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    How I ELIMINATED My Acne

    How did you eliminate your acne? That’s a question I get all the time, and it’s been kinda misconstrued, as to the pathways I took to actually eliminate the acne. A lot of people have been saying that I’m claiming that the vegan diet actually eliminated my acne from the beginning, and that’s not necessarily the truth for me, so I just wanna lay out how I got through my acne, and then what I’ve done since then to keep my acne at bay. Real quick, my acne started when I was about 14 years old, and it got worse and worse, just genetically, but then I started lifting and…

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    DIY Face Mask | How To Get Clear Bright And Acne Free Skin

    Who wants a Skin full of acne? No One Everyone wants a acne free fresh and glowy skin Right! Hello friends Welcome back to my channel Hope you are all doing well Today I’m going to show you a DIY Face Mask If you are suffering from acne or if you have lots of acne scars on your face This face mask is perfect for you This DIY mask is suitable for all type of skin So let’s see How to make this DIY face mask Let’s see what we need to make this face mask Red split lentils powder or ground red lentils Also know as Masoor Dal Red…

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    My full skin care routine (& how I CURED my acne)

    – Hello everyone. Welcome back to my channel or welcome to my channel if it’s your first time here. Today I have got a highly requested video. It’s my skincare routine. Firstly, I’m wearing makeup in this video. I’m not trying to trick you into thinking that this is my naked face. However, as I mentioned in my previous video, I’ve gone through quite a lot with my skin. I’ve never had diagnosed cystic acne but I had some pretty awful skin years and I’ve managed to come out the other side with very clear skin. I rarely get a spot and when I do I know how to deal…