• 3 Most Effective Ingredients for Redness, Irritation, Inflammation & Soothing | For ALL Skin Types
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    3 Most Effective Ingredients for Redness, Irritation, Inflammation & Soothing | For ALL Skin Types

    Hi beauties, welcome back! It’s your host, Rowena. Felicia will be back very soon! So in today’s video, we’re going to be talking about our most loved, most prized ‘apple of our eye’ type ingredients for red, irritated, and inflamed skin. With many other ingredients, they’re either too harsh to use every day or they shouldn’t be used at certain times or they shouldn’t be mixed with other ingredients. Etc. Etc. But the three ingredients we’re going to be discussing today are like the Avengers coming to save your world! The products we’ll be suggesting are some of our all-time faves. Let’s make #ATF a thing: All-Time Faves. But we’re…

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    How To Fix Red, Dry Skin | Eminence Organics

    ♪ [music] ♪ Hi, I’m Natalie with Eminence Organic Skin Care and welcome to another episode ofIn The Mix. Today is going to be all about any of you who are suffering with dry skin and have redness. So, this is going to be a great mix for you for that type of care. And I’m thinking as the weather changes and any time there’s a season change or you’re going to different types of climates, the skin is going to react in that way, and dryness is one of those things that does tend to happen. So we’re going to be using one of our classics, our Linden Calendula…

  • DIY Skin care recipes and ingredients you SHOULD try!
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    DIY Skin care recipes and ingredients you SHOULD try!

    Hello again everyone! This is going to be my DIY recipes to try video. And by recipes I mean, you know, recipes, actual recipes, and ingredients that you may have seen around the internet, on Youtube, on blogs, et cetera. Sometimes even magazines have these. The response to my last video, the DIY recipes not to try, was so overwhelmingly positive, I got really excited to make this one, so let’s jump right into it. The first thing I want to talk about is probably the most common thing that everyone asked about in the comments, and that is honey. Honey is awesome for the skin: completely, totally, fabulously awesome…

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    [Music] hey guys everything so black maybe I should have worn a different top but you guys know black is my favorite color okay so today I’d fun to sit here and talk to you guys about my communion angry skincare treatment that I got a few months ago I know you guys are curious about it especially those that follow me on my blog channel you guys saw that I went to the dermatologist to trim my acne so here it is today finally so those that have been following me you guys know that I have a new pump skin and my skin went through a loss specially…

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    04 Common Causes of Skin Rashes

    04 Common causes of skin rashes? 01. Allergies can occur due to the irritation caused by toiletries, creams, fabric detergent or softeners. The allergy can also be caused by food consumed or medicines. 02. Bacterial When bacteria enter open wounds it may result in rashes. The symptoms of scarlet fever and Lyme disease are perfect examples of rashes caused by bacteria. 03.Autoimmune Lupus, dermatomyositis and similar autoimmune diseases can cause skin rashes. 04. Viral Viral diseases such as measles, chickenpox and roseola cause rashes. These are often seen in children however it is not uncommon for adults to get them as well.

  • How to Remove Pimples Fast and Get Clear Skin | Acne Tips
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    How to Remove Pimples Fast and Get Clear Skin | Acne Tips

    okay so this is all just pigmentation and acne scarring even my neck what is happening? Hey guys! Welcome back to “Beauty Within” so a lot of the problems that I personally struggled with is acne and acne is just one of the most annoying things that can happen to anybody because it’s really confusing why it’s happening what products to use what these products even do if you saw me one or two months before it would have been more like a crocodile texture skin and it was only a few affordable products that I picked up that really helped change the game so today in this video what…

  • DIY Skin care recipes you should NEVER try!
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    DIY Skin care recipes you should NEVER try!

    Hello again everyone, today we are going to talk about homemade DIY skin care recipes that you should absolutely never try. And these recipes are everywhere. They are all over youtube; they’re all over the internet, all over blogs and for some reason they just won’t die. So, I’m going to make this video today, to tell you which ones you should never try and why. And to start lets talk about lemons. One of the most popular recipes I see involves taking a lemon, cutting it in half, coating it in sugar, and then scrubbing it all over your face. Now, I kind of understand why people might think…