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    Skin Whitening Tomato Facial, Get Fair & Glowing & Spotless Skin Naturally Home Remedy

    hello everyone you are welcome back to today’s video this video is Skin Whitening Tomato Facial | Get Fair, Glowing, Spotless Skin naturally at home using tomato home remedy and this is a natural skin whitening it help to refresh and rejuvenate clear dark spots and leave your skin looking very very very soft smooth and supple, I’ll be using is tomato if you want to see this you have to continue to watch this video i need tomato so what I will do is to slice all friend this is it, I’ll keep this aside so the next thing is for me to slice my onion, I’m using white…

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    SKINCARE ROUTINE For Acne Prone, Sensitive & Oily Skin!

    what’s up guys trenee here and welcome back to my channel today’s video is going to be about a facial routine for oily skin in less than nine minutes so the first thing you want to do is of course put on your shower cap cover your hair I hate when my locks get wet while I’m trying to cleanse my face so I make sure I put on a shower cap which I typically do wear when I’m in the shower but I’ve already taken my shower and I had taken it off but we’re gonna put it back on now make sure everything is tucked and tight so…

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    ENG[Sisters’ Hot Choice]”Winter Dry Skin Care”[언니네핫초이스] ep.9 1부 “20~30대 여성들의 겨울철 피부 고민 TOP 5”

    Everyday beauty show for our sisters! Beauty Avengers’ Beau-some story! Real 100%! Non-fiction review show! Sisters’ Hot Choice! It’s freezing these days. The cold made me so sensitive. – You always have been sensitive. – I need hibernation. You are Boss Sensitive. Skin immediately reacts to the temperature change. What are you recently concerned about? My dry skin and dead skin. The heater in a car or boiler tortures me. It’s cold without it, my skin gets dry with it. Turn off the heater! (for my skin) It’s cold! Turn it on! – Look how mean she is. – That’s why her assistants quit their job. Thank you for my…

  • This Potato Face Pack Removes Dark Spots, Pigmentation, Suntan & Acne Scars Completely !!!
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    This Potato Face Pack Removes Dark Spots, Pigmentation, Suntan & Acne Scars Completely !!!

    Hi friends, this is Ramya from wildturmeric. In this video, I wanted to share an amazing face pack using potato juice. We all know that potato has amazing skin lightening properties and it helps lighten scars and blemishes very very well. I have tried many face treatments with potato and it never fails to amaze me as it gives instant results each time. This treatment is also no exception, you will feel instant glow in your skin immediately after using this pack. Regular use also will help lighten scars and blemishes. What makes this pack even more special is the addition of masoor dal also called as red lentils in…

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    Scalp Acne Cure | My Expert tips to get you clear fast! | CHRIS GIBSON

    Acne is no fun and if you have it in your scalp it’s really no fun! If you have this issue you know what I’m talking about. It’s very painful and it’s very hard to clear up…except if you watch this video! Hey, it’s Chris Gibson and this is Chris Gibson live where we help you look good, feel good, and live good!…and today we’re gonna help you do that by talking about scalp acne. I know it’s not the sexiest topic in the world, but if you have this problem it really really stinks and while it’s not as prevalent as acne on say the chest, the back, or…

  • Winter Skin Care Tutorial
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    Winter Skin Care Tutorial

    good morning pretties and welcome to coffee chat where I just decided on the topic about five minutes ago it’s Beauty week and I always struggle a little bit with this because I don’t really change up my beauty routine very often I do the same things over and over again I have sensitive skin so I don’t really change up my products very often and every time the beauty topic rolls around on the calendar I have this momentary panic of oh my gosh what am I gonna talk about but the funny thing is we get so many questions through Instagram and Facebook and DMS and emails about…

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    моя бледная кожа 3 месяца назад я начала постить фотографии самой себя без макияжа в соц сетях в течении этого времени более 100 тысяч людей оставили комментарии о моём внешнем виде данный фильм содержит реальные комментарии оставленные людьми под этими фотографиями “я даже не могу смотреть на неё!” “что бл*ть не так с её лицом?” “у неё такое уродливое лицо!” “оййййй, ужасно, уродина, боже мой, отвратительно, оййй, что за х**ня” “нет, правда, она вообще мыла когда-либо своё лицо?” “уродлива как сам дьявол!” “отвратительно!” “ты выглядишь мерзко!” “ты выглядишь великолепно” “такая красотка!” “ты очень милая” “выглядишь невероятно!” “мне нравится твой макияж!” “ты чертовски обворожительна!” “эта помада невероятно смотрится на тебе!” “ты…

  • 3 Tips for Hydrating Dry Skin
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    3 Tips for Hydrating Dry Skin

    okay so it is October here in San Diego and it is our dry season and it literally happens overnight so everybody is feeling that their skin is dry tight dehydrated and I just wanted to take the time to share a couple skin tips with you so I’m just going to show you three of my favorite products that I like to use as a quick fix when our skin goes dry or say you’ve traveled somewhere and you really need the moisture the first product that I’m going to show you is the Epicurean Bulgarian rose oil now this oil is I would say it’s clear it has…

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    4 DIY Face Mask with 100% Natural Ingredients for Clear Skin | Troubled & Oily skin, Blackheads

    hello hello hello welcome back to WishtrendTV it’s iris here and today we’re here with another episode of Beauty Hackers before we begin there isn’t anyone who haven’t watched our latest video on diet meal prepping right? if you haven’t checked that out make sure you go right now today we’ve chosen our topics on their recent poll we had on our community tab and it is how to make natural face mask the secret to good skin for Korean actors and actresses are known to be natural face masks especially the ones with cereal crops many people have seen really good results and it’s really super easy to make…

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    Hey, guys! Welcome to my channel! Today, I’ll be reviewing a new product A lot of people use Vitamin C Serum these days But what are the effects of Vitamin C Serum to the skin, And is it really effective on people with acne-prone skin? I discovered a new product that I want to share with you! It’s the Nacific Fresh Herb Origin Serum Vitamin C It’s a new Korean product that I discovered I have used this serum prior to filming this video I have tried other vitamin C serums before, Some of them feel warm and heavy on the face others I’ve tried feel too sticky while the…