
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The Daughter With Eczema – Transgenerational Therapy

The Daughter With Eczema
A man comes to ask advice saying that his wife´s asthma has improved very much after
consulting and remarks “I don´t have any illnesses but I would like
to know how my subconscious mind is being affected by my inheritances and if it´s possible
I would like to help my children. “My eldest son is a person psychologically
unstable that keeps on asking himself existential questions, and my daughter Jeanne suffers
from a strong eczema on the palms of her hands. I´m about to retiring myself as a teacher
and I never liked very much my work, because I used to have the sensation of being a teacher
to repair something” The question that usually helps to solve most
of the cases is: Which was your family´s drama? and the answer was.
The biggest drama of my family was that my mother lost her daughter Elise on July 10
th of 1951 after lying many days in a hospital, and we have never been able to know why she
died. She just catched fever, got worst and finally died just after finishing her studies.
The pain that that death produced on my mother was unbelievable, and today after so many
years, if you mention the name of my daughter that immediately produces enormous anguish
and crying in my mother, because that was a death that she could never accept
And that drama was what provoked these man´s problems because his sister Elise died on
July 10th of 1951 and this man had his daughter Jeanne on October 12th of 1965.
That combination of dates produces an immediate transgenerational connection that explains
the arousal of Jeanne´s eczema, because that is a disease that comes as a consequence of
a separation (the separation of the grandmother from her daughter with whom the girl is related
by her date of birth because Jeanne was born on October 12th and 9 months after that date
we find July 12th that´s almost the same date that Elise died, and that´s why in a
transgenerational study I would say that aunt Elise was psychologically reborn on Jeanne.
And the disappointment with this man´s work is the result that this man instead of working
in what he would like; he started the kind of work that his sister would have chosen
(to symbolically repair his mother´s pain) A month later the man came again and told
that after talking about this with his family, his son started to be each day better and
stopped his therapy, and his daughter got rid of the eczema that had disturbed her during
years. With my best wishes
Doctor Bonomi

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