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    The Best Body Washes For Dry & Sensitive Skin

    Hi y’all I’m Kylie and I’m here to tell y’all about Beauty by Earth’s body washes. These guys are certified cruelty free, vegan, made in the USA and are made with certified organic ingredients. Even better they’re just amazing to use. I mean look at that. Just add it to your favorite loofah or your beauty by earth back scrubber and you’re good to go. Not sure which one to use? Easy what is your skin need? If you tend to get oily or problematic, use the peppermint tea tree, it is tea tree oil which is going to help keep your skin looking and feeling amazing, not to mention…

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    WORLDS BEST Face Mask for Dry Skin Care | FIRST IMPRESSION

    well what’s up guys welcome back to today’s video where we are testing yet another south Korean beauty product this is a sheet mask straight from Seoul South Korea guys and it is so cool it’s actually called a dual balancing the sheet mask that means it has a two parts it has a upper t-zone part made to get rid of that excess oil and sebum build-up in a lower au shape that is going to drench and hydrate the lower half of your face so if you’re ready to check out this dual balancing a sheet mask straight from Seoul South Korea keep on watching alright guys so…

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    How to Use Olive Oil | Skin Care

    Everything great you’ve heard about olive oil for food, that it’s rich in essential fatty acids and healthy fats and antioxidants, is also true for olive oil when you use it on your skin. So it’s got all the nutrients that you need for your skin and it’s also very hydrating. But surprisingly it also makes a great skin cleanser, not just a moisturizer. To use it as a skin cleanser you can literally just massage it into your skin all over and apply a warm wet face cloth over that and allow the steam to help the olive oil penetrate the pores, rinse that away and your skin is…

  • People With Acne Scars Try Micro-Rolling
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    People With Acne Scars Try Micro-Rolling

    – This is what dreams are made of. Hillary Duff was wrong. (playful music) Over the next two weeks I will be micro-rolling. Micro-rolling is this circular tool with lots of tiny needles on it. It’s good for fine lines or textured skin like pock marks and hyperpigmentation. – I had pretty bad acne in high school up until the end of college. – Acne has always been a problem for me. Almost any picture I see of myself, all I can see is these red marks. – I feel like there’s no hope for it at this point. If these pock marks go away that’ll be interesting. – I…

  • HOW TO GET RID OF ACNE ‣‣ 5 natural acne remedies
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    HOW TO GET RID OF ACNE ‣‣ 5 natural acne remedies

    (optimistic music) – Hi friends, welcome back to my channel. If you’re new here, my name is Alyssa. Today we are talking about skincare, and I am going to share five simple tricks that help you naturally treat acne. So we’ve talked a little bit about some of my clear skin tips in the past few weeks, and I’ve talked about it on the blog even more, but I personally have been struggling with some breakouts in the last six months or so, so I’ve been changing things up in my skincare routine. I’ve been exploring new products, I’ve been talking to estheticians and I’ve found a few things that…

  • Byjeannine’s Korean Acne Treatment | Seoul Guide Medical
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    Byjeannine’s Korean Acne Treatment | Seoul Guide Medical

    Hey guys today I’m gonna be showing you some skin care treatments that I recently got here in Korea and I’m sure most of you know that Korea is known for its beauty industry like plastic surgery skincare treatments and so on and as I’m currently living here in Seoul I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for me to kind of work on my skin as It has gotten really really bad over the past year ever since I stopped taking birth control when I got off my Hormones went crazy and my skin was breaking out really really bad I had really bad acne and that’s why…

  • DIY: Body Butter for Dry Skin w/ HeyFranHey
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    DIY: Body Butter for Dry Skin w/ HeyFranHey

    What’s up, beautiful people? It is your homegirl, Shameless, all up in your building! And I have a special guest! The beautiful, the wonderful, HeyFranHey! FRAN: Hi, beautiful ones! MAYA: For those of you that don’t know who she is, this beautiful woman has a popular blog and a youTube channel. Check it out, link in description box. But you’re known for… FRAN: I am known for being sort of like a kitchen beautician. MAYA: Oh! Kitchen beautician! That should be your tag! FRAN: That’s kind of cute, right?! But I basically can teach you how to whip up everything you need, from lotions, hair conditioners, to deodorant, straight from…

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    FAVORITE SUNSCREENS | Oily, Acne-Prone Skin

    I Asked LC here. So today I’m going to be doing a quick video with you guys sharing my favorite sunscreens because I know Summertime is pretty much almost here because it’s hot a field outside and you should be wearing your sunscreen year-round Because to me this time seems to be a lot stronger during the summer, but you still should be wearing your sunscreen The entire year winter spring fall, whatever always wear your sunscreen but today specifically I’m going to be sharing my favorites because I know it’s kind of hard to find sunscreens for Acne prone skin oily skin and darker skin tones, which is me…

  • WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Beautiful, Healthy Hair & Skin
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    WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Beautiful, Healthy Hair & Skin

    hi guys welcome back to my channel today I’m doing a new one at end of the day it’s been way too long today I’m doing a special edition and I will talk about what I eat in a day for healthy skin and hair I get lots of questions from you guys because of my background in holistic nutrition asking me about what can you do and what can you eat to make sure that your skin is glowing and your hair is shiny and long with ponds of lights there is a saying that says the way our skin and hair and nails look is an indication of…

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    5 Skincare Tips to Clean, Unclog & Minimize Large Pores

    Hey guys, welcome back! It’s Rowena. It’s Felicia! And we know how much you guys love pores and everything about pore care because we ask ourselves the same question How can something so small, sometimes look so big?! So today we’re bringing you guys another pore care video sponsored by Clarins to tell you about their pore control serum, which visibly minimizes pores and refines skin. And we’re gonna be sharing with you guys all the important facts and tips on everything to do with pores. No matter if you have dry skin, if you have oily skin, if you combo skin, (or) if you have all of the above.…