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    John Harvey Kellogg – Corn Cereals and Crazy Medicine

    Stroll down the cereal aisle at any grocery store and you’ll find a myriad of choices for starting your day. Healthy and unhealthy, packed with sugar or packed with bran, we’re not wanting for options. The idea of a breakfast cereal industry is one that’s taken for granted in today’s modern world, but it’s a surprisingly recent idea with a bizarre history. Kellogg is, of course, one of the first names that comes to mind when the conversation turns to breakfast. While official Kellogg’s history notes that it was W.K. Kellogg who founded the company first known as the Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company — and who hired their…

  • Clarisonic MY CRAZY STORY & Review – My Acne Before and After using #Clarisonic Mia
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    Clarisonic MY CRAZY STORY & Review – My Acne Before and After using #Clarisonic Mia

    Hey guys Ashley Elizabeth here with AEHM artistry and today I’m going to be telling you my crazy Clarisonic story! Yes, yes! It is a little bit graphic so be warned! If you’re one of those people that like weird, interesting, crazy skin things then you’re going to want to keep watching because I have one. If you are one of those people that are a little bit queasy by weird… skin things, then you go down in the description box… I’m going to put a time you can skip to where I just talk about how to use the Clarisonic, my overall review, my thoughts and opinions on. It…

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    Best Face Moisturizer For Dry Skin

    Hey, guys its Sara Nam here and the chances are you have landed on this video because you were searching for the best face moisturizer for dry skinAnd I can totally relate to you searching for that has it was not too long ago.That I was searching for that exact same thing! ….One day I was looking in the mirror and I was thinking to myself I need to solve this problem once and for all, I am fed up of having dry skin I have had this problem pretty much all my darn life, and it’a just is not getting any better and what can I do and thought…

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    Natural Skin Care for babies with Baby Lotion for Dry Skin by The Moms Co.

    Trisha, my elder daughter had a very dry skin I tried a lot of lotions But nothing seems to have helped When my younger one was born I was very particular in using the right moisturizer for her Avocado Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Apricot Oil The Moms Co. Baby Lotion really nourishes And helps keep my baby’s skin soft This cream gets easily absorbed And the smell of sweet vanilla is what they both enjoy

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    Turia Pitt, burn survivor and recipient of skin grafts

    I’ve always loved running and I think I really just loved the sense of adventure I got when I would go for a run that’s part of the reason why I was drawn to trail running or ultramarathons on the 2nd of September, 2011 I was running in an ultramarathon which is usually around 100 kilometers so I was a quarter of the way through the ultramarathon and I became trapped by a grass fire. You know I just remember being faced by wall flames and the thoughts that were going through my head was how unfair it was that I was never going to see Michael again and that…

  • This Viral Model Sensation Wanted to Bleach Her Skin to Fit In | Black Like Me
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    This Viral Model Sensation Wanted to Bleach Her Skin to Fit In | Black Like Me

    (bright music) – Hi, my name is Nyakim Gatwech. I am 25 years old and I’ve been modeling for two years. I grew up around so many different shade of people. I grew up around Ethiopian people who have light skin, I grew up around Kenyan people who their skin was. Everybody was always lighter than me, but no one ever made me feel like there was something wrong with my skin until I came to the US, until I landed in Buffalo, New York. So when I came here, and I started being bullied by my complexion and me seeing my sister, who also bleached herself when she came…

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    The 4-Legger Story

    Hello there! It’s Melissa, with 4-Legger. A few months into chemotherapy my cell counts became infection fatal – meaning if I got sick, my body wouldn’t be able to fight off an infection. My oncologist recommended a strict germ-free regime that included frequent baths for my dogs Within a week all of our dogs were itchy and one had horrible flaky skin. They were miserable! We researched and discovered that our “all natural and organic dog shampoo contained the synthetic chemicals we didn’t want on our dogs. We had been tricked by “green” sounding marketing! Just a few months earlier on the same day I was diagnosed with cancer I…

  • CapriClear Dry Skin Moisturizer
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    CapriClear Dry Skin Moisturizer

    “Capriclear Natural Soothing Oil” Hi my name is Therese Harris, I’ve been using Capriclear for 3 maybe 4 years. I’m just delighted to tell you the product is phenomenal. I absolutely swear by it. I actually started using it for my husband about 3 years ago. Prior to that he was having a major problem with leg ulcers. I had taken him to an internist, two pediatrists, um a vascular surgeon and actually became so proficient in wound care that it was more than I ever thought I would need to know or need to do. And out of desperation, I mean he was in una boots all the time.…

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    It’s all about the parts, and everyone wants them. Whether it’s from the latest in designer brands, or whatever you can afford. This is what’s in, and this trend is here to stay. I mean lets face it. No one wants to be like them. Entirely organic. No one wants to get sick, and old, and die. My only choice was to enhance. Even if it meant stealing that prototype. This chip is going to revolutionize the world in so many ways. How was I supposed to know the damn thing was classified? Now the whole world was after me. The Feds, G-Corp, even the reapers could smell something special…