The Best Sunscreens for Dark Skin Tones Under $50  | The Real Deal | InStyle
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The Best Sunscreens for Dark Skin Tones Under $50 | The Real Deal | InStyle

Hi! I’m Marsha Page, makeup artist and
beauty expert. Today we’ll
be talking about sunscreens that work best for
people with darker skin tones. Was that good? So, people with darker skin tones tend to meet a few challenges
when it comes down to sunscreens. But sunscreens are super
important no matter how much melanin (or not) you have in your skin. But the main problem that we find for people that have darker skin tones is that sunscreen
tends to have, like, a gooey, white texture. And when it goes on to the skin, it tends to leave like a super white coating. And then, you know, it doesn’t sit well when you try to apply makeup on top of that. But, Supergoop came out with a great sunscreen and it’s called what? Unseen Sunscreen. That’s what we want! We don’t want to see the sunscreen on our skin. It has such a smooth, velvety texture. It’s, like, a gel-like formula. And you apply it to your skin. It’s very smooth. It blends in right away. It starts off clear, ends clear. And what it also does is, it mattifies. So it also not only acts as a sunscreen, but as a primer. For a base – for your makeup. And you can get this product at stores like Sephora, and the price point is about 32 bucks. But I think it’s worth it, because it’s a primer and a sunscreen. You know?
So your makeup will lie perfectly on top of it. Next, we’re gonna talk about Neutrogena Hydro Boost SPF 50. This sunscreen is great because it still has a very light formulation. It’s like a water gel based oil-free sunscreen that goes on just as smooth as the Supergoop, however, it starts off a little white, but that’s fine. Because after a while, it tends
to really blend into the skin. Um… I probably put too much, guys. Alrightly! So it blends really nicely into the
skin, after you… you know, just have to take a little bit more time with it. But it has the same smooth finish. It can go all over your body, and on your face. Which is awesome. And it can still act as a nice base for primer If you do choose to put it on your face. Estée Lauder Perfectionist Pro is another great sunscreen. It’s multi vitamin. The difference with this one – I’m
shaking it because it’s different from the other two formulas. It doesn’t start off as light and clear. It still works really well so you just
have to shake it up. It has, like, a little ball inside of there. And you have to shake it up
to get the consistency just right. It goes on pretty smooth. A little goes a long way. But it does start off a little white. And it takes a little bit
more work to blend into the skin. But it eventually does. It’s a little thicker
than the other two, but I still think it’s a good buy. The only thing that I would say is that you have to work a little harder to achieve that blendable
smooth result that you’re looking for. But it has a wonderful smell. It smells delightful. It’s a very soft light smell. Some sunscreens tend to.. some of them can smell a little medicinal. This doesn’t. It smells like a nice, smooth, floral scent if you will. Yeah, it’s good. I like it. Estée Lauder Perfectionist Pro is a
great product because it’s a 100 percent mineral base. So you’re getting vitamins
and nutrients going into your skin when you apply it. It’s specifically designed for the face. Not so much for your all-over body sunscreen, but it’s a great moisturizer, as well as sunscreen, and you’re getting about SPF 45, which is
pretty good, it’s great. Another great option for sunscreen
with darker skin tones is to opt a for sunscreen that’s actually a tinted moisturizer as well. NARS has a great formula called Velvet Matte Skin Tint, and it comes in 12 shades. A wide range of shades from deeper skin tones, to a little lighter shade, but still in that dark family. And I like to use Polynesia Dark 1, which is my color. And it has SPF 30 which is
pretty good coverage and it’s really light. You don’t need a lot. A little goes a long way. And look at how you’re not only getting protection, but you’re getting a little color and evening out your skin tone, which is great. And I love products that smell yummy. And this does! It’s a breath of fresh air. I love how it goes on. But what I particularly like about it is
that it’s mattifying. So your skin it has a slight glow, but not too much shine, you know? You’re on the beach, you’re gonna be getting hot and sweaty — you’ll get enough
natural shine. So you want to start off mattified and fabulous. And I love it for that! You can get this at NARS for $45 which i think is great, because you’re getting… I love products that have dual functions. Sunscreen and a little bit of
color to go along with it. It’s great. So “The Real Deal” on sunscreens and people with darker skin tones is a common misconception: we don’t need it. We absolutely do need sunscreen to protect our skin no matter what range of color,
or skin tone that you have. There are some great options
that we’ve talked about today from SPF 30 to SPF 50. A wide range. A wide range of prices as well, from $10 to $45. Your covered. And I think my favorite… No, I know my favorite is Unseen Sunscreen by Supergoop. They have my heart. It has SPF 40 in it. It starts off clear. It’s light. It smells soft and it’s a primer! So if you do want to apply makeup after you apply your sunscreen to your face this is a great primer to do that as well. That’s “The Real Deal.” So Unseen Sunscreen is my personal favorite, tell me what yours is! Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to like, subscribe, and comment. And we’ll see you next time on The Real Deal.


  • Mane Moves

    I’m about to go check out this Super Goop! I love how Marsha explained each product and the importance of sunscreen for dark skin tones…I’m gonna be ready this summer!

  • Javicia Leslie

    I don’t normally wear sunscreen. Thank you for this!!! I’ll be trying the Super Goop when I’m wearing make up and the Nars when I’m not. Great advice!!

  • Jineen Leach

    Love this Marsha! I am def buying the unseen sunscreen!! I’ve been looking for a product like this and your review of all these products helped me pick the best one for myself. Thank you!

  • Andi Renee

    I was definitely one of those who thought I didn't need sunscreen.. until I had my first actual sunburn😫 wasn't fun…I love the way you stated the pros of each product, and which one is your fav…I will be trying the NARS and/or the supergoop.. Thank you Marsha!

  • FlowerChild Fitness

    Marsha… you are a natural!!! This is perfect in every way!! Entertaining while being aesthetic beautiful and super informative!!!

  • cinnamonstar808

    If you have Black skin and wear sunscreen – you might as well smoke 1000 Marlboro cigarettes = its that damaging to your health

    ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰ ★ DO NOT USE SUNSCREENS ✭ ✮ ✯ ✰ ★ A. it bleeds toxic chemicals into your bloodstream B. you have melanin. Melanin is old sunlight. Instyle or any cannot show you data where a person with melanin got skincancer from the Sun. The Sun cannot damage itself. c. Sunlight is vital to your health, vitamin D vitamins are not effective as the SUN, you will turn off so much of your organs buy blocking the light. } as a carbon entity… simple look at how the Carbon cycle. THE REASON YOU DONT GET HUNGRY in the sun ..its converting carbon-hydrates.
    _________________melanin is not only on your skin but it is inside your body; this is what is protecting your organs from environmental stress that cause cancer and other illness ___________

  • asLan1246

    Can you come out with a video about mineral or natural sunscreens that are better for preventing further hyperpigmentation for melanin skin. Currently I use the elta md uv clear non tinted it’s mineral/physical and leaves no cast at all

  • First name

    All these synthetic chemicals for beauty women are wearing? Now you’re convinced you need sunscreen which in itself is known to cause skin cancer🤔 I have yet to meet a brown (with melanin) person with skin cancer.

  • Caramel Submerged

    I clicked on this video just to say your skin and face are sooooo gorgeous! Queen you are truly stunning ! Thank you for the sunscreen info as well !

  • April. O

    Love the unseen sunscreen but it’s a chemical sunscreen I don’t want any of those ingredients in my blood stream. Please recommend more mineral for dark skin that’s a real challenge!

  • Hot Flash

    Why aren't blacks in Jamaica, Haiti, Africa (all countries), Dominican Republic, South America getting sunburn or melanoma?

    Why should we use the same typed of sunscreen as Caucasians?

    What studies have been conducted on people of African descent which PROVE we NEED sunscreen?

    What are the long term affects of black people using sunscreen?
    Sunscreen contain carcinogens, how would these carcinogens affect people of African descent?

  • Laetitia 13

    To my dark/chocolate sistas : just so you know the estee lauder does give that purple tint we all hate. And the sh*t is mad expensive. I'm so disappointed !!!

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