• Microdermabrasion & Acne Scars | Acne Treatment
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    Microdermabrasion & Acne Scars | Acne Treatment

    So for those of you who don’t know what microdermabrasion is, it’s a modality that uses either crystals or industrial grade diamonds to smooth the face and it takes off the very top layers of the skin. Now that sounds scary but it’s actually not painful. It can be helpful in improving the texture of the skin but unfortunately it doesn’t do really much for acne scarring. If you have true acne scarring, you have the following options: You could use fractional ablative lasers like Fraxel, Affirm, or Ultrapulse, or a procedure called subcision. Subcision is when a dermatologist takes a needle and tries to break up the fibrous bands…

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    How Does Your Diet Affect Acne? | Acne Treatment

    This is absolutely one of my favorite topics. Some people say that diet and acne are not related, and I think that’s crazy. How can what you put in your body not affect the largest organ in your body? It just makes no sense. A good diet is very important in limiting acne. What is a good diet? To keep it very simple, a good diet is one that’s high in vegetables and low in white, processed foods. It’s a diet I like to call the anti-inflammatory diet, and a great example of this can be found on Dr. Weil’s website. Basically what I suggest for people that have acne…

  • Acne Vulgaris and Extracting large Whiteheads – Part 1
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    Acne Vulgaris and Extracting large Whiteheads – Part 1

    Dr. Lee: Just going to put a little nick there Dr. Lee: You’re tough, I already know you’re tough, because I know some of those you must feel a little bit. Patient: Dr. Lee: So I am just going to squeeze on them Dr. Lee: Pushing against you. Dr. Lee: Good Dr. Lee: Right, if you need a break, you just tell me, ok? Patient: Dr. Lee: How long have you been on Accutane so far? Patient: I just finished my fourth month. Dr. Lee: So it is really starting to work now. Patient: It is, yeah Dr. Lee: You don’t have any breakouts right now, just those underneath cysts.…

  • “Food Does Not Cause Acne” – Response to your comments!!
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    “Food Does Not Cause Acne” – Response to your comments!!

    I heard a lot of comments on my Acne video that were disputing my assertions that food in general does not cause Acne Food does not cause Acne! In general! Let me clarify a little bit about what I said in my Acne video I was saying this as a generality I think that there are a lot of hormones in foods such as milk products, and hormones we do know help to promote the worsening of Acne So, yes, there are certain foods that I think you should avoid because of the hormones that are added to it But it’s still important to know that if you eat a…

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    DermTV – Does Thyme Treat Acne [DermTV.com Epi #407]

    Should you believe the headline, “Thyme kills acne bacteria?” Today I’ll tell you how to read between the lines! And stay tuned until the end of this episode for the question of the day; if you answer it correctly, you’ll have a chance to win a free skincare product! Hello, I’m Dr. Neal Schultz. [pause] And welcome to DermTV. Last week, Scientific American published an article titled, “Thyme Kills Acne Bacteria.” The title is an accurate statement based on the results of the study discussed in the article. But if you just read the title, it’s very easy to infer, especially if you have acne, that thyme can treat acne…

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    What’s the Deal with Acne?

    Hate to break it to you teenagers, but acne can last well into your 40s. While there’s no cure to make them instantly go away, we have a few tips to help minimize the amount of pimples that pop up. When it comes to acne there’s three main players: bacteria, oil, and skin. P. acnes is the bacteria most commonly blamed for causing acne. It lurks deep within our hair follicles and pores, even when we don’t have a breakout. Now sebum is the oil that limits the amount of water that gets in and out of our skin. It’s produced in the sebaceous gland that lives inside hair follicles…

  • Acne Skin Care – $77 OBAGI CLENZIderm M.D.
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    Acne Skin Care – $77 OBAGI CLENZIderm M.D.

    OBAGI CLENZIDERM M.D. Obagi Clenziderm System for Acne – Normal to Oily & Normal to Dry Combating Acne with Obagi Clenziderm Pimples are one of the most widespread skin disease identified in skin care. When you are silently battling with acne breakouts, you are really in no method all by yourself. Obagi’s CLENZIderm prescription strength zits procedure system is really the only acne treatment with a liquid version of benzoyl peroxide. Obagi CLENZIderm M.D. is in simple fact attempted and examined to supply noticeably better complextion as quickly as fourteen days. Obagi CLENZIDERM – Normal to Oily Acne Skin Includes: – Daily Care Foaming Cleanser – Pore Therapy – Therapeutic…

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    Grapefruit-sized Growth, Part 1: The Punch

    ENGLISH He actually saw someone else who had this procedure you know so (unintelligible) Dr. Lee – Have you ever seen anybody for this? Patient – No. Dr. Lee – No? Dr. Lee – Have you ever seen anybody for this? Patient – No. Dr. Lee – No? Dr. Lee – Because it’s something that you know um (put on mute) Dr. Lee – It started very little and then just right in the middle of it and then it just started growing and growing huh? It’s pretty firm. I don’t if it’s a lipoma or a cyst. And I feel a little depression right here. So what I think…

  • Is My Skin Purging or Breaking Out? | Lab Muffin Beauty Science
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    Is My Skin Purging or Breaking Out? | Lab Muffin Beauty Science

    Hi it’s me, Michelle from Lab Muffin again with more science-based beauty advice. Today I’m going to be talking about purging. Sometimes when you try a new skincare product, your skin will break out because the product’s working, and it has to get worse before it gets better. That’s called purging. But other times, the new product makes your skin break out and it never gets better. That’s just a plain old breakout. Should you keep going with the product, or should you ditch it? Here’s how to tell the difference. A purge happens when a skincare product causes pimple formation to speed up. A pimple starts off as a…