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    AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 OOF! *face of regret* Pause! pause! *for like the 100th time in a row* no no no no NOOOOOOOOOOO Pause! No! *screams like the mans about to die* Pause! Pauseeeee *water goes down the drain like morgz’ career, jk* Pause! help! i cant breathe! Pause! AhhHhHHhHhhHhHHhHhHhHh *Leaf blower makes kira’s face look like a balloon for 3 seconds straight* Pause! *Morgz yelling for 20 minutes straight till his neighbors call the cops* You guys loved it when we did the PAUSE- challenge???? *says it in confusion cause he doesnt know his own vid idea..* So today we’re back, but, its gonna be WAY more extreme I dont know…

  • I Was Trapped In A Canyon For 127 Hours
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    I Was Trapped In A Canyon For 127 Hours

    April 27, 2003 – An exhausted and pale young man stares into a camcorder. “It’s 3:05 on Sunday. This marks my 24-hour mark of being stuck in BlueJohn Canyon. My name is Aron Ralston. My parents are Donna and Larry Ralston, of Englewood, Colorado. Whoever finds this, please make an attempt to get this to them. Be sure of it. I would appreciate it.” – Animation Note. Include on bottom of screen “Actual quote by Aron Ralston taken from his self-made video” With his left hand Ralston moves the camera and records his right arm. At the wrist, it’s stuck in a narrow gap between a large boulder and the…

  • 7 Life Saving HACKS for Perfect SKIN & HAIR | #Beauty #Skincare #Sketch #Anaysa
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    7 Life Saving HACKS for Perfect SKIN & HAIR | #Beauty #Skincare #Sketch #Anaysa

    We Always ask you for LIKES and you always forget to do it but we never forget your request so we’ve brought for you Skin & Hair Care Hacks lets keep this Introduction a bit short as we’ve a lot to tell them and the links of that special things which we’ve used is given in the description box below so plz tell them lets them watch the video and make them to give at least 1,50,000 LIKES lets go.. Will you come to Pub today? yes I am in yes I Know and what about you two?? two!!! Yes you and your pimple this song is suitable to these…

  • I Was Trapped Underwater For 3 Days
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    I Was Trapped Underwater For 3 Days

    Usually waking up because you have to go to the bathroom is annoying. But on May 26, 2013, waking up and leaving his bunk to use the bathroom was a decision that saved 29 year old Harrison Odjegba Okene’s life. Through an odd twist of fate, Harrison ended up being the lone survivor of a boat sinking at sea. He can lay claim to a unique title– he’s the only known person in the world to have survived on the seafloor for nearly 3 days. The Gulf of Guinea in the southeast Atlantic Ocean is rich with petroleum laden layers of sedimentary seabed. Many offshore oil rig drilling operations dot…

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    – If you don’t repost this really fake story five times, you’re gonna die in one minute! – (Ian) SHUT UP!!! Okay, what does it mean when someone says, We’re their OTP? Oh, heh heh, yeah, that means that we’re their one true pair. Okay, why don’t they just say that then? Dude, they’re just typing online. Imagine how dumb it’d be if everything we did online we did in real life. THE INTERNET IN REAL LIFE CAPTCHAS (club music) Stop right there! Read this out loud, please. I need to know if you’re bots or not. I wanna lick Harry Style’s nipple. (groans) What the hell was that?! You…