• What Steps Are In A Dermatologist’s Skincare Routine? | Dear Derm | Well+Good
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    What Steps Are In A Dermatologist’s Skincare Routine? | Dear Derm | Well+Good

    (upbeat music) – I’m so excited to be sharing my routine on Dear Derm. So, when my patients come in and ask me, Dr. Gohara what do you put on your skin? This is it. It may seem like a lot but remember, it’s your skin. It’s your largest organ so it’s definitely worth the investment. (upbeat music) The first part of my skin care routine is cleansing my face, which is one of the most important steps, believe it or not. Because, the wrong cleanser can just strip your skin of natural oils and lipids and leave you dry and itchy. And, that is not what we’re going for.…

  • 3 Tips for Hydrating Dry Skin
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    3 Tips for Hydrating Dry Skin

    okay so it is October here in San Diego and it is our dry season and it literally happens overnight so everybody is feeling that their skin is dry tight dehydrated and I just wanted to take the time to share a couple skin tips with you so I’m just going to show you three of my favorite products that I like to use as a quick fix when our skin goes dry or say you’ve traveled somewhere and you really need the moisture the first product that I’m going to show you is the Epicurean Bulgarian rose oil now this oil is I would say it’s clear it has…

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    7 NEW SKINS – MLBB X KOF Part 3

    hello guys back again with 5Detik King of fighter has collaborated with mobile legends some time ago. At the beginning of its appearance the heroes who got this KOF skin were Karina, Chou, and Guinevere. But after that appeared again kof x mlbb part 2 with hero gusion, dyrroth and aurora. Well do not rule out the possibility, mlbb will again bring KOF as a skin for some heroes. Curious? Let’s look at the following video carefully The first possibility of a hero who gets a kof skin part 3 is Franco. Many say franco has similarities with one of the KOF characters, Chang Koehan. The thing that makes franco…

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    FADE PIGMENT: Dark MARKS, Melasma, PIH from ACNE | What ingredients to look for to fade spots!!

    Everyone welcome back to my channel if you’re new here. My name is penny. I’m a certified advanced esthetician in Portland, Oregon And today we’re going to be discussing post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and What that is is a common inflammatory derma ptosis where you get those dark marks that are left after Acne or an injury, maybe a burn Insect bites can leave you with PIH contact dermatitis May be a cosmetic procedure. So it’s an acquired pigment that occurs after Inflammation or injury and it can be in all skin types, but it more often affects darker skin types So today I’m going to give you some strategies and…

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    Is Protein Powder Bad For You? | Acne, Hair Loss and Kidney Damage

    In my last video, I looked at whether protein supplementation has benefits for those doing resistance training. I showed you that there is some benefit, even if it isn’t as much as people expect. But could protein powder have negative effects on the body? Today I’m going to have a look at the science behind 3 common concerns about a high protein diet: can a high protein diet cause kidney damage, accelerate hair loss or make Acne worse. Let’s jump straight into it! Number 1: Does a high protein diet cause kidney damage The main job of the kidneys is to filter our blood to remove fluids and waste products.…

  • Winter GEL Pedicure Ideas! | Snowflake Pedicure Gel Uv for Christmas! | The Polish Queen
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    Winter GEL Pedicure Ideas! | Snowflake Pedicure Gel Uv for Christmas! | The Polish Queen

    In this video, I’m going to do a snowflake themed pedicure gel UV polish, let’s jump right in. Hey guys, it’s Clarice. Welcome back to my channel. So here’s what my feet are looking like right now. They’re kind of shiny because I actually threw on a few coats of this Seche Clear base coat, I think they look a lot nicer that way and also I was able to grow them out a little more without any of the toenails chipping, so that’s great. But in preparation for this pedicure, we do need to remove that. So now I’m going to take one of my files, and just rounding…

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    Fragile Club Inspired Nails – Mental Health Awareness

    Kirsty: Hi, everybody! I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails, and in this video we are going to do Fragile Nails. Doesn’t mean we’re gonna do nails that will easily break. We’re gonna do nails inspired by Fragile Club. For those of you that don’t know what Fragile Club is, it’s a mental health awareness club and they raise money to… basically, all the money that they get, they floored all of the different charities with money, which is great. So, basically, every t-shirt they sold, caps, boom bags, they do all kind of stuff. On their website, there are stories as well. So, you can read people’s stories, so you…

  • Can This $500 ‘Vampire’ Facial Give You Younger Skin?
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    Can This $500 ‘Vampire’ Facial Give You Younger Skin?

    Jody Stewart: So, I’m in my late 50s, and I have definitely noticed, as the years have passed, more wrinkles, duller skin. I’ve gone through menopause. I used to have really oily skin. I had cystic acne. I’ve done a lot of things to treat all of that, but it’s really changed over the years, and it’s just kinda dull and bland now, and I need something to recover some of that youth that I used to have. Claudia Colombo: OK, so you came to the right place. So, I’m going to do the Fountain of Youth facial, aka vampire treatment, and the vampire treatment is a high-performance facial. And…

  • How To Get Poreless Skin | Skincare Solutions For Pores (Feat. Beauty Within) | Do & Don’t
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    How To Get Poreless Skin | Skincare Solutions For Pores (Feat. Beauty Within) | Do & Don’t

    however hormonal imbalance and improper cleansing, overly dry environment and aging can cause pores to enlarge hey guys welcome back to WishtrendTV It’s your unni Eunice in the house today and I’m so excited to meet you guys if you haven’t seen the last episode of do and don’t it was a special one because 10 of our staff from Wishtrend came out and shared their life-changing hacks if you haven’t seen it yet check it out over here or there somewhere and today is also a very special episode because we’re having a collaboration with Beauty within we have been their fan their viewer for a very long time…

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    Incredible Weight Loss Stretch Mark Cover Up I A Tattoo to Change Your Life

    I was 22st at 24. Food was a big addiction for me. How did I do this? How did I end up with these? I can’t change what happened, I can’t change decisions that I’ve made. I just need to keep moving forward. I’d say around 70-80% of my clients have stretch marks. I don’t think other people realise how many people are walking past them on the street who are probably struggling with the same problem. I would like to get a tattoo on my calf over my stretch marks. Yeah. I’ve got them in quite a lot of places, but mainly because I’ve lost so much weight from…