• Los Angeles Morpheus Skin Tightening | Dr. Kami Parsa Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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    Los Angeles Morpheus Skin Tightening | Dr. Kami Parsa Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon

    [Morpheus Device] I want to talk a little bit about Morpheus which is a fractionated radio [Kami Parsa M.D. Oculoplastic Surgery] frequency device and by that I mean every time we press this, we’re able to deliver heat to the subdermal tissue and it’s insulated which means that the skin is actually protected. The beauty of this system is that it allows you to deliver the heat to a specific depth, meaning if you’re around the eyes, it’ll be around two millimeters, if it’s around the face, it’s about three millimeters, and the body is four millimeters. This is what you’re seeing, and every time you’re delivering the heat, you’re…

  • Eczema and Softened Water
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    Eczema and Softened Water

    My eczema did make me a lot more stressed, because I was paranoid about the way I look. It really does quite depress me sometimes and get me stressed (which causes my asthma to flare up, which isn’t good!) I use Betnavate, Epiderm, Vaseline Intensive Care during the day … Since I’ve had the water softener it’s made my eczema a lot more controllable. My body is one of the worst parts of me … also my back … and a part of me which was particularly bad was around my ankles. But since I’ve had the water softener, the eczema has gone, but it has left scarring, but the…

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    Morning! okay I’m gonna do a really rapid video so cuz it’s summer and it’s really really hot now and skin care and skin protection is really important so I am on holiday in Turkey right now and it is boiling like it is really real hot and it’s the second day so and what I brought with me was um some dry oil spray I need to go pick up some actual like factor 30 needs to pick up some factor 30 because it’s it’s really really hot and but for now so this morning I’m just gonna use this so I’m gonna use Malibu SPF 10 and then…

  • The Integumentary System
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    The Integumentary System

    It’s Professor Dave, let’s look at the integumentary system. With some basics covered regarding two of the types of tissue in the human body, we are ready to start looking at some of the different systems found in the body, and we are going to start with the outermost system, which is called the integumentary system. This is made up of the skin that covers and protects all your other body parts, as well as its derivatives, like certain glands, as well as hair and nails. Let’s look at the structure and function of these components now. The skin is a remarkable organ, acting as the first line of defense…

  • Integumentary system – Anatomical terminology for healthcare professionals | Kenhub
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    Integumentary system – Anatomical terminology for healthcare professionals | Kenhub

    Epidermis, squamous cells, anatomical terminology – maybe she’s born with it! Maybe, it’s Kenhub. Who knew studying Anatomy could make you look younger? Okay, I lie. It doesn’t. If anything, studying anatomical terminology is guaranteed to add more than a few stress lines to your otherwise youthful face. Trust me. Well, they say prevention is better than the cure, then give Kenhub a try before it’s too late, and welcome to the eleventh episode of our series “Anatomical Terminology for Healthcare Professionals” – forever young with the integumentary system. So if you have been following the past ten episodes of this series, you will be more than familiar with our…

  • Amazing Chaga anti-aging
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    Amazing Chaga anti-aging

    Hi it’s Leda Lum Apotheca and we are going to talk about Chaga again today and how I can give you 10% discount on an antioxidant chaga cream and a tincture chaga mushroom extract which is helping people with so many things, stay tuned. Ok I’ve been so excited lately about chaga which is just an amazing mushroom. Its called, what is it called inonotus obliquus. Thats the latin name for this awesome immune busting or immune modifying mushroom as well its an amazing antioxidant, its got all these properties. And I teamed up with this company Eartherbs which I was researching online and they are really awesome AND they…