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    Eczema Study

    So we’re interested in atopic eczema commonly known as eczema in the UK. We’ve known for a few years now that there is this association between living in a hard water area and the development of eczema. So we conducted a study in adults with and without eczema to see what the effect of washing with hard water could be on the skin. At the moment 30% of children develop eczema, that’s a really high number so anything we can do to help reduce that number would be really positive. The guilt I felt because I couldn’t fix his skin, it was awful. It was a long, long time obviously…

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    Layers of the Earth | #aumsum

    Layers of Earth. Many years ago, when Earth was formed, it was very hot. Rains and thunderstorms cooled the outer portion. and. different life forms started originating on the earth. The outer cool layer on which we live is called Crust. Welcome to Crust. Earth’s crust is covered with landforms, air and water. After crust, the next layer is Mantle. Current location Crust. Next location Mantle. Crust. Mantle is the layer below the crust. Mantle is very hot. Mantle consists of rocks in molten form. Current location Mantle. Next location Core. The Core is located just below the Mantle. Core is divided into two parts, outer core and inner core.…

  • Self-sterilising microneedles revolutionising vaccination and drug delivery
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    Self-sterilising microneedles revolutionising vaccination and drug delivery

    I’m Professor Krasimir Vasilev from the School of Engineering at the University of South Australia. Some time ago we started research on microneedle technology for transdermal delivery of therapeutics – microneedle patches. These patches consist of an array of microneedles that are about 700 microneedles in length and are made of biodegradable polymers. Since the needles are only 700 microns in length, they do not reach the hypodermis or the blood vessels, which makes them very painless to use. Other benefits, for example in terms of vaccines, is avoiding the cold chain supply chain that is required in vaccination. Since the therapeutics are mixed in the polymer in the dry…

  • Aspirin Linked to Lower Risk of Skin Cancer
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    Aspirin Linked to Lower Risk of Skin Cancer

    (Image source: Fox News) BY NICHOLE CARTMELL

There could be another benefit to using aspirin.  A new study out of Stanford University suggests the over-the-counter medicine can lower the risk of skin-cancer in women.

The study looked at about 60,000 Caucasian women between the ages of 50 and 79 who reported information about themselves for 12 years. This is the group of women most likely to get skin cancer. (Via MSNBC)

Those who took aspirin decreased their risk for malignant melanoma by 20 percent on average. And the longer woman regularly took the drug, the better the protection.

“Women who took aspirin five years or more — their risk was down 30 percent. Researchers…

  • Health | metal joint implants skin cancer
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    Health | metal joint implants skin cancer

    Can that surgical implant cause a deadly problem? Next… Study Links Allergy To Metal Implants To Skin Cancer. Robert Preidt writing in Healthday reported on new research that links allergic reactions to metal implants to a form of skin cancer. In a study published online in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, the research team from Washington University School of Medicine and Barnes-Jewish Hospital profiled a case study of a woman with a nickel allergy who developed a “rare form of skin cancer called Marjolin’s ulcer” at the site where a rod made partially of nickel had been inserted to stabilize an ankle fracture. The group then performed a mouse study…

  • Slavery – Crash Course US History #13
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    Slavery – Crash Course US History #13

    Hi, I’m John Green, this is Crash Course U.S. History, and today, we’re going to talk about slavery, which is not funny. Yeah, so we put a lei on the eagle to try and cheer you up, but let’s face it, this is going to be depressing. With slavery, every time you think, like, “Aw, it couldn’t have been that bad,” it turns out to have been much worse. Mr. Green, Mr. Green! But what about – Yeah, Me from the Past, I’m going to stop you right there, because you’re going to embarrass yourself. Slavery was hugely important to America. I mean, it led to a civil war and…