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    Lemon and Sugar Scrub for Skin Whitening with 100% Results for Glowing Skin Instantly

    This Lemon and sugar works as a natural bleach and helps to control excess oil secretion and lightens the skin. It also helps in skin exfoliation. Lemon has the properties to remove skin tan and dirt instantly Ingredients Required 2 Table spoon lemon Juice 1 Cup Sugar 1/2 Cup olive oil Preparation & Use Mix the ingredients in a bowl. Take the mixture and scrub it on your face,neck, hands and legs and leave it for 15 minutes and wash it off with normal water to get a fresh and clean face and skin Usage of this face pack for 2-3 times a week gives you extremely good results for…

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    Get Rid of ACNE SCARS with ONIONS!

    *EUUHHHH* I filmed this whole video and I wasn’t recording *KYEUKHH* Hey it’s Feii! I’m so sorry for the emo introduction Hello 1 million feiibaes well actually- I lied because not all of you guys watch my videos But, First of all I just want to give you gives a huge thank you. Thank you guys so much for helping us reach 1 million Feiibaes on YouTube I actually have a more entertaining video to thank you guys coming up very soon and it revolves kpop and a coat rack Hmm…What could it be? So I’m gonna save all the waterworks for that video but quickly I hope you guys…

  • Massive Acne removal and treatment
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    Massive Acne removal and treatment

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    Home Manicure Supplies : Applying Cuticle Cream to Nails

    Hi, my name is Theresa, and I’m here to demonstrate to you why and who should use cuticle cream. Let’s say you’re giving yourself a manicure and you don’t have time to sit and soak your nails in the water to soften up your cuticles. You can easily buy some cuticle cream at the beauty supply or just get some lotion you have around the house. You want to apply this cuticle cream, cuticle remover, I should say, apply it to your nails. I would just apply a dot to each nail, like so. Very easy, and then rub it in, making sure you get all of your cuticles. This…

  • EVE Online: Ship SKINs
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    EVE Online: Ship SKINs

    Hi there! In this video we will be talking about Super Kerr-Induced Nanocoatings, better known as SKINS. SKINs are essentially a license that change the appearance of your ship, allowing you to customize the look of your vessel. They exist as an in-game item before they are activated. They can be traded on the market or through Contracts, transported in your cargo bay and lost if destroyed. So remember, as with PLEX, it is risky to transport these items in your ship unprepared. There are two types of SKINs that can be applied to a ship, but both work in the same way. There are Permanent SKINs available through the…

  • Professional Manicure Steps : Applying Cuticle Remover in Manicures
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    Professional Manicure Steps : Applying Cuticle Remover in Manicures

    Hi, I am Theresa. I am here with Reyna and we are going to go on to the next step to giving yourself perfect manicure. After your done soaking your nails in the hot water with the dish washing liquid. You want to have them set their hands out. Apply some cuticle remover cream on to all ten of their nails. This will definitely help soften up the cuticles and get them ready to be cut off. If they need to. And the way to apply this is go ahead and put some on your finger. And just go ahead and do dots all over the cuticle, like so. And…

  • Professional Manicure Steps : How to Cut Nail Cuticles
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    Professional Manicure Steps : How to Cut Nail Cuticles

    Hi, I am here with Reyna again and we are showing you the use of the cuticle nippers. After you’ve soaked your nails and put the cuticle remover on there and you pushed your cuticles back. What is the next step? The next step would be to get your cuticle nippers and them off. Being that Reyna gets a manicure often. Her aren’t that bad. So it is not necessary to use the nippers every time you have a manicure. If you go in between manicures. You can do this at home by yourself. If your cuticles are really bad. You want to get the nippers and be very careful…

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    Professional Manicure Steps : Using Orange Stick on Nail Cuticles

    Hi, I am Theresa and I am here with Reyna and we are going on to the next step of a perfect manicure, which is orange wood stick. This does have a lot of uses but the first one we are going to use it for is for cuticles. Being that we have cuticle remover on her cuticles and her cuticles aren’t even that bad we can go ahead and use the orange wood stick. Again I like to just get everything wet. And you want to gently push these back. Not trying really push them back. They should be nice and soft by now since you’ve soaked them in…