Testimonial: Heather’s Eczema Story
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Testimonial: Heather’s Eczema Story

My name is Heather, and I was
born with eczema.I get eczema pretty much all
over, a lot on my eyelidson my throat, around my mouth,crook of my arm,
that sort of thing.It can be very overwhelming.Having to concern myself with it
for prom or my wedding.It’s just always something
in the back of my mind.One of the things I hate most
about my eczemais the itchinessand I can count on Dermakalm
to take care of that for me.I first tried Dermakalm
and loved it so muchthat I wrote a comment on their
Facebook page,which is how they got
in touch with me.So, when I opened up Dermakalm,I had a feeling it was going
to be good!Even on a really bad flare-up,I found it relieved the itch.It relieved any sort of
discomfort I had around itand the scaliness went away.When I am flaring up, I use the
product as much as possible…… and then throughout the dayI carry it with me, so if I just
need a little bit of reliefI just throw it on.What I love about Dermakalm isthe texture’s really great,
it’s non-greasy,corticosteroid-free,
it’s fragrance-freeand it just feels great
when I put it on.I love how accessible
it is to me,that I can just go into my local
pharmacy and pick it up.I think everybody should try it.

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