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    5 Cleansing Secrets! How to Cleanse Properly for Acne Skin & Remove Heavy Makeup | Teen Beauty Bible

    hi Guys hi Guys hi Guys hi Guys hi Guys hi guys welcome back to teen beauty Bible it’s your girl Kasper and we are loving it that you guys are loving the new series so last time we talked about sheet masks right last episode we were talking with Jenny who were talking to us about how teens don’t really know how to cleanse properly right and a lot of you guys on the community board were asking for a cleansing video so here it is we recently did a live streaming about cleansing and how to remove makeup but this time on teen beauty Bible we are going…

  • How To Get GLASS SKIN for ACNE SKIN!
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    How To Get GLASS SKIN for ACNE SKIN!

    Hey, it’s Fei!〜〜 Wanna know the real way of getting glass skin? Well, you’ve come to the right place No tea, no shade. The FIRST and ONLY thing you have to do is get a piece of saran wrap, like this ^ And wrap your entire face. Make sure to poke holes, for breathing purposes. There you go, you’ll be a walking piece of glass. And no one can say otherwise. Am I right, or am I right?〜〜 This is the RIGHT and ONLY way of getting that shiny, glossy skin. You’re welcome〜〜 Tag me in your photos. Thanks!!〜 Deuces drink ma juices. [heavy breathing] I can’t breathe. Okay, so…

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    [Music] hey guys everything so black maybe I should have worn a different top but you guys know black is my favorite color okay so today I’d fun to sit here and talk to you guys about my communion angry skincare treatment that I got a few months ago I know you guys are curious about it especially those that follow me on my blog channel you guys saw that I went to the dermatologist to trim my acne so here it is today finally so those that have been following me you guys know that I have a new pump skin and my skin went through a loss specially…

  • Wide daily temperature range increases risk of shingles
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    Wide daily temperature range increases risk of shingles

    time now for our life an info segment where we focus on information we do hope will be useful for your everyday life and it’s fair to say not quite yet anyway but the summer heat is due to start fading somewhat but the mornings and evenings are definitely much cooler now with the four winds coming in so with this wide daily temperature range weakening our immune systems doctors are saying they are seeing more conditions like shingles coming in via patients to their hospitals our park se-young with more a painful rash that turns into itchy blisters this is the most common symptom of shingles caused by the…

  • iPads may cause skin rashes
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    iPads may cause skin rashes

    If you own an iPad, and have a skin rash… the two may not be independent of each other. The Pediatrics Medical journal recently featured the case study of an 11-year old boy who was being treated for allergic contact dermatitis in San Diego. Doctors found that the boy’s first generation iPad,.. which he used everyday,… contained nickel in its outside coating. They advised him to refrain from using the tablet PC altogether. But before you run to your local Apple store to file a complaint, it should be pointed out that it’s not yet certain whether all iPads contain nickel. Apple said in a statement that its products are…

  • Caribbean Fashion Week – Dance Hall and Skin Bleaching
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    Caribbean Fashion Week – Dance Hall and Skin Bleaching

    CHARLENE: Welcome to “Fashion Week International,” the show that reports on the most fabulous fashion weeks in the world, and the culture and politics behind them. This time we’re in Kingston, Jamaica, for Caribbean Fashion Week. [MUSIC PLAYING] CHARLENE: In June 2012, Caribbean Fashion Week descended on Kingston, Jamaica. Although Jamaica might not be known for catwalk couture, reggae and dancehall style have become a worldwide export. CHARLENE: Whilst dancehall parties are probably the best parties in the world, they’re also the place where you’ll find some unusual beauty trends, including skin bleaching. CHARLENE: And girls ingesting agricultural chicken feed to get a bigger ass. CHARLENE: Welcome to Caribbean Fashion…