• How to protect your skin from the sun
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    How to protect your skin from the sun

    Lindsey Beamish used to be a sun worshipper. I was a beach bum, I loved the water, we had a cottage we were out there all the time. I went to tanning beds. But at just 24 she noticed a change. As I was putting lotion on my legs I noticed a very tiny mole on my thigh had a little bit of redness to it. I knew it hadn’t been there before. Lindsey came to Sunnybrook to see dermatologist Dr. Kucy Pon who removed it, and thankfully so, as it was skin cancer. Dr. Pon says it’s important that we all take precautions, especially knowing skin cancer doesn’t discriminate.…

  • Treat Yourself to a Facial. A Pro Shows us How it’s Done.
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    Treat Yourself to a Facial. A Pro Shows us How it’s Done.

    Just start by covering her eyes with these little cotton rounds. She has beautiful skin so I don’t see I don’t anticipate any problems. Okay, I’m seeing a little dryness which is very common in Reno area and that we can quickly correct. We’ll start by doing a gentle cleansing. I am using our Renown products and this is their gentle cleanser. It’s perfect for skins that are a little on the dry side. It cleanses without stripping, has a nice light fragrance. So now I’ll just remove this cleanser – comes right off. Now I’m going to be applying some vapor, warm vapor. This rotary brush just is gonna…

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    Twelve Secrets to solve all your skin problems Do you want to get rid [of] all your skin problems at once today? We have some intriguing information Provided by scientists this video is all you need to make your skin look smooth and glow Don’t miss our bonus an essential secret ingredient everyone needs to have at home for proper skin First let’s have a look at five things. You should stop doing with your skin right away one washing your face with soap [soak] dries your skin and deteriorates its protective layer if regularly used which results in acne You should also get rid of aggressive cleansers containing sodium…

  • How To Choose Moisturizer For Acne Prone Skin • WHY YOU NEED IT.
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    How To Choose Moisturizer For Acne Prone Skin • WHY YOU NEED IT.

    Okay, here we go. So finding the right moisturizer for acne-prone skin can be a major pain in the ass And today, we are going to go over some of the basics some ground rules that you guys want to implement in finding the right moisturizer And also in the next video, I will be recommending some products However, I think after watching this video, you might be pretty solid with the basics So you might be able to find your own moisturizers. So while watching this video, I want you guys to do one thing Rethink about the purpose of why you want to moisturize your skin because I…

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    FAVORITE SUNSCREENS | Oily, Acne-Prone Skin

    I Asked LC here. So today I’m going to be doing a quick video with you guys sharing my favorite sunscreens because I know Summertime is pretty much almost here because it’s hot a field outside and you should be wearing your sunscreen year-round Because to me this time seems to be a lot stronger during the summer, but you still should be wearing your sunscreen The entire year winter spring fall, whatever always wear your sunscreen but today specifically I’m going to be sharing my favorites because I know it’s kind of hard to find sunscreens for Acne prone skin oily skin and darker skin tones, which is me…

  • Let’s Talk About Skin Cancer
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    Let’s Talk About Skin Cancer

    Lets Talk About Skin Cancer What is cancer? Cancer is a term used for diseases where some cells reproduce and grow abnormally and have the ability to spread to other parts of the body. When cancer spreads it is called metastasis. Cancer cells can spread to nearby body parts parts or through the blood and lymph systems to more distant parts. Cancers are named for the part of the body or the cell where they started; even when they spread to other parts of the body. What is skin cancer? Skin cancer is when some skin cells become cancerous. Skin cancer can affect anyone and can occur anywhere on the…

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    What Exactly Does The Sun Do To Your Skin?

    The sun is slowly killing you, and so are those UV beds you lay on to darken your skin tone before Prom. What can you do about it?! You’ve probably seen this viral video in all the dark corners of the web this week, showing what the sun has done to seemingly beautiful skin. It’s shocking, but let’s add a little context to this random “scientific” video. Ultraviolet light damages all human skin, dark, fair, and all the colors in-between; the reason we even HAVE skin color is an evolutionary response to sunlight damaging human skin. First, what you’re seeing in this video is the reflection of UV light. Ultraviolet…

  • Can You Be Allergic To Sunlight?
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    Can You Be Allergic To Sunlight?

    ♪ INTRO ♪ We all know that the sun can be dangerous. The UV radiation that beams down on you at the beach can damage your DNA, giving you painful burns and eventually, possibly cancer. That should be reason enough to wear sunscreen. But for some people, sunlight means hives or itchy rashes. That’s right, you can be allergic to the sun. If you have a condition called solar urticaria, big, itchy welts develop within minutes of sun exposure. These hives die down within a day, but as you can imagine, this disease seriously puts a damper on going outdoors. Scientists don’t fully understand why this happens, but they think…