The Best Body Washes For Dry & Sensitive Skin

Hi y’all I’m Kylie and I’m here to tell
y’all about Beauty by Earth’s body washes. These guys are certified cruelty
free, vegan, made in the USA and are made with certified organic ingredients. Even
better they’re just amazing to use. I mean look at that. Just add it to your
favorite loofah or your beauty by earth back scrubber and you’re good to go. Not sure which one to use? Easy what is your skin need? If you tend to get oily or problematic, use the peppermint tea tree, it is tea tree oil which is going to
help keep your skin looking and feeling amazing, not to mention its antibacterial.
Have dry sensitive skin or just looking to get clean? Lavender citrus is the one
for you. It’s gentle, doesn’t have any sulfates or parabens or any other
synthetic junk and smells absolutely heavenly. Pair it up with your lavender
citrus foaming face wash and your lavender facial bar and you’ll be
unstoppable. Both body washes are safe enough for kids to use too, but really do
you actually want to share? Yeah didn’t think so. That’s about all you need to
know. Happy cleansing!

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