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    Integumentary System: Layers of Skin & Functions – Hypodermis

    Okay, last but not least in our discussion of the layers of the integumentary system is the hypodermis. So this hypodermis is not considered part of the skin proper. Skin proper is just the epidermis and the dermis. Just deep to the dermis is the hypodermis, composed of almost exclusively adipose tissue. It’s very important in terms of thermoregulation, as well as, energy storage. Also, you’re going to have vascular supply running throughout the subcutaneous layer. The more adipose tissue you have, the more blood vessels are gonna be created. The more vascularized this region is. So also very important, similar to the dermis, in terms of, blood running through…

  • Integumentary System: Functions
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    Integumentary System: Functions

    Okay, now we’re gonna discuss the functions of the integumentary system. And most people think of it as fairly straightforward, in terms of protection. Protection is one of the key functions of the integumentary system, however, it certainly is not the only function. And we’ll go into quite a bit more detail in terms of the others, but we’re going to start with protection first, because it is truly one of the most important functions. Now, first and foremost, I want to start our discussion talking about the proteins that are associated with the integumentary system, particularly, with the most superficial layer, the epidermis. Now, in terms of the epidermis,…

  • The Science of Getting (and Getting Rid of) a Tattoo
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    The Science of Getting (and Getting Rid of) a Tattoo

    Nearly one in five people in America has a tattoo. So these permanent, portable pieces of art are clearly an important part of our culture — but how do they work? What makes a tattoo permanent, and can you really get rid of it? Well, tattoos work by taking advantage of the structure of your skin, and the composition of the ink that’s used. Your skin, for starters, is made up of three main layers of cells. On top, there’s the epidermis, which is exposed to the environment. Below that, there’s the dermis, and it’s full of hair follicles and sweat glands. And below that, you find the subcutaneous layer…