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    Skin Whitening Bleach । How To Get Fair Skin At Home । 100% Effective Skin Whitening Home Remedy

    Hello friends, welcome back to my channel. Here in this video, I will make an amazing skin bleaching and dark spot removal remedy that is 100% natural and effective for your regular skin care. This bleach lighten your complexion instantly, remove all the darkness tanning blemishes from your skin without doing any harm or damage. Because the ingredients I have used to prepare this bleach are 100% natural and harmless for our skin. by using this facial bleach regularly, you will get a visible fairer brighter flawless and luminous complexion guaranteed. Darkness and black patches on the skin can result from sun exposure, environmental pollution, hormonal influences, chemicals present in…

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    SKINCARE ROUTINE For Acne Prone, Sensitive & Oily Skin!

    what’s up guys trenee here and welcome back to my channel today’s video is going to be about a facial routine for oily skin in less than nine minutes so the first thing you want to do is of course put on your shower cap cover your hair I hate when my locks get wet while I’m trying to cleanse my face so I make sure I put on a shower cap which I typically do wear when I’m in the shower but I’ve already taken my shower and I had taken it off but we’re gonna put it back on now make sure everything is tucked and tight so…

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    What’s The Deal With Vitamin C Serum? | Dear Derm | Well+Good

    (upbeat music) – My favorite, vitamin C! Welcome to Dear Derm by Beauty Geek for Well and Good. I’m Dr. Mona Gohara, a dermatologist in New Haven Connecticut. And I’m here to answer your most pressing questions about skincare. Got questions? Hit me up! (upbeat music) Vitamin C is seriously one of my faves. So let me break it down. Vitamin C is a super star skincare ingredient and an antioxidant that goes by many names. The most common of which are L-ascorbic acid, or get ready for this, tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate. That’s a freakin’ mouthful. It’s found in serums, eye creams, moisturizers, and mists. I love to tell my patients…

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    This treatment is ideal for dark and patchy skin as it provides clarity to the skin. In this facial, the Korean procedure is used which involves providing vibrations to the skin by applying pressure on certain pressure points. Following is the procedure for this facial: 1. To start with, clean the face with baby oil using a piece of cloth. This would help remove all the external impurities. 2. Next, apply a cleansing gel on the face and cleanse the face well. This is very important as before providing oxygen to the skin the skin needs to be free of any impurities. In this facial, the Korean procedure is used…

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    Get rid of Dry Skin this Winters and get fair glowing pink skin | Sania Skin Care

    Hi guys welcome back to my channel in winters the skin gets very much dry rough and dull due to this the skin looks black and uneven skin toned today I am sharing with you an amazing night cream and face pack which will reduce the skin dullness and blackness from skin this winters the first ingredient you need is pomegranate seeds grind the seeds with the help of a mortar and pestle you can also use a grinder now add one teaspoon of yoghurt here I am using thick yogurt made at home next ingredient is rice flour 1 teaspoon grind the ingredients really well the most common problem…

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    Oily Skin – Top 3 Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Glowing Skin – Acne Treatment

    how does the skin become oily it is due to over productive sebaceous glands this could be due to hormonal changes hereditary factors and even sometimes because of the unhealthy diet we consume the excess oil clogs skin pores resulting to black and white and then even pimples therefore it is obvious that people with oily skin need to take that extra bit of care for the skin egg whites, rich in vitamin-A helps to combat oily skin so take the white of one egg put it in a bowl and now beat this with the blender you have to beat it until it forms soft peaks and now you…

  • How To Get Healthy Glowing Skin In Winter | Winter Skincare Routine For Dry Skin | Do & Don’t
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    How To Get Healthy Glowing Skin In Winter | Winter Skincare Routine For Dry Skin | Do & Don’t

    Today’s episode of do’s and dont’s is how to get healthy glowing skin in the winter And winter skincare routine for dry skin Hi Wishtrenders welcome back to WishtrendTV it’s Kasper and I’m back with another video So if you haven’t watched our previous video On how to get poreless skin with our collaboration with Beauty Within Please check it out now Today’s episode of do’s and don’ts Is how to get healthy glowing skin in the winter and winter skincare routine for dry skin During the wintertime the environment really dries out our skin No matter how much we moisturize our skin it ends up drying out and evaporating…

  • THE SECRET TO GLOWING SKIN | Must-try Japanese Beauty Regimes
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    THE SECRET TO GLOWING SKIN | Must-try Japanese Beauty Regimes

    Have you always wondered how Japanese women seemed to have stopped time when it comes to ageing? Their beauty routine mainly comprises of natural ingredients and home remedies! Following their footsteps, we have some beauty secrets from the Asian country which will have you flaunting flawless faces and hair in no time! To make this DIY mask you’ll need 1/4th cup of seaweed powder, some warm water, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, and 1-2 drops of essential oil. Mix these ingredients to form a thick paste and apply it evenly all over your face and neck. Massage the mask into your skin in circular motions and then let it sit…

  • What Causes Dry Skin in the Summer?  5 TIPS to Treat DRY Skin
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    What Causes Dry Skin in the Summer? 5 TIPS to Treat DRY Skin

    Hi! Christy here again with Go See Christy Beauty Boutique. And today we’re going to talk about how to care for dry skin in the Summer due to overexposure to the sun, overexposure to salt water and/or Chlorine, and the air-conditioning can all dry out your skin. So, here are some recommendations: The first one is the CLEANSER. If you’re using a cleanser that has foaming agents, some of those foaming agents can dry out your skin. So, if you’re not breakout-prone, try to use a cleanser that has a CREAM-BASED cleanser. Or a, if you prefer a foaming cleanser, use something that has “COCO GLUCOSIDE” which is a Coconut-based…

  • Improve Skin Texture – Get Smooth & Even Skin Tone – Hyaluronic Acid, COSRX, BHA ✖ James Welsh
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    Improve Skin Texture – Get Smooth & Even Skin Tone – Hyaluronic Acid, COSRX, BHA ✖ James Welsh

    Hello, everybody. Welcome back to my channel where we talk about grooming, skin care, sometimes hair. So if that sounds like your thing, make sure you are subscribed. We’ve touched on how to prevent enlarged pores. We’ve talked about how to wake up with glowing skin. But today, we’re gonna talk about how to smooth out your skin texture. Glowing skin is kind of just an aesthetic kind of thing, it’s nice to look at, whereas skin texture kind of says more about the health of your skin. An uneven skin texture usually means that your skin is struggling a little bit. That could be, um, due to dehydration, which…