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(upbeat music) – Hi guys, I’m Dr. Mona
Gohara, a dermatologist in New Haven, Connecticut. Welcome back to another great episode of Dear Derm, and today we’re gonna talk all about my favorite drugstore finds. In past episodes, I
recommended skincare products that are on the pricier sides. I still love those and I believe in them, but today we’re gonna talk about ones that are less expensive,
cause it doesn’t have to be super expensive to work. What’s really exciting
is that we’re living in like beauty junkie
time, so you can walk into any drugstore and find
a lot of efficacious options that can work really well for
different skincare concerns. When you walk into a drugstore, it can be super overwhelming. There’s stuff everywhere, but
just think about the basics. Go with a gentle cleanser,
sunscreen, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, retinol,
and a good moisturizer, then walk out the door. All right, so let’s start at the top. First thing in the morning,
I go in the shower, take a warm, not hot shower, and I use my Dove Beauty Bar from head to toe. It’s great because it’s
a non-soap cleanser, it deposits moisture in
your skin as it cleanses, and it keeps your skin
barrier super healthy, so this is a great find, super affordable, definitely something to get. Next when I get out of the shower, before I even get dressed, I always apply my vitamin C serum. So Vichy, this is an awesome French brand, it even sounds a little
classy and I like that, you just use a tiny, tiny, tiny bit. See how there’s a whole dropper? I just recommend using the
very, very tip of the dropper so that amount should go
over your entire face. Vitamin C as far as I’m
concerned is like a hero product in dermatology because
it brightens the skin, it evens out skin tone, it
helps free radical damage, and helps to build collagen. Everybody needs to have one of these, it’s like the LBD of skincare. My very, very favorite. Next on the long list of Dr.
Gohara’s skin care routine is hyaluronic acid. This particular product
is actually super popular and is sold all over, all the time. This is pure hyaluronic acid. Again, you just wanna use
a tiny, tiny, tiny bit. An entire dropper is available to you, just use the very tip of it. Hyaluronic acid is a hydrator,
it’s our skin’s sponge, so it absorbs water and makes our skin look super radiant and glowy
and soft throughout the day. And when you hit about
30, you start to lose hyaluronic acid pretty drastically, so replacing it every day
is a big priority for me. And it’s really easy to layer, too. So big fan of this, and
then lastly in the morning before I walk out the door,
you know the answer to this, what do I put on? I put on my sunscreen, exactly. So this is a great option for
sunscreen at the drugstore. It’s La Roche-Posay, it’s
a broad spectrum SPF 60. I personally like it as a woman of color because it doesn’t leave my
skin looking white or chalky so I think it’s a good option
for a lot of skin types and a lot of skin tones. So when you come home after a long day, you need to get off the
grime, the makeup, the oil, the dirt, so these Simple compostable cleansing wipes, which I
love the green packaging to match the green product,
are a wonderful option. I would never say to forego cleansing, but if you don’t got time to do it, you don’t got time to do
it and I think that these are a great option as a
first step to get your makeup and other stuff off. Next is the hero product
as far as I’m concerned, of your skincare routine, which
is the Vitamin A derivative. This used, Differin actually used to be a prescription-strength
vitamin A that dermatologists gave out all the time, and
then a couple years ago, it just went over the counter,
so now it’s accessible to everybody at the drugstore. Vitamin A derivatives such
as Differin and Retin-A, you may be familiar with that
are hero collagen builders, so they increase collagen production and they decrease collagen breakdown. So if your face can tolerate
it, this is definitely something that I would
recommend you check out on your next drugstore trip. Again, you just use a
tiny bit, no reason to try and hit a home run here,
just use a pea-size amount like a green pea that
you would eat for dinner. Put it on the very tip of
your finger, and divide it equally amongst the four
quadrants of your face, and then moisturize. See I’m putting it on the back of my hands because I recommend using
vitamin A derivatives on the back of your hands and your neck, because your hands, neck,
and face are considered to be very similar cosmetic units. So after you have used
your vitamin A derivative, Differin in this case or
whatever you may have at home, moisturizing is an
extremely important step that will help to not get
irritation from your retinol, not get redness and flakiness. This is a great drugstore option. Outside of my multiple other products, one of the additional
things that I like to do is a hydrating mask at night. I’m 44 years old, I need
all the moisture I can get all over my body, so one product
you can think about is No7. This is an awesome hydrating mask, it’s active is skin-identical lipids, what does that mean? Well lipids are in our skin barrier, and our skin barrier is what
helps to keep water locked in and help it from evaporating out, so this is an awesome option for anybody who’s looking for a little
extra boost overnight, ’cause what happens overnight? We’ve said it before, our skin regenerates and it’s a great time to add
that additional hydration and give your skin a boost. So we talked about a whole bunch
of different options today. The bottom line is when it comes to skin, it’s your largest organ, it’s
important to take care of it. This may seem like a lot of products but all these ingredients
are good for skin health and there’s a lot of
options, so you do you, choose whatever makes you
happy, choose whatever makes you comfortable,
take care of your skin. All right guys, that’s a wrap. That’s drugstore derm in a nutshell. If you want any of these products,
they’re all linked below. You know what’s almost
as good as subscribing to Well + Good’s channel? Wear sunscreen every day.

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