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    Low Carb & KETO CANDY Recipes | DIY Keto Halloween Treats

    (tuba music) (doorbell rings) (locks turning) (squeaky door sound) – Oh, dearies, look at the good costumes! Oh, Marvin, look at the costumes. (dramatic music) all those sweet candies will rot your teeth. Have some sugar-free candies instead. Take as many as you’d like! (scream) (upbeat spooky music) – [Alyssia] Happy Halloween munchies! It’s candy time and with so many people looking for low-carb and keto options, I thought this Halloween we’d go sugar-free on the channel. But don’t worry. It does not have to be scary or disgusting. I have done homemade cleaner candies on the channel many times, but never low-carb. The good thing about low-carb candy is…

  • The Best Keto Candied Pecans – Sugar Free – Low Carb – Crazy Delicious
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    The Best Keto Candied Pecans – Sugar Free – Low Carb – Crazy Delicious

    hey there it’s Steve from SeriousKeto.com and in today’s video i am going to make you a keto god amongst mere mortals but before we do that if you’re interested in keto cooking videos product reviews ingredient reviews or lessons learned from my experiences with the ketogenic lifestyle and intermittent fasting click that subscribe button down there and while you’re at it click that little bell next to it so you’ll be certain not to miss any of my videos if you’ve ever had those candied pecans that you get at various festivals or county fairs that come in that sort of cone-shaped plastic you know that on a scale…