The Clear & Brilliant Laser with Dr. Bashey
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The Clear & Brilliant Laser with Dr. Bashey

Hi, I’m Darnell Cox with live young lifestyle and as you can tell I’m getting totally numbed up I’m here at the ZO skin health Institute in Beverly Hills and any minute now, dr Bashey is gonna come through the door and he’s gonna perform the clear and brilliant laser So tell me Dr. Bashey What is the purpose of this laser? You know when we come to thinking about wrinkles and sun damage and texture damage and things like that You have two real types of lasers that deal with that problem one type of laser is called an ablative laser an ablative laser in a way kind of damages the epidermis of the skin and will tighten this the you know, The dermis improves scars and things like that. The other type of laser is called a non ablative laser This laser is a non ablative laser So it transmits heat to the dermis without damaging the epidermis. Hence the word non ablation So this laser? Basically functions to improve fine lines and wrinkles a little texture damage Some sun damage sun spots things like that. It’s also considered a red carpet laser So, okay, very common laser that we do on celebrities We do on you know VIPs people flying in people going to major events because they will get them red carpet-ready pretty quickly Really? So what’s the downtime of this? There’s very very minimum down and that’s cuz it’s non ablative That’s exactly right because it’s non ablative, you know, we can’t use it to fix serious abnormalities in the skin But we can harness other lasers Power which is basically to fix fine lines and wrinkles and very light texture damage will also give you a very good glow Before that major of that you’re going to it’s kind of replacing that facial that people do before the red carpet Right, as of course, this is more effective than doing a facial So I tell patients you’re gonna be red for maybe a day or two if you have rosacea or a sensitive skin Maybe a little bit longer and you can cover that redness with makeup If you want a lot of people they don’t get very swollen with this at all But then you welcome that little amount of swelling. It gives them a more fuller and more healthy appearance Absolutely, but generally if you’re a very sensitive give yourself a week, you know, if you’re SuperDuper sensitive give yourself ten days But for most people two to three days before an event would be just fine its stimulating collagen Absolutely, okay It is creating that stimulation of collagen because remember that heat is creating neo collagen synthesis And it’s not going to be the same level that you have with an ablative laser like the co2 laser or an urban laser Right, but you’re still gonna create that collagen stimulation. You may need to do more treatments over the course of time But not everybody has the eight to ten days of downtime To do those different lasers? Yeah. This is also safe to do on any skin type Really? Yes, so we don’t have to worry about someone, you know skin color being darker or Experiencing any type of pigmentation with this it’s very very rare I mean it can happen but it’s not very common so you can do this in black skin Hispanic skin But at least some skin Indian skin Caucasians it’s not a problem at all because it’s not it’s not targeting pigment What is it targeting in the skin water water water? so all of these lasers that resurface whether they’re ablative or non ablative lasers for the most part they target water as their Chromophore and Chromophore is just another word for target. So this is targeting water too – but it’s not targeting it to the same degree That the the other ablative lasers are targeting I see You know, we can go through the face we can do the chest we can do the neck You can do quite a lot with this so I know that the face Secretes oil and the neck secretes water. So can you use the same setting on the neck that you can’t in a face? This is a very gentle laser so we don’t need to change the settings In fact, there’s only three settings on this lays of low medium and high what are we on now? And we’re on high in fact I almost never do this laser on the low setting Because it’s such a gentle laser that we’re not gonna see the kind of change that we want, right so I like to use this on high setting no matter where I am on the body and if I’m on an area like for Example that doesn’t make oil like the neck, you know Or the chest I won’t do as many passes or be as aggressive with the number of times They go back and forth with the wand right wears on the face I could really do quite a bit on the neck and the chest Maybe I’ll do one or two passes on the face on my face several do you recommend doing this like a week or so before you have a Red carpet event, even you know, even for us non movie stars We still have our own personal red carpet kind of moment Yeah, absolutely, whether it’s a high school reunion or like a big date or something, you know So what I would tell people is that you know, because laser is not ablative right? We’re not gonna see damage to the epidermis So we’re not gonna see crusting. We’re not gonna see using we’re not gonna see that discharge of water that comes out, right? Mm-hmm The moment you do the laser. You’re gonna get red You’re gonna be a little bit swollen Of course and that swelling is telling you that heat has been transmitted to the dermis We expect that because we’re expecting to see some collagen synthesis. Can you tell our viewers? Like how would they find you? Yeah, absolutely So we’re all over the internet Or you can check out my personal Instagram. Dr. Bashey Yeah, where my websites in there and you just started a YouTube channel. What’s the YouTube channel? I did just start when I’m trying to copy yours. I Love that it says Sameer Bashey and you know, I’m posting, you know A lot of the different kinds of videos that we’re doing here And right now we’re pretty cutting-edge here in California, and we’re trying to you know Let the world know what interesting things we’re doing just like you’re doing yeah exactly so with this particular treatment Like I always try to find one or two lasers to do every year and then do a series of them So do you recommend this to be a series or is this just like a one-shot? Kind of thing you can do before an event A lot of people will do this before an event because it gives them a nice glow and that’s great That’s one of the great, you know Results of this procedure in the short term but to take advantage of what this laser really has to offer You really need to do a series of treatments and look at your results over the course of time. Okay? Okay, What I recommend is maybe about you know three to six treatments the first year and then what I Recommend for a lot of people who are busy and traveling and and still want to look good It’s come do a treatment every two to three months. Once you finish that first base, okay? And we’ll have the price of the treatment down below in the description along with The link to Dr. Bashey. She’s new YouTube channel. Can’t wait to subscribe again If you like what we’re doing hit that subscribe button You know, we don’t all have to be movie stars to be red carpet-ready been doing these things to put your best skin forward I think is a really good way to live young.


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