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    Causes of Acne

    I’m Mic, and today we are going to delve into the mystery that is acne. We are going to look deep inside the pore and see how acne progresses on the microbial level, and we’re also going to look at some of the well-studied dietary triggers of acne and hopefully get some answers. Acne is one of the largest health mysteries today. It is the most common skin condition on Earth. In western societies, it affects about 85% of teenagers, and now, nearly half of people into their thirties. And they had to go ahead and name it acne vulgaris, like, “Your face is vulgar. I’m a scientist.” Yet as…

  • #Dry, #Dehydrated, #Dull Skin EZ Renewal – DIY All #Natural #Quick and #Clean #Mask
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    #Dry, #Dehydrated, #Dull Skin EZ Renewal – DIY All #Natural #Quick and #Clean #Mask

    You know my motto. No junk ever. Anywhere. Don’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat. Today I’m going to do a face mask from something that you eat. It is anti-aging. Woo-hoo. It is for dry skin. Sensitive skin. This food is going to detoxify. Its an anti-oxidant, so its going to remove environmental aggressors. Hydrate the skin. Plump the fine lines. Reduce swelling or puffiness particularly in the eyes. And its great for the throat and the decollete. But also if you suffer from rosacea. If you have or sunburn, which you absolutely should not! Watch my sun screen video here, to know the best sunscreen…

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    CBD Heals Eczema?! Pros & Cons // Michelle Mills

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  • What I Eat In A Day: PALEO-ish Edition #kickstart2019
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    What I Eat In A Day: PALEO-ish Edition #kickstart2019

    (happy bouncy music) – Hey, Munchies! Welcome to the channel! If you’re new, I’m Alyssia. If you are not new, you may remember my old What I Eat in a Day videos. I used to them, and then I stopped. But I have had so many requests to bring them back. So, in 2019, you’ll be seeing more of them, and today is the first one. It is a paleo edition because that is how I typically eat. And this is actually a What I Eat in a Day from a few weeks ago, and then, I filmed it on a different day. Most of this is also Whole30 if…

  • The Mystery of the Eocene’s Lethal Lake
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    The Mystery of the Eocene’s Lethal Lake

    47 million years ago, the world was a hothouse. Lush jungles covered much of the globe, stretching far from the equator, and they were rife with mammals. This was life in the Eocene Epoch. And around a quiet lake in what’s now Germany, a typical scene was unfolding in late spring. Crocodiles patrolled the waters. Bats and birds flew overhead. Horses, many of them pregnant, came by for a drink. And turtles were … having turtle sex. But then, all of these animals died, and quickly, tumbling down to their final resting place at the bottom of the lake. Then it happened again. And again, probably over thousands of years.…

  • 🌱🐮🌱 THE best hydrolyzed collagen:🌱 reverse aging: ✨ HAIR ✨ SKIN ✨ BODY✨
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    🌱🐮🌱 THE best hydrolyzed collagen:🌱 reverse aging: ✨ HAIR ✨ SKIN ✨ BODY✨

    Hey there Leda Lum’s Apotheca today we going to talk about hydrolyzed collagen which is my number one recommendation for basically anything. Super beauty remedy for toning skin, your hair, your nails. But it also works on a lot of… the rest of your body, it works on everything. Lets talk about it. Ok so Ive found this, this is now my favorite brand Perfect Hydrolyzed collagen from Perfect Supplements. You get a little more, its actually cheaper than the Great Lakes. You get more for the price, but it also has nine of the nine points for quality. Lets talk about that. So much to go through here. whoo!…

  • How We Cured Baby Eczema While Breastfeeding with an Elimination Diet
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    How We Cured Baby Eczema While Breastfeeding with an Elimination Diet

    it’s story time again I want to talk about today how I healed my son’s eczema actually two of them using the GAPS diet and so we’ve talked about how we did the GAPS diet originally for autism recovery and we’ve also talked about how I healed my dairy allergy with the GAPS diet and today we’re talking about eczema. so eczema is something that it affects so many of our kids and I believe it’s like increasing its almost every kid or every family I feel like I see almost every family I feel like someone in there has some skin issue or eczema and it’s something that it’s…