The Benefits of Eye Creams [ Epi #475]

In the spectrum of 21st century skincare,
eye creams are a necessity, not a luxury. Stay tuned and I’ll tell you why. Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz [pause] And welcome to DermTV. I just said “eye creams are a necessity”…
That’s a pretty bold statement. Think of the other necessary skincare products: cleanser, toner, sunscreen, exfoliant and
antioxidant. That’s a pretty exclusive group to be part
of. There are two reasons why I think eye creams
are necessary. First is because your eyes and eye area, which are the first things people look at
when they see your face, are also the first part of your face to show
signs of aging. This is because both the epidermis and dermis
are thinner, so signs of aging like wrinkles and dull skin, become more apparent, sooner. So you clearly want help here. The second reason eye creams are a necessity is because of the unique properties of the
eye area skin which are so different from the rest of the
face. Your eye area skin in addition to being much
thinner is also more sensitive and it has fewer oil
and water glands. As a result, it has both special needs but
also special advantages. In terms of needs… you need richer and more emollient, humectant
powered moisturizers to compensate for fewer water and oil glands. Because it’s more sensitive, the area needs better protection in terms
of sunscreen and moisturizer but also less acidic and therefore less potentially
irritating skincare products with a higher pH. Especially with actives like glycolics, antioxidants
and bleaches which while on regular facial skin are well
tolerated, on this eye area skin, they need to be adjusted to insure they’re not irritating. And as
a note, since chem-free sunscreens are less apt to
be irritating, they’re great for the eye area. To take that a step further, all eye area skincare products undergo special
extra testing to both insure a lack of irritation on this
more sensitive skin and also less chance of harm if the product accidentally gets into your
eye. But with the epidermis and dermis being thinner, here’s the good new: the flip side of a thinner epidermis, which is the natural protective barrier of
your skin, is better absorption and greater efficacy
of ingredients in eye area products to make that early aging skin look better, like peptides, tensors, exfoliants, moisturizers
and antioxidants. And that’s whether the ingredients work
by penetrating into the skin or are simply applied on the skin like sunscreens
and tensors. One last tip: if you’re using concealer, prepping the skin with a moisturizing eye
cream will help your concealer go on more smoothly
and stay on longer.

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