• ✨How I 🐠 Exfoliate🐠 for Beautiful SKIN ✨
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    ✨How I 🐠 Exfoliate🐠 for Beautiful SKIN ✨

    Leda Lum’s Apotheca, and by popular demand, I’m just going to discuss how I exfoliate, which is primarily with a lactic acid peel that I have created myself. Okay, so often people ask how I exfoliate, which I like to get a lactic acid that I got from BulkActives, and I got a few years ago a few of these and this is 80% and I dilute it in a little bottle, a glass bottle. What I would do is pour, since it’s 80%, I’ll pour in, like if I wanted it to be 40%, then I would do half of this water, half of it the solution. But I…

  • How To Prep Skin for Make Up in 9 Steps | Karlie Kloss
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    How To Prep Skin for Make Up in 9 Steps | Karlie Kloss

    I Love my job. And I love shooting beauty campaigns like this over the years I’ve gotten accustomed to just how big these productions are. There are lots of people lots of makeup all day long That’s how I really feel. It’s crazy. How much goes into creating these global images and campaigns It’s a process and an art I really respect I don’t wanna tell the secrets of the Masters here, but there’s a really cool effect for shadow of water on the wall Literally actually water suspended in the air It’s not CGI all this to say it’s vital that your skin is prepped before a day like…