• How to protect your skin from the sun
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    How to protect your skin from the sun

    Lindsey Beamish used to be a sun worshipper. I was a beach bum, I loved the water, we had a cottage we were out there all the time. I went to tanning beds. But at just 24 she noticed a change. As I was putting lotion on my legs I noticed a very tiny mole on my thigh had a little bit of redness to it. I knew it hadn’t been there before. Lindsey came to Sunnybrook to see dermatologist Dr. Kucy Pon who removed it, and thankfully so, as it was skin cancer. Dr. Pon says it’s important that we all take precautions, especially knowing skin cancer doesn’t discriminate.…

  • Integumentary System: Functions
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    Integumentary System: Functions

    Okay, now we’re gonna discuss the functions of the integumentary system. And most people think of it as fairly straightforward, in terms of protection. Protection is one of the key functions of the integumentary system, however, it certainly is not the only function. And we’ll go into quite a bit more detail in terms of the others, but we’re going to start with protection first, because it is truly one of the most important functions. Now, first and foremost, I want to start our discussion talking about the proteins that are associated with the integumentary system, particularly, with the most superficial layer, the epidermis. Now, in terms of the epidermis,…

  • Removing a dbrand skin from an iPhone
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    Removing a dbrand skin from an iPhone

    *intro music* Hi everyone, Aaron here for Zollotech and I wanted to show you what it’s like to remove a skin from your phone. I have been using a d-brand skin on this phone and actually my previous phone, this is an iPhone 6s Plus. I used it on my iPhone 6 Plus. Really love their skins but sometimes you need to remove it, whether that be it’s all cut up or damaged or you want to replace it with a different colour. Anyone of of those reasons and I thought I would show you what it’s like to remove it and what it leaves behind, if anything. So let’s…

  • “Skin Cancer Can Hit Even YOU!?”
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    “Skin Cancer Can Hit Even YOU!?”

    It’s May…It’s Another Sultry Summer In South Fla.! hey gang it’s Paul back again I have a lot of wonderful things to talk to you about but this is kind of just the filling I think I can’t believe that we’ve been off the air for a few weeks now ever since our initial foray into life under the palms I think it was going well but it’s very difficult to to have Brad balance a really taxing job that gives him a not much relaxation and I kind of said can we do can we do a film today can we do a film today place it next for…

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    Morning! okay I’m gonna do a really rapid video so cuz it’s summer and it’s really really hot now and skin care and skin protection is really important so I am on holiday in Turkey right now and it is boiling like it is really real hot and it’s the second day so and what I brought with me was um some dry oil spray I need to go pick up some actual like factor 30 needs to pick up some factor 30 because it’s it’s really really hot and but for now so this morning I’m just gonna use this so I’m gonna use Malibu SPF 10 and then…